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  1. I looked at the update of the RO cfg from @Phineas Freak and found in them the changes for RD0124A, the link is on the first page, be attentive.
  2. Buran on Energia in Unity3d, Creepy mixture.
  3. Look at this??? Very promising for the future.
  4. Well, this will never happen, especially given the love of Squad to NASA and the ignoring of everything that resembles Soviet/Russian technology, with the exception of Stauputnik. By the way, there is good news, I have completed work on the external and internal interior for Buran and almost all the details imposed textures.
  5. I'm not going to translate them into Stockalike style, it will always be like it was planned from the very beginning. By the way, does anyone know the characteristics of the separator of motors standing on the first stage of Energia? In general, no information.
  6. It's interesting but at the moment I can not really do it, Energia is a very difficult project and it takes all the time. P.S. I also do not play in KSP, modding is a hobby, probably all who do add-ons do not play in the KSP. This is in both stockalike and RO thanks to @Phineas Freak , although initially I started making them just because of RO/RSS, it's not necessary in stockalike.
  7. I'll try, lately it's getting better understood RO cfg.
  8. There is FGB polyus, it's scary but it works !!! Energia/Polyus in RSS/RO full version.
  9. Thanks! given your opportunities in modeling this adds motivation !!! I will not calm down, have finished the container for Energy, I also complete FGB Polyus, I will later be alone with Buran. Energia/Buran-T
  10. Almost completed the imposition of textures (tiles) on Buran, although they are taken from a well-known 3d model that will significantly speed up its completion time and in the future I will add my chips to them to make them unique.
  11. Hello @BobCat, first of all it's great to see you on the form !!! I have a question for you, I do not understand how you did it, at the start of your N1 net fins themselves reamer? I really need this for my add-on. P.S. Sorry that I'm writing here in English.
  12. Until I finish everything and put them on RO / RSS because it will not work in stock, I will not let it out. Now Buran is actively engaged.
  13. The rocket is mounted on the launchpad.