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  1. I forgot to mention this in my previous thought,but I havn't gotten alot done with the planet pack,but thank you for all your suggestions and I will try to get something done with the mod.

  2. I changed my picture awhile back,saying,"Figured it was time to be more kerbaly"

    Well there is nothing more kerbaly than a green wolf.

  3. Banned for not being a normal kerbal.
  4. Thank you,that is a mod called "To Boldy Go",I didn't make it but it adds randomly generated stars in the galaxy,complete with slightly modified clones of the stock planets and moons.
  5. Sounds good cant wait to see the result
  6. I'm still somewhat new to KSP, by no means a veteran, so these are my best photos...
  7. Banned for thinking "red boostaz" are faster than "green boostaz".
  8. Banned for overengineering your rocket.
  9. Banned for making a better point.
  10. Banned for making a good point. @Benjamin Kerman check out my work in progress mod aswell,plz.
  11. Banned for not knowing that PI equals 3.14159265.
  12. FYI,I've spent hours getting KSP to work with excessive amount of mods, back on topic...Banned not knowing where you live.
  13. As you guys can se I changed my profile pic.

    Figured it was time to be more kerbaly.

  14. Banned for thinking that Kerbal Space Program is "working".(Even though it kinda is)
  15. Hey everyone,I just wanted to let you know,I will be changing the name of the planet-pack,and I need your help.If you have any suggestions plz let me know.

    I also have been working on the mod,even though progress has been slow.I am still learning kopernicus and "trial and error" have been a big part of this endeavour.

    Thank you for all your support so far and I will post more updates,as no one wants to be left in the dark :wink:.

    P.s. I am still looking for aid in coding and textures,I'm learning both but as I said,progress is slow.