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  1. I'm amazed [shaking my head in disbelief] that the next great feature of KSP will not be available for use in 90% of the game's scope, namely, career/science modes. What is left is that i will be able to plant that flag in Laythe not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to and created a bureaucratic stand-alone mission with said aim. And when the flag was planted, it checked 'done' in a mission scripted by myself, to myself. Hurrah!
  2. Oh allrighty then! I think it must have been from another mod then.
  3. Hello @pap1723! Tell me something. Some time ago I remember the contracts to contemplate some spaceplane missions - you know, "x-craft" missions like "go over the speed of sound and land on KSC" and the like. Where those cleaned from 'historical progression' or were they a part of a different pack (and I am forgetting that)?
  4. Oh this is indeed too bad. Not having the mission builder integrated into the career mode, makes it only a sort-of 'single-mission' generator, which, although kinda cool, is little more then a tool for players to give themselves challenges. This is already possible, without a in-game tool - it suffices to check the many 'challenges' the community has to offer. A single mission builder that is not integrated into career is just a way to either bureaucratize sandbox mode, or bureaucratize community challenges. How's that an improvement then?
  5. Is the mission builder a feature that is going to be available in carreer mode? If not, please consider it. I would love to make science/money on missions and goals I have set up for myself, instead of relying only on the missions automatically generated. Some of them are good, but some come in unconvenient times and in a bad order. Shouldnt be a hard feature to tailor into the game! You click and drag the mission specs, and the harder they are, more money is generated.
  6. For god's sake, please do so! Though I hold squad in high praise for the gem that is ksp, the truth is that in many respects the game community went far beyond anything they did so far. Just to mention one, i think it is ludicrous that they haven't thought of any life support, whithout which the game simply isnt the same. I am not judging squad, their commercial approach, their desire to please an overall target group or specific game demand etc.. I'm just saying, it would be the end of the world if we started to limit what can be done in the modding community, just to conform to vanilla in any way. Specially because ksp, wonderful a base-game as it is, leaves a lot to be desired in its pure form. Many mods improve it a lot, and some are INDISPENSABLE. Tantares is one such mods.
  7. New version on spacedock!
  8. @pap1723 sorry to drag this on, its on the intention of improving the mod if I can help to. So i noticed that when i launch, the mission requisites will seek any craft in the kerbol system that are able to fulfill the mission parameters. Several at once, for that matter. I also wondered if the "transmit science" has to be "new" science. So what I did was to delete some other craft I had scattered around and launch a brand new one. Also, I used an experiment that had not been done before. That did it! It unstuck the mission.
  9. I apparently did nothing. Just installed the mod and it was that way: cloud cover in craft view, no cloud cover in orbit view. I understand now its an intentional feature. Sorry @Galileo as I was at first using low res, so that wasnt clear and though it was a bug of sorts. With better res it actually looks pretty good. Now that I think of it, youre a genious to have mimicked so well what actually goes on with venus. Good going!
  10. Ok many thanks, I'll check it out!
  11. Yep. Luna 13. I took a shot of the screen should you want an email of it. So it wasnt supposed to exist? Maybe thats the bug right there. The sad thing is, though optional, it is a link in a several missions' chain. Guess i wont be able to complete them.
  12. Mmm ok hehe my mistake I think. Let me check and ill get back!
  13. Luna 13 is also bugged somehow. I did everything and cant complete it. In mission control the requisite "transmit etc" checks complete, but the sub-requisite "transmit:recover" does not. Or do I have to return it, like lunokhod, to perhaps unstuck it?
  14. Though I love that KSP is always in development, and the team has my many thanks and kudos, I love-hate incoming new versions as they always destroy my mod build... this time I am at a loss as to what happened. Maybe it's relevant for the new release so i think I best post it here (and who knows, maybe someone knows what happened). 99% of what I have is CKAN-ned. So I foolishly saw a new BDArmory and installed it. Silly me for not checking first: it was a pre-release (bda) for the pre-release (ksp) so it was not intended to work with the current version. So obviously my game crashed. No big deal so far. I removed it with CKAN, removed the old BDarmory with CKAN, reinstalled current BDa via CKAN... later on I reistalled it manually from elsewhere (github)... But no joy. This is what happened. The currently compatible BDa installed properly. I know it did, since I have old previously saved craft with BDa parts and they loaded just fine. I can even fly them. But the BDA tab (and corresponding parts) disapeared from the VAB parts menu. And from every other tab in the menu. Basically its like I have BDa, since the parts placed in previously saved craft exist allright, but I cannot access BDa's parts anymore for new craft. Also, althoug the craft did load, the BDa parts were kinda 'dead', meaning, I couldn't interact with them by clicking on them, or any other way. Weird! To quote the ending line from the movie "the sand pebbles": what the hell happened!