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  1. Force DX11. KSP_x64.exe -single-instance -force-d3d11, make sure EVE is configured right. Stop plate tectonics.
  2. @astroheiko Um why is the docking port on that "Figure" with the large headdress glowing so.
  3. @EpicSpaceTroll139 Not that I can think of. But... "Using this DLL (3.20b2) " Also using the noted pull request builds in the spreadsheet. One thing of note was some of the fairing textures in the past had weird 90deg shifts in illumination shadow. I'll take a peak at the part you're showing later today.
  4. I used everything at my current tech to upgrade my Saturn V to a Saturn VI. F1A's, almost went with M1 engines but it took more effort to get the dV up. Should still put decouplers on two engines that i shut down at 2.5G. Thought I was going to loose the ship when the fairings did not eject as far as expected. Barely cleared the fins. Stage 2 used 3 SSME's instead of the usual J-2's in eccentric orbit with them. Could have circularized if they could re-start. One benefit is that G-forces never peaked super high because they throttle a little bit. Stage three did a small circ and the TLI completely using a J-2S engine. I decoupled it to impact the moon instead of space junk. Interim Cryogenic propulsion stage in lunar orbit checks. Needs Brayton cryo coolers. Lost 1000+ dV to evaporation. Arrive back at earth, 60k PE works well. Much higher and I skip, lower the G force may kill the crew.
  5. And it defaults to.... /stupidSmileOn Autohide! This has always been the wrong answer and I suspect along with throttle at 50%-->100% is among the first changes anyone makes when setting up.
  6. What is this sorcery RO 11.5.0 on CKAN! 1.2.2 /smirk just in time.... KCT Dev version works reasonably well.
  7. I started my Apollo Program. First one was a flight test to figure out what i needed to set up on hotkeys. (Start oxygen/Air filters!) I'll Augment the fuel cells with some solar and RTG. Drop Tanks on the lander and CSM. Smaller robot missions may do polar areas and harder to reach landings except far basin... RCS on the CM is not very nice. balance is okay for rotation but translation sucks. Will also upgrade to F-1A's and J-2S engines. Wish the Top J-2 had one more ignition so it could be used near the moon. Pretty much a base FASA Saturn V with Apollo. Had 200+dV left after TLI but no ignitions. TLI finished, time to grab the LEM, mission was free return at this point. Sloppy ignition timing left me out farther than I wanted so I used up the remaining Stage 3 RCS motors fuel tuning as much as I could. Struggle Bus finished i yanked the LEM and Oriented for the lunar SOI correction burn. Reminder, turn on oxygen generation if you don't want to die. Moon orbit achieved. Three orbits in High over space (160km) then a few more at 74km. Should have put a probe core on LEM to de-orbit it. Will send a robot adapter to meet it later. Whole mission cleaned up the remaining space science available for 900 points. Still a few thousand from running my Mars Missions. Want to use a NIMF vertical lander with Methane nuke.
  8. Looks like something enabled 3d vision in nVidia
  9. Real Fuels + Community Resource Pack, + extract RO's engine configs and use any part pack they support. Most of the dependencies are not actually required if you want to leave them out. For instance Deadly reentry or FAR can be left out. You probably need Realplume though. The stock engines are effectively just overbuilt, electric pumped, Re-ignitable Aerozine50+NTO fueled engines. RCS is closest modeled after Hydrazine across heated catalyst. All that said realistic motors and tanks are overpowered for Kerbin and other x1 scale planets.
  10. Testing cryogenic cooling for long term missions. First test flight put this into orbit, had to use half the fuel on board so it was a failure of a fuel tug. So i sent it up via cheat for testing. Proper excessive mission got this behemoth up without using the onboard fuel. 395k units of liquid hydrogen! Tested it a various time warps. Analytic mode (more than x1000 Time warp) messes with it. otherwise they can keep the hydrogen from evaporating. Looks like i still need service module tanks for mars missions.
  11. Modified NERVAII_config.cfg adding [Methane, CH4] and [Water, H2O] engine configurations. Added some source material notes regarding lower min thrust value change. Also note that ISP of the original RO config is higher than historical testing (851) but inline with 5000MW test targets had they been able to run more Phoebus tests. Pewee with a smaller nozzle hit 901ISP in testing. I'll do PEWEE derived engine next. Feel free to submit these or ignore. I see a very sexy RO 11.5.0 version on CKAN. Am I hallucinating?
  12. @Starwaster Sounds like fun. If you push a new dev build of this /poke me and i'll try and test it more.
  13. My testing from early morning. Removed Cryo tanks mod to make sure it had no impact. Note that i'm using RO so my time slide hover is not right. x50 tool tip is actually x1000 since each increment in RO/RP-0 time warp is log10 except the highest. At x1, x10 and x100 result are pretty good. Coolers work as expected. Not sure if size has any function. temperature would rapidly head to 20k and then approach 4k as multiple passes into darkness happened. At x1000 the temps actually stopped showing the variation from going into the sun side at x10000 the system stopped being able to compensate and starts to oscillate above any reasonable chill temps, start loosing hydrogen. at x100000 the temps jump way up, hydrogen loss is very fast. at x600000 the hydrogen evaporates entirely except for the cygnus tankage which starts to go slowly. (Cygnus only has radiators not cryo coolers mounted) leaving for space center and returning next morning reset the temps to near 170K and chillers have to work to bring it down again. Cryocooler Testing Imgur Album Sorry imgur and image sorting are borked. Comment # is real order.
  14. Stage recovery has a system that grabs the values of parts being unloaded. My thought is that you could grab those values that matter (fuel value, internal temp) and reinject them assuming they pass a nominal temp<x test. This does sound like it should be in real fuels end. since its obviously a problem that exists regardless of the cryo coolers. Hmmm maybe i have that wrong. I'll look closer at what order things happen tomorrow. Maybe its just temp that needs to be passed back. just reloaded my tug after sitting in the KSC screen on x1 speed for while Core temp was 4K when i left the tug now its 157K. Cryo's are on and slowly cooling again. So just watching cooling rate, deg/sec kind, time warp x1-x10 seem to function normal, x50 seemed like it was x1 speed, then it seemed normal, same with x100, temp shot up then came down to a lower but oscillating value. I can get the oscillation values lower with more .... Just looked at my mod list again. Cryo tanks, has dll. I'll drop it next just in case its modified anything
  15. Is it possible to do the FMRS/Stage recovery trick of saving the value as it changes state to analytic and then set it back to that value on resumption of normal time? Assuming that the system is correct it will equilibrium at a reasonable value otherwise it will reach one of two other states. First state is power runs out and shutdown, second it oscillates at a non-useful arbitrary higher temp. The state of being in a useful but oscillatory condition is likely rare given the calculations involved. Your description actually makes it seem that as it works currently we should use a large whole craft heat sink to lower the overall craft heat so when it goes to Analytic mode it will average out to a lower value. Regardless I'll dig some more and give some more feedback. (like I had a set blow up when coming out of high warp..just like I lost a Jupiter probe to overheating fuel tanks that blew up for some reason../sigh)