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  1. A new pair of engines, thereby completing the package for the R7.
  2. @Temeter I completed the RD-100 but to make a new release with one engine... this stupid.
  3. The initial technologies of Americans and Russians are very similar because it is all based on the development of the Germans, so the RD-100 is an analog engine for the V2. Further progress.
  4. Guys, I'm with you again !!! To begin with, I need to "stuff hand" and remember the basic skills that I slightly forgot because of a lack of practice, so at the old request of @Phineas Freak I decided to make an RD-100 engine, it would be a good addition for RP-0. At the initial stage.
  5. Sorry I did not meet your expectations (without sarcasm), I also want to see these engines desirable for RO, but the problem is that I can not write normal cfg.file, but @Phineas Freak voluntarily with personal initiative helped make cfg for the engines and I hope that They will indeed be included in the next update of RO, but when RO is updated I just like you do not know, because the developers (like all of us) have their own personal lives, this is a hobby and not a job. I disagree with your phrase "This is a forum of real jokers, not rocket enthusiasts," to me at PM, and on the add-on page, people showed personal initiative to help, @Phineas Freak , @liquidhype , @CobaltWolf or @Dragon01 , This is what you mentioned,enthusiasm, wasting own time more experienced members of the community helped me solve many problems,so that others can use these engines to get the least inconvenience and error. the KSP community is the best for all the time that I've met. I hope I did not tire you, I soon plan to restore work on the engines.
  6. No, it means that there is not enough time, I will continue to make engines. Thanks, I'm sure that RD 0212 works, I'll try not to screw up anymore.
  7. v1.3.1 Fix RD0212 removed from the game the wrong version S5.92 Sorry, but not enough time.
  8. Good Proton! Although it looks like I did something wrong with the RD0212, will fix it.
  9. The new update v 1.3, Thanks @Phineas Freak for the right information, although I'm sure that everything is done properly. I could release it earlier but circumstances are stronger than we. 1. Fixed a typo in the text for the engines and some other 2. Again renamed RD110 in RD0110 3. Create all engines own Emissive animation 4. Added two more versions of the engines S5.92 5. Added engines RD-0210 and RD-0212 the second and third stage of the Proton rocket Put folder RealEngines in GameData. LINK: P.S. Sorry that is not animated picture, but it is a technical reason and soon to fix, I'm not going to move away from his style to information add-on.
  10. Thank you, preparing a decent upgrade, including normal Emissives so that all engines will have them in the RO without problems.
  11. Very good work! I noticed that you have some problems, for example to change the texture format use the program DDS4KSP, you can find it on the forums, or simply search the Internet, it is very easy and simple convert even mbm format. in dds. Just does not work emissive texture, or rather it is not and if you want I can help you set it up but only if you are using Unity 4.x.x, rather than Unity 5.
  12. I'm with you again. Imposed a shadow on the final version of the RD0210. Although the RD0212 easy to make and complete a series of engines for Proton, the more so as thrusters engines already have.