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  1. Thanks @quasarrgames. I'm also designing a crewed craft called Copper 1 CTV, which can take 1 Kerbal to LKO with delta v to spare in testing. I also have a resupply module with relay capabilities in testing. What altitude is the station at?
  2. Since @ATEC is on vacation, it is @MrWalrus123 turn!
  3. Steve, from Irregular Webcomics, wrestles him to death, and I bake a new cookie batch, and share some with him. Steve and My cookies.
  4. 1616: you find a 1:100 scale model of the world, except the Netherlands. There is a conspicuous hole where the Netherlands is supposed to be...
  5. I sneak up on you and plug up your shotgun, causing it to misfire and explode when you pull the trigger. You head to the hospital for treatment while I claim your hill. my hill.
  6. Is waterproof. This concrete structure...
  7. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bowling+strike&t=iphone&iax=1&ia=images
  8. -63+
  9. It wasn't very effective... @munlander1
  10. Misunderstanding.
  11. I destroy the anomaly with the Kraken.