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  1. After discussion with @TheEpicSquared, we have decided that you can have access to doing, recording and sending the launches and videos to us. Meanwhile we will maintain the forum and the threads.
  3. Love the fact that S1 & 2 photobombed each other during separation and boostback!
  4. The Falcon Has LIFTED!!!
  5. Chill down under way...
  6. Conditions are marginal for the S1 landing... We will see soon enough if the landing is cleared.
  7. We probably will not be able to make out either launch or landing clearly...
  8. We use tweakscale which is in the mod list for reference page at the front, with SRBs allowed!
  9. That is correct Phase two enables the construction of 1.875 meter core rockets with the height of 30 meters (still under discussion), with the potential of up to 6 radial SRBs. Sounds positive! Can't wait for the imaginative ideas to flow in.
  10. Absolutely, when we roll out phase 2, all of the flights on the launch manifest will still be completed, and more flights can be scheduled. We are intending to initiate phase 2 in 1-2 weeks.
  11. Depending on mission specifications and orbital positioning, they could potentially land there as well, however both facilities would need to be equipped for a landing. Hopefully in the future we will get some more awesome landing shots!
  12. Would be nice to see a S2 landing at a new location!
  13. Great day for Spacex and ISS developments. Hopefully the mission will commence nominally.
  14. Watch the views plummet after the webcast finishes