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  1. @SQUAD that capsule is neat!
  2. -61 (+1)
  3. this reminds me of when I went out one night and saw jupiter and its four main moons...
  4. granted, but your laptop does not support it and you have to put in your old one again I wish to go on a zero g plane!
  5. terriblly sorry sir, I was answering the other call.(*no I wasn't *) waiter! there's an atom bomb in my soup!
  6. 2/10 seen you a little bit
  7. 4/10 I see you nearly everywhere!
  8. 0/10
  9. I have had the same result ever known I use macOS 10.12.1 Sierra
  10. @Galileo none of those packs given worked. They all had the same result. I use mac and thank you for saving me from boredom!
  11. I'm downloading versuch a right now! (*cos I use Mac*)
  12. I'd walk outside, quickly get a camera and then ask"how the hell did you guys get here!"
  13. Banned for being a space shuttle fan
  14. Well, here's my fail of the day... I was test flying my dres transfer stage to orbit, when the top of my rocket all the sudden started swinging! Then my rocket swung into the groun-BOOOOM!! That's my fail of the day