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  1. at the moment I'm just sitting down at my desktop drinking a bottle of water like a beer. lol

  2. JackSepticeye!!!!! (doesn't know how to fly rockets) Also photoshop faces on the kerbals to make em human lol
  3. well sometimes they don't have too. amrite?
  4. No. @Lo Var Lachland (hey dude!)
  5. @Wragie hope my answer helps :wink:

  6. Planet Shine. Planet Shine only shines light on to your space craft so you will not notice any difference in playing. that is all planet shine does(I think). So if it is uncompatible, DO NOT play with it. wait for it to be updated.
  7. if you want PARTS, OR VISUALS then that is why squad added mods for mod developers. GET MODS!!!!!! (plz don't start flamewar)
  9. Uhh guys...

    I'm back...

  10. Plz CAN WE HAVE MORE?!?!
  11. I have a idea for this challenge... Clues: it is an ssto I can sit back and relax while it flys and I can take the scenic route. Can YOU guess it???
  12. Thanks!!!!
  13. Actually, is there a way to change back to 1.2.2??? Because, I can't seem to get it work.