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  1. Solar array deployed! Beautiful Reminds me of KSP Thank you very much for today Spacex, good as usual!
  2. Dragon deployed best of luck on your voyage!
  3. Entry burn initiated. Landing successful!
  4. Lovely views from S2 The new landing videos are to my liking!
  5. Liftoff views! S1 seperation and flip Boostback has started
  6. More visuals on technical cast, including trajectory view.
  7. Initial accent looking nominal! Cool camera angles as well!
  8. Almost 100 Thousand viewers tuning in!
  9. Strongback will retract during launch! Exciting t-2:40
  10. Indeed, it accommodated the Saturn V and the Space Shuttle, however it has been modified since.
  11. Falcon 9 towering majestically over the historic Pad 39A! Dragon contains a deadly microbial payload, Staphylococcus aureus, for analysis at the ISS, to primitively observe mutations, which can be induced by cosmic radiation.
  12. The broadcast has started! T-19 minutes for the second attempt at CRS10.