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  1. Since Pap's RP-0 dev branch merged with master RO/RP-0 I've started yet again from scratch. This time full on Hard mode. No moving words around on that one. I do allow saves though because "KSP". Test flight really gives me agonizing defeats occasionally. A little rush building, no more than two increments (19%), get the missions rolling faster. All my initial KCT points go into build rate, I'll spend most of my cash upgrades and tech tree node points on R&D rate. PEG automation for ascents if it makes sense otherwise I fly them mostly manual to orbit. MODS: RSS/RO/RP-0 plus FASA Parts pack and all required, Remote Tech, Test Flight, TACLS, Persistent Rotation, RSSVE/EVE/Scatterer, Stage Recovery, KCT, DMagic OS, SCANSat and a few I've missed. First launch was too aerodynamic and never got slow enough to open chutes, flying low water data was not intact. Second Launch went better and included the first volley of space biological test capsules. First stage was also recovered with bio capsules for atmospheric data regions. Fourth Launch going for Oklahoma (highlands biome) Then the manned launches started Go for orbit with a-4 boosters aplenty Atlas motors but two stage, LR79 triple, LR105 second stage. Science in the tropics The Moon becons and comsats need placement. Using PEG ascents Who needs good alignment for lunar orbit?
  2. Not yet. Slowly but surely, FAR at 1.3 is one of the critical milestones. But basically every requirement needs to also be at 1.3 before RO can switch to that. Until then its 1.2.2 It is 1.3 versioned, with no .dlls and should work fine in 1.2.2. it doesn't have RO configs and the solution is make them on your own Looks like the parts need Real Fuels conversions among other things. Maybe it will get on someones que but there are a lot of things going on.
  3. It is a development fork of MJ available on Github. Provided as is no warranty Lamont has some RO specific optimizations in addition. (handling Ullage and starts) PEG is not appropriate for Kerbin, a gravity tun module is added for that but I've not tested it. For PEG you set both target PE and AP, set how many powered stages (ie >20m/s dV) are to be used. Set the booster time to ~same time as 1st stage or 1st+boosters, make sure your ending pitch is reasonable (~20deg) and tune it on further runs to orbit. Initialize stages (also use this button if the timer sticks or anything gets wonky). You can mess it up by hot staging and fairings are touchy. Works very well with a good design 2 stage to orbit. If it can't find a solution it will change modes to unpowered gravity turn and display NaN for some data. In this case the rocket may not have been lofted high enough or may just not have enough dV to make it to specified orbit.
  4. Did a bunch more testing of RP-0 and Orbital testing and sample return. make sure the upper stage returns to earth, don't want too much space junk. RCS and avionics to de-orbit it from up near 500km circular. Moon tripping lunatic Bam Orbit smooth again thanks to automation Small sat launcher Is this Gem in eye or Gem in knee? [Imgur]( Back Home
  5. Seemed like it worked before. Maybe a change happened. The guys working on it have been pretty active. Good to see a solution Maybe a MM config to do the same as you show would work as well. @TANK_DEFINITION[*]:FINAL { @TANK,* { @loss_rate = 0 !temperature !wallThickness !wallConduction !insulationThickness !insulationConduction !note } } I'll try this out and fix it later today.
  6. I'll second that request from @NathanKell pretty please with High Test Peroxide on Top.
  7. Should put on the other thread and Post a log to dropbox or similar.
  8. more Tech tree testing in RP-0 Made the Popsicle I, rolled it out to the launch pad, had RCS tank problems and rolled it back in for repairs. Reconfigured Ia uses Hydrazine newly developd RCS thrusters. Dropping upper stage off on fumes, Orbit requested from PEG guidance 180x150km got 180.16x149.87km. Oops actually wanted to make this stage orbit decay, well plenty of fuel, and two aj-27 burns so at AP I pushed it down to 40km then boosted back up. Veryu scary re-entry using a X-1 cockpit inside an aeroshell. Do-not attempt. fire coming off the thing most of the way down. Aeroshell, airbrakes and drogues got down and recovered also. Only heatsheild, and upper stage not recovered.
  9. Cryogenic & service module tanks will slow it down, using proper cooling will help, the small and medium extendable heat sinks are supposed to perform that function. There is a dedicated cryogenic cooler mod that is more realistic in its power usage also. Regardless timewarp in x1000 or greater can cause problems as the heat calculations go into analytic mode. If eliminating the game mechanic is what you want a simple config file like my above BoilOff_STOP.cfg one will turn it off.
  10. Testing the new RP-0! Bumpers! WAC Corporal on a A-4, V for victory! Karman line and then a lot more, starts my journey. (inside is a 1 more stages) Bosters & main A-9, 5 XASR's, X-1 Rocket engine 3nd stage, 1 XASR final stage for orbit! The Ethanol engine in the 3rd stage has multiple ignitions and allows the stage to begin the circularization burn and stabilize the final satellite stage. Launching my first comsats with new comsat bus resource requirement. KARMAN! 3 heads towards south america just after engine failure. Lamonts new PEG Guidance [WIP] for MJ is providing pitch perfect orbital insertions on two ignitions. RV testing, second stage pushed back out of orbit and guidance package returned for a soft landing (its expensive) after orbital insertion. Exactly one spacebar press to orbit. Lunar Orbiter too many castors 500dV for a slight edge needed to circularize with pretty low isp engines. LR89 main and side boosters for 4200dV, LR105 Upper Stage for 4700dv gets the lunar bus and orbiter to a parking orbit and ready to transit. All lower stages are recoverable. Including the 12 Engine skirt sections that seperate after slowing the stages down to reasonable velocities. Transit bus using a second pair of AJ10-27's to slow the orbiter into a 165km orbit of the moon. Heavy RCS thrusters using HTP do the rest of the work and lower it to 135km for final scans.
  11. As NathanKell said no hanging, its in commits, so that means it will make its way through testing and become a release. Anything RO related is going to make sure it has a 1.2.2 backport release since it takes so much effort to get everything related all to 1.3. RO is easy enough to run off of master. Just use github to get the .zip of the /master/ branch and erase and replace the content of its \GameData\RealismOverhaul\ folder replacing your current RO folder. Unfortunately this will override CKAN management of the files. As for the analytic boiloff fix since it has both 1.3 and 1.2.2 releases its probably easier to either use a config to temporarily turn off boiloff or use ignore temp cheat when transitioning vessels. I think Blowfish is fighting something launch clamp related inside the code right now. Can you imagine how they could affect RealFuels! BoilOff_STOP.cfg
  12. Your post is asking for login credentials. Looks like from the hosted images @ I first mistook this for a malware problem. This challenge should restart with the new RP-0 when paps branch gets merged with master.
  13. @kunok are you still doing anything with this? I'm writing Stock/RO/RP-0 Configs for this engine and it would be great to have an accurate model.
  14. Muy rápido muchas gracias. Working great! Build from spacedock