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  1. 1. Yes 2. Testing is always a preferred thing to do. 3. Enough to conduct each specific mission + 20% (This is what I would say) 4. Yes, however approximately only 30% lengthwise, for the purpose of bending realism without going into the realm of complete structural integration. 5. & 6. Up to @TheEpicSquared We look forwards to your mission!
  2. I am going to be "hopping on the bandwagon" so to speak, by making a list of reservations as well... However to make names still available I state that you are only allowed to reserve three names in advance. To keep things more interesting and not have somebody hogging all of the good ones... Anyhow here are my three names: Francium Rutherford Beta
  3. Teaser Image: Titanium One- R&D not completed.... Up soon NOTE: I am not an imbecile and can see that the staging is not correct . (Before the torrent of comments) *cough cough @TheEpicSquared*cough cough....
  4. NEW UPDATE: After a fully unanimous decision between myself and TheEpicSquared, we have decided that PPs for the time being will not have a set and limited budget. This is to encourage optimistic mission ideas, along with reducing the extensive work of making sure that the rules are followed by everyone. Note, that this is only for the time being, and can change in further iterations of the project. Also, as a result of incompatible file types and recording difficulties; TheEpicSquared has currently suspended the youtube channel idea, but it will be rebooted on a later date, when we can figure out how/what to do properly. As the saying goes quality over quantity of our actions .
  5. Unfortunately some mods forbid bundle packs and redistribution. But the tedious work of downloading is outweighed by their brilliance!
  6. UPDATE: As a result of article 2.2j, and a moderator review, we had to revise on thing. Unfortunately from now on company names are not permitted as it may result in "roleplay". Instead everyone will be only a launch provider under their username. Sorry for the inconvenience but we need to press on from this technicality.
  7. Indeed! As long as you have a brief backstory and a Launch Vehicle that fits the criteria, you are good to go.
  8. Emulating Real Life in KSP- Craft Submission Thread This is the official thread for craft submission under the Emulating Real Life in KSP project created by myself @Oliverm001x and @TheEpicSquared. Here is where the LP's and PP's post their respective craft. (Note: read specific rules before posting!) General Rules, Consult Before Submitting: Launch Provider Information: Payload Provider Information: We look forward to receiving and flying your craft!
  9. I'm going to be making a thread for that about now, I will link it here and @TheEpicSquared will be linking it on the OP.