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  1. Somehow a building. This school...
  2. -55+
  3. Yep. I do. in terms of stability, I usually shift fuel around, and build the shuttle so it will be stable and maneuverable without fuel.
  4. I've noticed that drag below 8000m slows my space shuttles considerably.
  5. I think @Soda Popinski put his name on the list twice.
  6. GL with the robotic arm. @Joseph Kerman is up!
  7. Not here. @0111narwhalz
  8. A Jeb that crashes cans
  9. Looks cool. I like that last pic of the rear section of the Splitz! @Combatsmithen is up!
  10. I take the cookie to space on a space shuttle. my cookie.
  11. Kerbin collapses, causing worldwide destruction to both Kerbin and Earth. epicenter hill.
  12. I agree. We could design a 50 ton spaceplane to strap to the top of it and resupply the ISS or bring public made science experiments to orbit and back. Or we could build a moon base with it. I think the phrase you're looking for is "if you build it they will come." Or something like that.
  13. Hi! @Espresso also appears a lot...