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  1. Try increasing the friction of the rear wheels which should stop the aircraft spinning around on the runway. If you right click on the wheel the box that comes up will have a button that says "Friction Control: Auto". Click that, after which a slider will come up, and adjust the slider to have more friction.
  2. Windows 8.1, I'm one of the weird people who like it.
  3. Spent most of today and yesterday building mini SSTOs.
  4. Docked without RCS for the first time, and managed to land, completely unintentionally, 19.5km from the KSC!
  5. Launch a probe to Duna, then launch another one because you realise you forgot to put solar panels of the first probe.
  6. Scanning for Easter Eggs whilst waiting for the Duna launch window to come around.
  7. Detected some anomalies on the Mun with my relay satellite. Guess that's an incentive to send a few more missions, then.
  8. Launched my first rover to Minmus.
  9. Banned for banning when I'm offline.
  10. Completed the first test flight of the Bravo I, a new rocket design inteded to replace the Alpha series. The test flight was succesful, with the Bravo I reaching Kerbin orbit and performing a Munar flyby with fuel to spare. However, the Alpha series is still planned to be used as a probe launcher, due to its relatively high dV.
  11. This
  12. I usually just use Mk1 Crew Cabins in my early stations as the core, with a probe core for scanning and some science instruments in a payload bay.
  13. I swear I've seen it in my stock install, so I guess they added it.
  14. Turns out my design is too heavy even without the bombs.
  15. I have a design that I might enter that looks like a cross between a deHavelland Venom and a deHavelland Swallow.