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  1. EFT-1, maybe with an overbuilt Delta VI. I do have room for 5 Kerbals onboard thanks to command seats. EM-1, with 4 cubesats, though one was lost, likely due to premature deployment. I also flew directly from the atmosphere to the Mun, in one long burn.
  2. You're right. That was the best chapter so far!
  3. I know I was on there somewhere. I guess I have a lot more waiting to do.
  4. Wrong. 7059th poster in the thread. The user below me plays modded KSP.
  5. I use a multistage rocket pack to find @Overfloater and take my cookie back. I hide it in one of the other safes. my cookie.
  6. I'm still here with my well hidden cookie, which wasn't in a well. I also take @Joseph Kerman's full inventory of cookies and hide them with my cookie. my cookie
  7. I destroy IKS spaceships with orbital bombardment platforms launched by my many space shuttles, which land at the hill, heavily armed. My hill.
  8. Destroyed by rubber mallet.
  9. Not them. @Joseph Kerman
  10. Maybe we could have 2 active stations in LKO, other than the parking station? TBH I'd rather not get rid of the old station, no matter what happens. I would likely start the new station, as I'm the next person signed up. Sorry!
  11. Floor 1851: there are one of every rocket design ever built launching at the same time around the world. Too bad this floor has no windows, or TVs, or internet access.
  12. I make a new cookie, and hide it in a safe. Surrounded by 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 identical safes. My well hidden cookie.
  13. Uncaring military power takes over the hill. Uncaring military hill.
  14. Smashed reset button after an unfortunate encounter with a hammer
  15. Kerbal Kart