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  1. Wait, how did you get jool to look like that?
  2. Change altitude to 500 change color to 114 146 134 260 change the main texture from duna 1 to to detail1
  3. you know, you could integrate the change into the lore saying that olu'um has finally absorbed all of the matter from the accretion disc and begun emitting slightly more light than before. This will also account for the change in radius.
  4. I guess I have experienced with a few of the problems listed. Such as the random text appearing, but its really not that bad( unless you are on mobile.) the only thing that really annoys me is that the search function is practically useless in that whenever I try searching for something it always comes up with an error
  5. I decide not to update
  6. Which usually consisted of...
  7. so about a month ago some may have noticed that I changed my avatar to a picture of a white cat with the words RIP Blue written on the side. That cat had died from suffocation because he had fluid in his lungs, he was 16 years old. I don't know hat else to say except I was very sad about it. one reason was that the cat had been around literally my entire life.
  8. 9/10 Abstract art
  9. Is hyper edit allowed? (For increasing atmospheric pressure via planet editor)
  10. The ability to delete yourself
  11. Don't worry we can save it
  12. Reverse psychology is quite amazing isn't it?
  13. kyches description
  14. So, if this adds extremely thin atmospheres to the moons that don't have one. Does that mean It forces physics warp when landing?