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  1. that would be good however ill lead you with the equation Max accelaration = Mass/Max thrust burn duration = Max Accelaration* Node deltaV burn time = Burn duration devided by 2
  2. floor 1675: "Hey look at my awsome house!" thats a wall.
  3. Banned for: set post# to 66. set rougepost# to (post#*10)+6.
  4. Belongs to James May i dont know what a snenecte is... this James May is...
  5. christmas cracker?
  6. this is the totaly unfacinating adventures of the kerbals. submiting a payload is easy all you need is name and link the first order of bisnes is that i have came up with a story line vagely that i will follow i will be using all kinds of launch methords (not including Newtons Cannonball) i will be using kerbinside for a bit of extra challenge MISSIONS (initial missions will not be to space) 1. x-0 flight 1 completed MISSIONS (in space) (will be filled in when i get a request) 1. Soyuz 4 2. Soyuz 5 (will launch 1 day after soyuz 4) 3. SSSTS 10 4. SLS 1 5. TBA 6. TBA 7. TBA 8. TBA 9. TBA FLIGHTS (comming soon) x-0-1 (x-0 mission 1) i did the first kerbal in space but i forgot to take screenshots sorry
  7. @DECQ im on the KOS script SOON once the download of updated version is here (remember: read before post not post then read)
  8. it doesnt work well with MJ and i dont know why that is the entire reason behind it is but its strange i think its the gimbal values conflict with MJ because i did notice that (before i became a fully fleged KOSer) i had issues with Mech Jeb if MJ had a "ignore roll" feature that would probobly be enough to make this mod work with MJ
  9. NO @Donald
  10. eh what? shame on you for confusing me and a whole lot of others probably
  11. why do my saves always get corrupted :/ 

  12. going to attempt to add a chance of failure in the KOS Script also if you find an issue please please PLEASE make an issue

    1. cratercracker




  13. rain (england)
  14. i feel like im doing a single burn to orbit script for the soyuz for KERBIN 

  15. and mission control Kerbstania confirms the Koyuz has reached orbit safely Valentina, Crater and Bob Kerman now in orbit of Kerbin