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  1. Duna STS-1 and 2 Fun fact: This is the first ever time I've sent something to another planet. Technically Jool Support and Coms occurred first, but they aren't intended to return. My career and science saves have always ended with a probe on the way to Duna but hasn't arrived, either because a new KSP version was released or I was finding it too easy and increasing the difficulty. Interesting given that shuttles, something I had no interest in tinkering in until I saw this challenge, are the first to carry Kerbals for me. Quite fun and a learning experience, I hope you enjoy. Mods used: KAC, KER, DPAI, Trajectories, Precise Node Shuttles: All stock Payloads: Stock, Tweakscale.
  2. While I agree this should probably be an optional part in stock KSP, the real Space Shuttle cannot dump fuel, nor can many aircraft. I suspect engineers had concerns about sealing some kind of dump port in both space and atmosphere while still having a functional "door" for the port. Not to mention that dumping fuel in orbit would cause some kind of propulsive effect on the shuttle itself. STS-51 aborted and "dumped" OMS fuel by actually running the engines on the way up to it's lower orbit when one of the main engines failed. Personally I consider it part of the challenge to adjust fuel loads to meet mission criteria. The NukaShuttle was built for outrageous fuel capacity for the later challenges but I only launched it with the front and rear tanks full when deploying the fuel pod so it wouldn't be too heavy to land. Worst case I could do a couple extra orbits and burn prograde for a bit and then retrograde at the same spot to burn fuel with minimal change to my orbit. Regardless, it's your challenge, not mine.
  3. A pair of shuttle launches to assemble parts for my trip to Jool. Also isn't she the cutest shuttle evah? Yes she is.
  4. Do each experiment twice. Or in the case of partial return experiments (Mystery Goo and Science Jr) do them an extra time for the lab. Store extras in pods or passenger modules or bring a science container along for each repeat. Scientists are, obviously, helpful for resetting the Goos and Jrs so you don't have to carry extras science modules. Feed one completed experiment of each into the lab and the rest go to Kerbin or get transmitted as is. You can collect the science for the experiments and the data processing from the lab for each experiment in each biome/situation.
  5. Your design is fine. My first NukaShuttle iteration was a massive "Dreamchaser" setup that got all the way to orbit where the shuttle decoupled and completed a mission and the launch vehicle was recovered on Kerbin near KSC. As you suspected only full SSTO's that do not decouple a launch vehicle/booster of some sort are prohibited.
  6. Am I to understand that power isn't generated on inactive ships so the crew dies? Any chance the Background Processing mod would be a stop gap solution or does it not play well with Kerbalism?
  7. I'm eager to try out Kerbalism, but I have some concerns. I use quite a few mods and having a look inside the support folder I suspect some are not supported. Am I going to lose functionality for solar panels and pods for say Tantares and the MKS rovers? I'm pretty comfortable copy/pasting examples and modifying values provided with mods to create my own patches, I've made more than a few TAC-LS patches and extended some of TAC-LS' own patches beyond just stock parts to include all crewed modules. How hard would it be for me to add Kerbalism functionality to mods that don't include it?
  8. I decided to try my hand at a Buran/Energia design. This one only qualifies for STS-1 but the mission should prove entertaining as a recovery of my stranded shuttle is performed in orbit. Plus Speeding Mullet loves seeing two shuttles in orbit together so it aught to scratch that itch for him. Enjoy. Mods used: KAC, KER, DPAI, Trajectories, Precise Node Engine retrofit performed using KIS/KAS Shuttle and Payload: All Stock, Engine mount Tweakscaled (0.050m increase) to remove overlapping part visual glitches.
  9. And needed a MECHNISM to escape from it?
  10. I've been trying to figure out how to get my mining base out of a "bomb bay". Now I have some ideas. Nice mission.
  11. Usually Thumpers for both 1.25m (2 SRBs) and 2.5m (4 SRBs) rockets. Though light 1.25s might get only Hammers and heavy 2.5s might get 2 Kickbacks and 2 Thumpers. I use KER so I can see what booster set I need for decent TWR and Delta-V.
  12. Those 4 to 1 structural bits are terrible for aerodynamics. Try nose cones or fuel tanks around a central core. That'll also get you more engines per stack.
  13. I generally only use one main stage with boosters. I've recently come to love Skippers with assistance from SRBs for a 2.5m rocket. Mainsail if that just isn't enough power. Similarly a Swivel with SRBs usually suffices for 1.25m rockets, though I make use of LF/Ox boosters on heavier payloads using Reliant engines. I don't find much need for 3.75m and since I play career, at some point I start using Mainsails exclusively to build SSTO launch vehicles which return to KSC.
  14. It's a points system. So for that you would get the three man mission points but not the two man lander points.
  15. Quite a bit easier, but more importantly infinitely less hair pulling. Here's some better lit pics in the hangar.