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  1. Yeah, but it's the closest you can get... and the topic also partially drifted to IG achievements.
  2. Dun dun dun... and it is named... ksp achievements. Edit: that was before your edit. I see what you mean now, I was talking about in game achievements.
  3. Yes there is, and you can trust me, I have it! Can't remember the name however...
  4. Well, as usual......... there's a mod for that. Achievements aren't very diverse unfortunately.
  5. Well, let's see... I didn't know about decouplers Horizontal orbit speed was alien to me My rockets were stacks of SRBs I didn't understand science I didn't know what a contract was... GOSH
  6. BWAHAHA IT DIDN'T STAY UNNOTICED!!! (the notification did help...) It it quite interesting indeed. Elements, minerals... And yet I can see each time why did you call it "X" or "Y". fave of the lastest bunch: "rubin". ... By the way, why is "ruby" often called "rubin"? Is there a special reason?
  7. That's right, its unit is the Krewton. But it's sometimes converted into Krakenforce,for the sake of convenience.
  8. Besides, let's face it: the kerbalness of a design is given by the equation: Ker=sqrt(m*A)*e*E Where m is the mass A is the acceleration ASL e is the number of things that can explode E is the number of things that actually explode during normal behavior Therefore mass counts.
  9. Plot twist: Laythe is actually the Earth. Don't even ask how it got here.
  10. How about Minmus' transits? Oh, and I'd be very curious about the next "double transit". But nice vid
  11. It describes kerbals who don't like rockets. It stands for "Probably A Weirdo". [/badjoke]
  12. We didn't start the flame war! Peeps were hatin' on it 'fore I left my comment! We didn't start the flame war! Let the whole wide world know that I'm a big, known a**hole!
  13. The expected:I sneak on the return craft, 'cause Kerbin is awesome, especially for eclipses The reality: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
  14. Here's my take on the Elcano Challenge, with a circumnavigation of Minmus. I have KIS but I didn't use it here, and the only non-stock stuff on my rover are several DMagic Science (as it is a carreer science mission) and TACLS stuff containers. Make sure to click the images to have the descriptions. Well, that was very fun!
  15. The problem is that, to me, science is rather hard to get in the early game, but I am currently sciencing [snip] Kerbin's moons with little difficulty.