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  1. Time for procedural wings mod. /Gasp
  2. SHARK! Not in KSP today, but I did make a glow in the dark clay shark for my son. Its rear tail fin lasted 4 hours. /sigh Way longer than my rockets. /smirk
  3. Von-braun put fins on Saturn because he thought they looked cool, not that they needed them. /smirk
  4. Inspired by @RoboRay I made some glide bombs, i could not land them, well on to other things. Wings from
  5. Moar Science. I used my lunar science to drive to Nuclear rockets, Building Freya I the II then III Freya I, to much heat man, had to reinforce the tanks and improve power input. It was Difficult to use the science bay, so I de-orbited it and re-designed the main cruise stage. Freya II, on ascent it got solar power damaged and it cut my mission short. De-Orbited it found out it can only handle LEO speeds. heat shields don't seem to be working, at least the ablator wasn't used up. Orbital insertion before nose cap fell of taking one more solar panel off, lost 5 of 8. Freya III moved to fixed panels, improved cowling and fairing sep. More sample storage bays (which 1.3 is supposed to fix.) Fully recovered first stage, look at all that chute! It has two sets of three E-1's that I disable as the SLT passes 3.5, gives more fuel to the F-1 and its a good amount higher ISP so a few hundred more dV to orbit help. make a weird joggle to clear the nose cone when the ascent stage is dropped. Plenty of dv for moon and back.(orbit not landing). Capsule always animated RCS thrust even when disabled. Fun Video from Mobylette, they are doing an RSS/RO/RP-0 Career video series.
  6. Make sure you are running 64bit and have enough memory. You may also have to force dx11 or opengl to reduce memory load.
  7. CKAN will not change something you have manually changed. If you ask it to you get an exception. press continue and select one update at a time to find the offender. it will also list what it got to in the status tab. Very common reason for this is manually adding something that includes Module manager, then CKAN adding something with that as a dependency. Please put the code in a spoiler <eye> block to make it easier to use.
  8. I vote Harry! You ran out of memory. Also you can reduce memory usage with either the "-force-d3d11" or "-force-opengl" switches. also You should at minimum place the log in a spoiler block <eye>. If you are running is from within steam or through a steam link you need to set the launch options to something like "G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" -single-instance -force-d3d11 if through a windows shortcut change the target to somethings like [ "G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" -single-instance -force-d3d11 ] If your using CKAN change the Settings-->KSP command line to [ KSP_x64.exe" -single-instance -force-d3d11]
  9. Likely ones are, Input locking (from mechjeb or other) when you have them hovered or selected (includes side toolbar). Plasma blackout (occlusion caused by hot atmosphere) since I'm assuming you have Com-net active. Battery depleted. Time acceleration isn't likely since your in atmosphere but is a common reason not to have responsiveness. Plasma blackout can be turned off. Input locking is solved by moving and selection of a blank are of screen. If its battery, hibernate until you get ready to re-enter to save power or if you want check unlimited electrical power in cheats menu. KER, KAC and MechJeb all use input locks so that seems very likely as does Plasma Blackout.
  10. Is this a Dev version of FAR or are you running 1.1.3 Chutes won't work on release FAR version running 1.2.2
  11. 64bit will allow it to use more than 3.4G of memory, the dx11 or opgl will reduce the memory load of most things. They aren't default because pre-unity 5 they didn't work perfectly. If you plan on add more than a few mods, you will need to go to either dx11 or opengl. I prefer dx11 as it seems more stable. If you get a lot of mods going you may want to run the mod memgraph. Though its a tiny bit of learning to understand how to use it (mod-*, Mod-end, mod+, Mod-) it reduces intermittent stuttering due to garbage collection. If you start making large part ships one of the biggest improvements is UbioZur welding mod, takes some work and needs thoughtful part selection. it can make ships with 300+ parts run like 100 part ships. Though it won't help a graphics limited computer.
  12. Starting to sound Bohemian comrade. Does the Kommisar need to visit us?
  13. Standard questions. Are you running 64bit exe? Are you using openGL or DX11 switches while running? How much memory do you have? Crash as in lock computer or terminate program or program locks up? if you have more than 4gig, try running "KSP_x64.exe -single-instance -force-d3d11" in the CKAN Settings--->KSP Command Line Mechjeb, are you playing sandbox or career? if Career you will not get certain functions until you research technologies, and nodes require upgraded buildings (Mission and Tracking). The functions are available from several places, a dropdown selection list[V MechJeb V] , or toolbar (have to be added manually from within the game). Mechjeb should also show up on the side bar [MJ].
  14. This is usually because of input locking. Most likely your clicking through a mechjeb window or have something else grabbing your inputs. mod-F12 and pick input locks, click clear, go about your business. I had this happen when I floated a mechjeb vessel window over my kerb icons.
  15. I failed to get to a manned moon landing. No launch clamps needed, it really wasn't because I forgot them, I just didn't need them, really, um.... something weird going on with the nose of my fairing, all black was not the intended color. Getting to Orbit went great. use a Gimongous F-1 cause it had two ignitions. it was that of 24 breeze motors. Yes those are full on SRB's (candlewax) motors for ullage. Got to the moon and did all my manned and sample return science I could reach with a 27deg inclination. Separated from the Rhea I (3 man return pod), while I still had my transit module with 1400dV left. The Hades I de-orbited and dropped the transit module. Tried to light the lander pressure. Tried a few more things wasting precious seconds. Dumped it and went for orbit. Limped back to the return pod. For some reason I found my RCS not working (my fault, fuel for it left with the lander) so I transferred with EVA. Return with a large amount of picture of the surface for future successful missions to do planning with. Madagascar deserts are tropical....