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  1. Wow, those new Laythe clouds make it look like it's offset!
  2. DUUUUDE thank you! Rewriting AVP clouds.cfg to eve 1.05 to add uvnoise and support cubemaps. Already made : Auroras for all planets, clouds for Jool, Eve, and effects on Moho. Scatterer works fine. Edit : I messed up with the Minlight and stuff
  3. 1. I have 64k texture 2. I don't care how hard it is, just tell me how to do it
  4. Hmm, how do I convert texture to 8k cubemap?
  5. Matchlight don't have idea how to do this either, so I asked Galileo how to do this. Oh and yes, 51k clouds are not so bad idea! E.T visual overhaul for rss uses 64k textures,soo...
  6. @Galileo HALP! I'm trying to change stock astronomers cloud texture for Kerbin with the custom 51024x25512 one. But the only thing I get is Kerbin completely covered in clouds! Any tips?
  7. It's a little bit bigger than I expected : 51024x51024. I need to transform it to : 51024x25512.
  8. Soooooo i made it, and first of all, it actually runs with such resolution just fine! And, yes clouds look much MUCH better than before, but the only problem that... kerbin is a "litlle bit" too cloudy now, simply, it's just covered by clouds, completely! Edit: found possible solution : adjust length of the texture
  9. rx 580 by msi & amd ryzen 7 1700
  10. 50% of magic made
  11. IT CAN! E.T visual overhaul for rss uses 64k textures
  12. God, I need to delete more games, from 40 GB left 10!
  13. ok, when photoshop finishes it's MAAGIC
  14. Had to delete 5 games from my pc to merge the textures, but I MADE IT!!!