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  1. Thanks!!!!
  2. Actually, is there a way to change back to 1.2.2??? Because, I can't seem to get it work.
  3. ok well... does anyone have ideas for the mission? I have an idea for the 'mysterious' Kerbal and his place, but, on how big a scale of a mission should it be??? any ideas?
  4. I got it in 1.0.5, though I have not been on the forums since then.
  5. #BeardyRocks2017
  6. Uhh... I was hoping tweakscale was allowed (tweak scale used on one part) but anyways... here my plane is, probably a heavy aircraft. me add description and pics later as I'm about to have a shower
  7. I have done the dumbest thing ever using ksp 1.2.9.

    Now I can't even change back to 1.2.2!!!!

  8. PROLOUGE: Jeb's Funeral Preist: Let us commend Jebadiah Kerman to the Kraken. "WHHYY!!!!" *sobs* Preist: We give his body to the kraken. *Bob, Val and Bill sob* Priest: Kerbal to Kerbal, ashes to ashes, in the will to be returned to Kerbin. Priest: Kraken, you are the source of life. In you we live and move and have our being. keep us living and death in your domain, and, by your choosing, lead us to your domain, Kraken. Everyone: Aken. Priest: Say your thank yous and good byes, to this Kerbal, Jebadiah Kerman. He has shaped the space program. Val: bye Jeb. *wipes tear* Bob: *sobs* WHYYYYY!!!!! Why Jeb! *cries* Bill: Bye Jeb. *tries to be tough* *wipes tear off face* "Little do they know...",someone thought.
  9. Wow!!!! congrats to the ksp team and I hope them to have a great job with Valve!!!
  10. Guys, sorry it's taking so long. i was about to post on my laptop when my parents banned me from it for 2 days!!! (btw this is on my iPad) Maybe I can impress them or something to give me my laptop...
  11. This could be so cool!!!!. Sadly, I don't have a youtube account.
  12. Today I've learnt something.

    NEVER  push the front brakes on a bicycle super hard when about to crash.

    ONLY do so if you want to at least sustain these injuries:



    1. Shadow Wolf56

      Shadow Wolf56

      Also, the last one especially hurt.

      here's what's inside the last one:

      nOVDDFE.pngHurts a HELL, of a lot and never going to do that again.