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  1. Updated Fighter 3: https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/Fighter-3 Pics: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0eMT8zRijNmWWd5NjRyX0lRaEE
  2. @dundun92, can you remove the AV-R8 winglets from Fighter 3 before it's next battle? I found after some testing that it does better without them.
  3. It should be on the IR topic here. I also have a working copy here, though it may not be up to date.
  4. Welcome to the COMMUNITY SPACE STATION!!!! The save file! The parts lists! The station is in a 250 Km orbit at Kerbin. Your job as a station builder is to launch a module there to add to the station. There is also a Munar station and a Minmus station, after you add a module to the LKO station. And an Eve Station, and a Duna Station after you add to the main stations in Kerbin's SOI. The polar stations and surface bases become available after you add to that body's equatorial station. A few rules: 1. No parts mods, especially on the station. This is to keep the save compatible with stock installs. 2. Fly it like a real mission (no hyperedit or f12 menu shenanigans) 3. Don't move the station 4. Don't break the station. If this happens, reload the save and retry, or just move on. 5. Station modules should be up to 5 parts and 2 minimum Clamp o tron Sr docking ports. The Sr docking ports don't add to the total amount of modules however. Land base modules should be up to 10 parts and an additional 4 landing gear parts or wheels. 6. I reserve the ability to veto modules that abuse the rules, such as hundreds or thousands of docking ports. 7. Add one module per mission, and let someone else add a module between your missions. 8. Try to do the mission quickly, then upload the station. The next person is waiting for you to finish your module so they can add their own. You have 3 days to do your mission. 9. Missions should be done in 1.3 to avoid save loading comflicts. 10. Leave a docking port open for other players to add modules. If there is no docking port left for your module, then attach to the station by a klaw. 11. Connect struts FROM the launcher TO the payload if you need to use them, otherwise they will stay on the payload and count against your part limit. 12. Posting pictures of your work is recommended, and save file posting should be able to be done through the folder in my Google Drive that is linked to at the top. (Please notify me if it is not working) 13. In order to add to the Mun station, you need to have added to the LKO station first. The soon to be launched Minmus station can be added to after the Mun station, than the Eve station and Duna station. This is in order to have a logical progression for the station building. 14. Please clean up all debris from your launch. We don't want excessive lag from several crafts being simulated in the background. How to run a mission: 1. Check that no one else is launching a module in our new reservation system. Add your name to the end of the list. You are clear to launch in the save file when your username is at the top of the list 2. Create a module that adheres to rule 5 listed above. This can be done in a seperate save if someone else is adding their own module while you decide you want to add a module. You would then move your .craft to the save file before launching the game. 3.Download the latest savegame, unzip it, and move the resulting folder to your saves folder in KSP. The save file should be up at the top of the page, but check the last few posts before you download from there to make sure that the link upload is working and that people haven't posted it somewhere else instead. 4. Fly a mission to the station to dock the module, taking screenshots as you go. 5. Deorbit (or terminate from the tracking station) any debris from your launch. 6. Upload the save file as a .zip folder named as (Turn x), with x replaced with the number of your turn, to the Google Drive folder and post again to say that you are finished with your mission and to post pictures. Also remove your name from the reservation list Also, we have a badge for this! Feel free to grab it once you have added a module! Based off this community space station. Thanks @Jetski! Thanks to @ZooNamedGames we now have a Discord server for general discussions. Join it here: https://discord.gg/PNDScxk Special thanks to @Combatsmithen for announcing the next person for me whenever I'm not here when someone finishes.
  5. I'm just going to point out that Fighter 3 does not have an internal weapons bay, and it has fought in the challenge without @dundun92 commenting on the lack of weapons bay.
  6. Anything you want to add.
  7. We were considering a new station before when it seemed that the station revamp was going to take longer. I may start a new station soon if FPS becomes an issue.
  8. @ZooNamedGames is still working on it. I think it's almost done.
  9. I would like to submit my Deora II in the trucks category: https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/Deora-II And my Formula Solar in the cars category: https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/Formula-Solar-Stock (It was initially a modded craft. I changed the name so it wouldn't overwrite the original.)
  10. I would like to enter Fighter 3: Craft file. Pics
  11. Banned for hypocrisy. self banned for hypocrisy.
  12. I support this idea.
  13. Fighter 2 update: https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/Fighter-2 One pic of a Fighter 2 group: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0eMT8zRijNmNTJoMW8wTnVTak0 I wonder why it wasn't having intake troubles in my game... Oh well.
  14. Happened to me too. And some of the sites redirected me to other sites in a new tab, while the tab the forum was in went to a different malware site.
  15. I'm here! @munlander1
  16. No. @DarkOwl57
  17. You plug in an old computer instead of the one you meant to plug in, causing the old computer to break and set the floor on fire, which causes you to catch on fire before you run outside to escape. This causes your neighbors to kick you out of the neighborhood in fear of you burning all of their houses down, leaving you homeless and with second degree burns. I walk outside to my driveway.
  18. I launch into the black hole at .9c, engines blazing as I grab the cookie, break physics and the speed light, escape the black hole with the spaghetti cookies, and make off at almost at the speed of light for who knows where.
  19. I spray bugspray all over the hill. My hill covered in dying fireflies.
  20. Burn for where? By the way, great story!
  21. These chapters keep getting better!