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  1. Banned for calling him a meanie.
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  3. @goldenpeach could we discuss this action closely?
  4. What happened with the blue origin thread, and what are they doing with it
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  6. Sorry sir, the chef is Texan. Waiter! My soup is made of hydrazine!
  7. -95+ @munlander1, @0111narwhalz, we need to fight back!
  8. Still not locked. We're not annoying @Frybert, @Dman979, and @Red Iron Crown enough aperently.
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  10. Nien. @0111narwhalz
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  12. -85+
  13. That's good, until this happens...
  14. Update time! v. 0.2.3 is live! I have been talking with my modeling friend, and he is getting started with running the models through Unity and adding textures for them. I re added the interstage plate, which is currently using the stock small probe core model. Not exactly my favorite look, but it will work for now.