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  1. Can you schedule in the new launches? 

  2. If you are referring to the two SkySat-1Bs then we could launch them on the same launch vehicle.
  3. Deal! First launch would be conducted under the default launch price, and the second launch for 25% of that value. @TheEpicSquared care to schedule in the new launch agreements?
  4. If you want I can do a future mission, where I can launch numerous satellites (within capacity) to launch a constellation of your cubesats. I could propose that, for a reduced price per satellite.
  5. However does the deal stand for the smaller satellite then, as you signed the bigger one? I would take the smaller one for the initial price
  6. I can make it do for 13,000, along with launching the bigger sat in the intended orbit, this is a significant reduction!
  7. I would like to offer my launch vehicle the TOOLV to deliver your satellite to your intended orbit. The details are visible above, at my vehicle unveiling.
  8. Would any PPs be interested in constructing a payload between 0.5-1.5 tonnes for my TOOLV lifter?
  9. My new rocket the "Titanium One Orbital Launch Vehicle" has just been published on the spacecraft exchange thread. With a capacity of 2.2 tonnes, if any payload providers are interested, please specify either here or on the other thread.
  10. Titanium One Orbital Launch Vehicle Images: The TOOLV is a relatively large rocket capable of carrying a variety of satellites ranging from low-high gain payloads. Payload Capacity: 2.2 Tonnes (LKO) Dimensions: Height: 19.1m Width: 2.2m (1.25m diameter fuselage) Length 2.2 meters. Cost to build: 12,090 Reusability: First stage is fully reusable costing 6,940. Cost to use: 15,717 We look forward to launching your payload, if you wish to utilize this launch vehicle please specify so in wither this thread, or the other one! KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/Oliverm001x/Titanium-One-Rocket_2
  11. I do not recall a concrete and definitive date, however I propose a minuscule overhaul, being that the LPs can start designing their 1.875 rockets now and post them, securing contracts post-launch and prior to the official "unveiling".
  12. Kerbal Civilization VI