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  1. builds bigger hill (10000Km high)
  2. 10/10 definitely seen you some were
  3. Throws Cows up hill NOT my hill
  4. If you find the magic bolder put it into a 15km orbit around Ike as soon as possible
  5. Throws hill at hill, don't ask me were I got or how I threw that hill it just appeared no ones hill
  6. ^ initial reaction: that seems paradoxical waiter, there's a waiter in my soup!
  7. 0/10 never seen or heard of you
  8. Wrong @hellblazer (I had to do this at some point)
  9. Floor sixteen thousand and nineteen: Mr crabs' money bath
  10. Smashes Skye's space potato into hill My right angled hill (because of the way the astoroid hit the hill)
  11. throws kraken up hill My hill
  12. Granted but you have been spaghettified I wish for a sandwich
  13. Let's see whats in mah clipboard "i am a cheese grater" wh-why-w-why do i do this to mysel-myself?
  14. A station has been detected and its radio survey made it look a lot like MIR Mission patch by @cratercracker, there may be a lot more coming your way (Expeditions) (there is more imagees Imigur is broken i think it wont load the new pics Expedition 1-Galileo Training L-30 days Seanson, Bob and Joeger Kerman are training for their mission to the KIR station, this is their sub-orbital as Gene Kerman says that "Nothing prepares you for space other than space itself" so we are testing the training the vehicle wont be the acctual rocket but a SRB with the Soyuz atop. Profile of training mission Launch retrograde for a touch down in the desert so it can simulate acctual landing conditions
  15. hmmm it seems as if during rondevous the Prograde marker lines up with the target marker during transfer does it mean that thats when you do it?