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  1. I am looking forwards to it!
  2. Wow! The plumes emitted from the engine are impeccable Nice craft!
  3. For my upcoming Mission Report thread! Note: This is not the sole vehicle in the impending story line!
  4. @Servo- Wow! What mechanism did you employ to move your wings? Can't wait to find out and try it myself!
  5. I fixed that before launch. It was a cool angle so I opted for it ( Did not actually fly on that screenshot). Note: No kerbals and/or property was damaged in the making of these screenshots .
  6. I constructed a new heavy rocket: The Xenon-Heavy!
  7. My new rocket that I designed: The Xenon-Heavy!
  8. Haha, odd aerodynamics . The aircraft is still within the atmosphere.
  9. I personally have not, however it would be cool if you could engineer capable aircraft and post them here!
  10. Cockpit view of the previously mentioned K340!
  11. Come to think of it, a brilliant unmentioned(until now) engineering feat is how Squad devolved KSP From good to impeccable! From the basic standard, to the pinnacle of aerospace games!
  12. From the vintage KSP era
  13. If you can remember, what altitude does the system work up to, with all of the additional intakes per booster/core?