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  1. Are there any possibility to add China Pack in the future? : )
  2. The expansion looks awesome. BTW, will it add some Chinese or Japanese parts?
  3. Registered for 2 month, I think it isn't too late to post this thread : P So, Hello Everyone! : D I'm a 3-years Chinese KSP player. As an astronomy amateur, I fall in love with KSP at the first time I know it. T-5d to the localization pack. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the hardworking guys in Squad&QATeam. I can't wait to see a brand new KSP!
  5. Yes, we have a Chinese KSP Forum called 坎巴拉太空计划吧 in Baidu Tieba, which has hundreds of active player : D
  6. Welcome! #(滑稽)
  7. Adapted from Cixin Liu's The Three Body Problem. Chinese-Simplified: 《不要回复》 “调试完成了!”Bob喝了口橙汁,“这是我们建造的最强大的射电望远镜了,我们的信号强度终于足以将信息发送到Jool!” “太棒了!我们一直觉得这颗拥有如此健康的绿色行星一定有智慧生命存在,赶快,对准Jool,把我们的欢迎信送到Jool上吧!”Jebediah兴奋的按下发送按钮。一会儿后,屏幕显示收到了回音。 “哇,这么快,等等,这信息是从Duna返回的!”Bob惊呼!“这不可能,我们明明是对准Jool发射信号的,等等,那信号里面是什么信息?” “正在解析...出来了!” ———— 不要回复!不要回复!不要回复! 我是Duna文明的残留AI! 我已通过位于Jool轨道上的干扰装置成功拦截了你们的信息! 请不要再向Jool发送信息!我们Duna人正是因此而灭亡的,我们仍未知道他们的信息,我们已经没有能量再拦截信息了,但请千万不要再...$&(%@!(解析错误) ———— “这是Duna文明的信息?他们是怎么灭亡的。” “应该是。根据Kerbin的天文学家研究发现,几千年前Duna的赤道的橙色沙土有不明原因的减少,这导致了Duna的冰盖扩张。气候变得越来越寒冷。最终,Duna不再宜居了”Bob说。 “但那可是邪恶的红色星人说的话,我们别管那么多,再给我们的绿色友人发送一次怎样?” “好主意!”说完Bob重新发送了信息。 然而他们都没有注意到,桌子上消失的橙汁。 几天后,空间站的极限火箭Jumbo-64燃料箱都不翼而飞,极限火箭公司正在努力调查。 与此同时,在Bop上 在漆黑的地面上,巨大触手正不断生长出来,并发出低沉的声音: “更!多!的!橙!汁!!!!!! Here is the English version: DO NOT REPLY! "Debugging Complete!"Bob sipped his orange juice: "This is the most powerful radio-telescope we built. Finally, our signal strength is powerful enough to send the message to the Jool!" "That's Awesome!"Jebediah said: "We've believed there must be some intelligent life on the Jool which is healthily green. Without further ado, aim at Jool, then send our respect to Jool! "Then, Jeb press the button. A few minutes later, they got the reply. "Wow, that's insane. Wait! This reply come from Duna! "Bob shouted:"That's impossible! I've set the Jool as target! What did it say?" "Analysing...OK!" -------- DO NOT REPLY! DO NOT REPLY! DO NOT REPLY! I'm a left over AI of the Duna civilization! I intercepted your signal by the probe on the Jool Orbit. Don't reply again!We, Dunains, were destroyed due to it! We don't have the power to intercept you again! Please don't...&@%!*(Parse Error) ------- "This is info from Duna?They were destroyed! How? "Jeb asked. "According to the observation of astronomer, thousands of years ago,a great amount of orange soil on the Duna equator disappeared for unknown reason,and leaded to the expanding of ice cap. The climate became colder and colder. And eventually, Duna wasn't habitable any more." "But we shouldn't trust them. Maybe they want to stop our pace of development! Try again!" "Okay!"Bob agreed. However, none of they noticed the disappearance of Bob's drink.... Several days later, all the Rockemax Jumbo-64 fuel tanks on the Space Station disappeared at once. Rockemax claimed that they are making investigations. At the same time, on Bop. Some huge tentacles growed on the black surface, as well as some whisper... "MOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!! ORANGE!!! JUUUUUUUUUUUUUICE!!!"
  8. Thanks for the hardworking guys in the QATeam.I can't wait to see a brand new KSP. (When will new version available?hh)
  9. I'm a 3-year Chinese KSP player.This is my first reply in the KSP Forum. The picture above is a part of translation of the KSPedia.Last year,I translated the whole KSPedia into Chinese with my partners in a Chinese KSP Forum. As a Chinese native speaker,I've seen a lot of work our player do to translate everything in KSP to Chinese.We tried to translate the Game,the mods and the tutorial.However, as we all know,3rd party localization always brings a lot of bugs to the game.So the official localization will change a lot and bring more local player to the KSP. I hope the localization will bring us better gaming experience. Thank you,Squad.