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  1. Hahaah, it's true, it's some kind of drug, new and new ideas are in my head, but no time for them. They have RP but only with RO cfg.
  2. I got into orbit, just see how a real shuttle does it.
  3. I'll look at it. Unfortunately there is not enough time for everything, but of course I would like to make this engine.
  4. And all the same, eight nozzles are strange, I think it will remain a project on paper.
  5. This is very interesting, did you manage to return Laika to the ground?
  6. Thx guys! Does this animal really have to look like this? It looks awful and reminds me of a fragment first stage rocket N-1.
  7. Well, it's about the same as I thought of it, the similarity of Kerbanauts and KerbalLaika.
  8. Fast enough, well done !
  9. New update v1.1! 1. I connected the bottom of the TDU with the engine, also added a fairing to them. 2. Added details for the ship "Voskhod" 3. Added a fairing "Voskhod" style 4. Added three first satellites which serve as the analogue of the first satellites of the Soviet Union. 5. Connect to the technology tree
  10. You can do this with a stock parachute and stock separator.
  11. Yes, I changed some textures for satellites, making them more interesting, it remains to connect them to the technology tree.
  12. –°reated first version prototypes of the first three satellites. Here are some screenshots: KerbLaika will look in different directions and wiggle ears.