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  1. Not sure where folks keep getting this idea, but no, that is not the case. Its closest analogue would be the inline docking port. If I extend the airlock, and a piece of debris not attached to the vessel is in front, does that debris get pushed away? Or does the Kraken attack? Overall great news. I personally haven't downloaded the 1.3 prerelease yet, but I am excited to try out about the performance improvements when it is fully released.
  2. Night has fallen on Minmus... While Madra Kerman visited the local taverns, she found out that local legend has it that the Kraken can silently slip down the slopes of the mountains at night and eat any landers too close to the edges of the flats. Madra hopes that 500 meters is far enough... Sleeping will be difficult tonight. As you can see, I plopped a lander on Minmus to farm money as contracts for 'get science from Minmus' flow in. The tourists on board didn't read the fine print that says "This vacation is not bound by any time constraints. The Space Program can bring you back whenever it chooses. No refunds."
  3. I shall reserve judgment on the UI until I see it for myself. I'm still undecided as to whether I like the break from the traditional (light blue and rounded corners) style. We'll see. The plot thickens... With these even-more-massive parts, will we be getting a 3.5 meter capsule? Because I feel there is a need for it now, and there will definitely be a need for it once the rocket gets 5 meters wide.
  4. Not trying to get this thread off topic, but a Kerbin RISK map needs to be a thing. A&A is of course my favorite as well. I'm trying to make some stock hinges so that my Falcon (7?) can land without falling over. I'm thinking about trying to use Airbrakes to make larger base next time. *shown with regular legs
  5. I'm certainly an engineer. I often run my experimental crafts through trials on Kerbin in my experimental sandbox save before actually launching and using them in my Career save. I would say I also fall a little into the scientist category because I like to make sure I have just enough Delta-V. However, I don't tweak each launch to fit the payload. I go for a ULA-style approach: several iterations of the same rocket with different numbers of side boosters and different lengths upper stages. I must have two dozen versions of my Hyperion rocket.
  6. Sweet! The capsule looks great! I love that the RCS Ports are actually RCS Ports. Reduced part count for the win! I can't wait to see some sneak peeks of the Expansion UI.
  7. What lessons can be taken away from catastrophic failures? How about redundancy! I often pack my ships with redundant engines, and now I suppose that will be put to use! I like adding the part failure feature to KSP, because it adds realism with being too hard. I'm not sure how close to finished the expansion is, but (I'm not asking for a date) will 1.3 and the expansion be released at the same time, or one released after the other?
  8. What category would an X37-B style launch be under? I'm working on one currently that blends the Falcon 9 (recoverable first stage) and a NERV-powered spaceplane? In case you don't know what X37-B is:
  9. You asked the wrong question. The question is, what would my dog do? Case 1 (Dog is inside during landing): Well, my house would have one less door, and earth would have three less kerbals. Case 2 (Dog is already outside during landing): I'm sure that my dog would happily run up to them wagging her tail, and I would be slowly sneaking into the kitchen (knife rack) just in case the kerbals turned hostile. I don't know why, but my dog is super aggressive when she is inside and someone else is outside; but if she and the person are outside, she is very happy to go up to them and request being pet.
  10. Is it confirmed that the KSP Vostok will be weighted to one side? Because even if real Vostok was weighted asymmetrically, is KSP capable of supporting non-center CoM? I personally love the idea of a capsule rolling if it lands in the wrong place. It adds a bit more realism while not making the game super hard.
  11. Judging judging by the relative size of those RCS thrusters, I'm guessing that the Vostok fits onto a 1.25 meter stack, correct? Also, is that small black cylinder on the top right of the pod part of the capsule or a different part I never use? Overal, good stuff! I'm glad to see development moving along at a nice pace. Can't wait for Asteroid Day to be integrated.
  12. In my career game my mission control stopped offering contracts. Fortunately, i have fixed that thanks to this reddit post However, now i am being bombarded by ~50 contract offers. Is this because my reputation is ~50? Or is it because I raised the contract limit to 30? If I am being offered so many contracts because of my raised limit, how can I bring the number of contracts being offered in mission control down a few notches to feel less cheaty? Thanks in advance!
  13. Fantastic news! I love to see development moving at a fast pace. Those new retractable rover wheels look great and I love the idea of having them retractable. Is it possible to see pictures of them next to the other rover wheels for size comparison? On another note, I have scoured SQAUD's image on the mun for anything not mentioned by anybody else, and I found something! On the rover (sorry, I don't know how to post an image into my post), look to the bottom left of the kerbal's head and just to the right of the battery. What is that box-shaped thing? A new RTG? A new probe core? I don't think it is part of the new rover base, because it has a different coloration.
  14. Yeah, I got a little scared there. I don't remember ever seeing that happen there. Although, if that left (from the webcast PoV) grid fin had given way and fallen off, would the rocket have been able to land? This may be the case considering that the Falcon 9 was built from the ground up with redundancy in mind. SpaceX has claimed that one engine can go out and the mission could be fine. But does the same apply for grid fins?
  15. Woot woot!! SpaceX has done it again! Anyone else hear unconfirmed rumors of a planned attempted fairing recovery for today's launch?