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  1. How will modding be affected by this? I know there's the scare with GTA right now, but how will it work if TT decides to release a paid planet pack with another gas giant? Will OPM be sent a C&D letter? This is the most scary thing, to me, is that they might be able to destroy the modding community, not by shutting down mods, but by releasing DLCs that take the mod concepts and then shutting down all those mods...
  2. I would like to throw my opinion in about the F-35. For me, its a plane thats trying to be everything. The F-22 was made for one thing: going fast and shooting other planes down. With the F-35, they are trying to make it be able to do that, drop bombs, have STAL capability... In my opinion, leave the bombing to the bombers, the intercepting to the intercepters, and the strafing to the strafers. Dont try to design a plane to do all of them, because as we have found out, it will be able to do all of them ok, but not nearly as good as spacified planes.
  3. *Slow Clap* Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you!
  4. It was mostly just me trying to crack eggs, but every time there were shells in the eggs every time, and every time it happened....
  5. Just had a dream about making breakfast, but everything was going wrong...
  6. Hola! Yo hablo baja espanol. Trying to learn Russian. using System; namespace C# { class language { Console.WriteLine("I'm ok at C#"); Console.ReadLine(); } }
  7. Maybe we should stick all the Flat-Earthers in a rocket, to a) show them the earth is round b) "accidentally" get rid of them huh? Why are you looking at me like that? But if you every want to shoot down a Flat-Earther's arguments, ask them where the edge of Earth is. You can buy 2 plane tickets and go on an adventure to find the edge of earth!
  8. Making History Expansion! I meant if it was a mod Squad/TT decided to integrate into the stock game. There would probably be more of a "congratulations, you did right!" feel more than a "you stole our idea" feel. Heck, you might even get a plushie out of it. This is a very interesting point, which brings us right back around neatly to the problem of which all of this occured. Anyone can release anything, but even if the assets arent the same, its the idea that matters. Maybe you cant claim ARR on an idea, but you can on the implementation. Just like if I were to make a dV calculator for KSP that let you build your rocket in my application or ship it in, looked the same as the stock VAB, and had similar part textures: Its perfectly legal, apparently, but there is still the feeling of "stealing the idea".
  9. Well, MM is something that edits cfg file on load. Something that adds MHE functionality is fundamentally different then this. MM is not going to be shut down unless TT shuts down all the mods. Something that adds a Mission Builder aspect might. If it was made before the expansion was dreamed of, it will be shut down with a nice letter and gifts (maybe. It wont be a big mean thing). If it is made after then, it will probably be shut down with astroids and flaming arrows, if you know what I'm saying. Thats my $0.02 on this subject, i think that would be a reasonable thing to do. Seeing as i havent ever seen the idea for a mission builder plugin before, the only plausible option that will happen at this point is some one being stupid and recreating the mission builder and releasing it as a mod. Thats just plain stupid. But then you have the problem of commit history. If there's a GitHub, it automatically invalidates SQUAD/TT's argument.
  10. High school here. Looking to be an astronaut, aerospace engineer, or physicist.
  11. @Tex thats great. I was much more engaged reading that script. You can even joke around a little more, but at this point its not a necessity. Funny pictures, like some of those early flying machines like this. I think you're on to something here...
  12. Remember: Pull up to go up, and always pull up to not hit the ground. Its how you land!
  13. What will the backround to this video be? Any script can be made interesting if the video is good enough. Otherwise, it sounds like a (snoooooozz) history textbook. As for the scrip itself, i think giving it more of a "talking to you" feel instead of "reading to you" would be a good idea. Maybe like "so then this guy had the nerve to fly over the Atlantic. We dont know if he was dumb or if his testes were larger than the average man, but it was brave". Something like that, where the listener is probably more engaged.
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the credits list Chuck Yeager is listed as "Fred".