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  1. Well, ****, but have to admit, you're right. This really makes challenge unique.
  2. Does it really very important to do everything in order from STS 1? Because it's too easy for me. Really, just launch a shuttle, then launch it with a satellite, then with another satellite just in geostationary orbit, then dock 2 shuttles... Really, why I can't just Make Whatever STS I want? Well, if it's really (for some reasons) important, then I will do everything in row.
  3. Could anybody remind me from what version Jool has an aurora? Saw it in Hazardish video
  4. Is there a chance to combine eve clouds with this mod atmospheres and dust effects?
  5. Hmm, challenge accepted! Going to upload on my channel.
  6. " Improved EVE: Better particles for snow on Tellumo and Gael. All gas giants have have moving cloud bands with simulated tilt. *Snow on Gael is no longer on the poles. It is now scattered just below the north polar region and above the south polar region." Nothing special, just delete one word.
  7. Well, i installed the mod, and it partialy works. Glass reflections are working, but i can't turn on lights. Is this supposed to be?Also when i open the map while being in atmosphere, it starts to blink. I know windowshine can work because Mark Thrimm uses it in 1.2.2. So, any tips how to fix that?
  8. Damm, this looks like a really good alternative to RVE
  9. HM, EVE actually not so bad as i thinked. Mods used: EVE Scatterer Texture replacer Sunflare by Galileo Planetshine SVT
  10. Please Halp! I almost managed to make ksprc work in 1.2! Just need scaterer configs, one that included in the KSPRC pack doesnt work. Maybe someone has a working config file?
  11. never realised that SVE auroras are better than avp.They look soo...realistic. Btw. why Eve dont have auroras?