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  1. In my career game I have gotten to the point were I will begin to exploit the Kerbin System of its valuable resources (ore). To do this, I am going to build a rover which will search for the best spot once I have done the orbital survey. However, I would hate to have to drive all over Minmus to find the best spot. So I figured that I would make one faster, larger rover which would carry a couple smaller ones, which could go out and come back. Here's where the doors come in. I would like to have the front half of the river to be science, then the back half be a garage with a ramp. So that the ramp does not drag along the surface, it has to be on a powered hinge. I have experimented with a couple ideas, none of which have been reliable. The best one uses antennas to rotate and landing gear to go up and down. My problem has been keeping both antennas in their sockets. Thanks in advance! CoreI
  2. So, you appear to be having issues with navigating using RCS. One of your problems is probably what view you are in. Hit 'V' until you see 'locked' at the top of the screen. Now all the directions from your PoV will be correct for how your RCS is firing. This makes navigation infinitely easier. And that's how you steer. I'm too lazy to write it all. Another tip: Right click on the docking port on the vessel you are controlling, and click control from here. Then, right click the docking port on the other ship you are trying to dock with, and click set as target. This will make the navball show the and markers correctly.
  3. Hello Apollo 13, and Soviet failures. So, hypothetical scenario: I buy DLC, install DLC. I continue existing Career game. Will parts randomly fail/malfunction? Just to be clear, I am in favor of this. I also think it could add more usability for engineers. Will the Making History Expansion add another game mode (ex: Sandbox, Science)? If so, will we be able to use these new parts in a Career game? Overall, I love the way the DLC and ksp as a whole is shaping up. I can't wait to participate in challenges using Mission Builder!
  4. Actually, asparagus staging was something that was planned to be implemented on the Falcon Heavy, but became too complicated. Of course, we are nowhere near ten-stage asparagus monsters, but the Falcon Heavy was close to using it. In fact, I remember reading that in later iterations of the Falcon Heavy in the future they may use asparagus.
  5. Be very, very careful when comparing the achievements of SpaceX and BO. Theoretically, BO landed and reused a used booster before SpaceX. However, you have to look at the booster and mission. New Shepard is a much smaller rocket than the Falcon 9. Also, it only went onto a suborbital trajectory. Not to hate on BO, but a suborbital return is like a bounce pass in basketball when compared to returning after delivering a payload into orbit. Also, one of the key factors in BO's ability to reuse New Shepard five times was that the heating from reentry was much less intense than what the Falcon 9 has to endure. With all the delays to Falcon Heavy, what are the odds that New Glenn launches first? (I know, close to zero. It's a joke)
  6. No!!!!! We are not worthy! That module looks Fantastic! I love the interesting twist with the built in RCS, but no reaction wheels. A lot more realistic. Judging by the last sentence, I think we can discern that in the expansion will be a new 1.875 meter stack. Also, I think we know know where the Rocket Part Art Overhaul went. It wasn't shelved, I'll bet it is the art used for the 1.875m stack. I do not look forward to changing all my rockets back to the old art so that there is no confusion. That took forever.
  7. I am still unsure if I shall buy the DLC or not. It will probably depend on the price. I can see and understand what SQUAD is doing. They are a company and need to make money. Completely understandable. However, (I can't name them off the top of my head) I know there are already mods for historical rocket parts, but I imagine a SQUAD-developed pack will be more balanced and less buggy. From the pages of this thread that I have read, there seems to be little anger, which is a good sign for SAUAD and the community. However, I would like to know if 1.3 is the last major version of the stock game, if 1.4, 1.5... etc. are only bug fixes, or if features will continue to be added to the stock game. Any word on a release timeframe?
  8. If I had to take a guess, I would say sometime around when devnotes come out on Friday (in terms of time of day. I know that the pre-release is today). I also wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement/early devnotes accompany the pre-release.
  9. You sir, are a genius! That's something I've never heard before. I may not be a programmer, but it doesn't sound too hard to implement in stock. On another note, the OP talks about semi-confirmed, confirmed, and might-be-resurrected features. However, since the pre-release is tomorrow, it would be logical for SQUAD to announce these not-quite-confirmed features before the players get their hands on them. So, I think I can conclude either A) We will see an announcement either later today or early tomorrow, or B) the pre-release is just localization, not 1.3.
  10. So, I've searched this thread for the answer to this, but haven't found a conclusive answer to my question. In the pre-release tomorrow (March 16), which I believe is for 1.2.9, what exactly is included? I'm interested in three things: Bug fixes (ex: Terrain/Runway Seams) Features (ex: Asteroid Day into Stock) Localization (Which I already know is included) Also, I've received some conflicting vibes about this one, but is this the 1.2.9 pre-release or the 1.3 pre-release?
  11. Well well. I think this is one of the first times the devnotes has actually used the term "1.3". I'm glad we won't be stuck in 1.2.x forever. Ok, so could someone make this a little clearer for me? I've never used the mod, but I get that it adds a bunch of contracts and requires you to put a satellite in x orbit with a telescope in order to see asteroids. So, is the inclusion of the mod in the base game just limited to the extra contracts + telescope, or will we be required to put a telescope in orbit x to have the ability to see and track asteroids?
  12. Sweet. I love seeing localization almost complete. Hopefully after this all development time will be spent on new features/bug squashing.
  13. Ooooo! A date! That's what I'm talking about! I'm sure the community as a whole is excited for the super-secret-project-that-was-originally-going-to-be-announced-six-months-ago. Better late than never I suppose. On the flip side, whatever happened to SQUAD's policy of soontm? I thought there was a taboo at HQ about dates. Now that I think about it, they never said what the subject of the announcement would be.
  14. Love the poem, and localization, but other than that, this KSP Weekly is skin and bones. I'm still holding out for some huge announcement in the next couple weeks though.
  15. So, in my career I have been searching for low cost ways to get crew/cargo into orbit. I do have a functional Falcon 9 replica (no barge), but that still costs money. So, in short I need an Mk2 or Mk1 SpacePlane that can SSTO and dock. However, I do not have the Whiplash, RAPIER, Goliath, Vector, or Aerospike engines. Any tips/designs? Thank in advance!
  16. yes Whoa. I had a working Mk2 SSTO (thanks to Scott Manley for the design) a few versions ago in an old save before the whiplash was moved further in the tech tree. It could just orbit and revondouz.
  17. Do you mean it has this amount left over once it's in orbit?
  18. What my personal strategy is this: 1. Once I have an intercept within 5km (which you have), I change the navball mode to "target" (click on "orbit"). I then time warp until I'm within five kilometers the target. 2. I point retrograde on the target-mode navball. Wherever you burn, it 'pushes' the retrograde marker away. So, position you ship so that it will 'push' the retrograde marker on top of the the. 3. As you glide closer, the retrograde marker will drift away from the. Just keep the retrograde marker centered by occasionally burning to push the retrograde marker. As you do this, you should be pointed roughly retrograde, so you should be slowing down as you burn to stay on course. 4. When you get within 100m, point directly retrograde and kill your velocity. Then move in using RCS for docking! PS: If you run out of velocity while approaching, enable RCS and tap the 'N' key a few times to gain speed. This saves you from having to turn around prograde then back.
  19. I personally agree with localization. Native speakers should be able to play the game in their own language. Fortunately, this in theory shouldn't take too much programming resources. In my opinion, it is a win-win.
  20. I do have The NERV. Hmmm. I have never tried doing it with Mk1. Would reentering shallower help with heating? Or perhaps more wing surface area could help slowing down.
  21. I've tried panthers, but at my tech level the intakes are insufficiently powerful to get the panthers up to 20km without flameout. Although, I could put side tanks on and pop more intakes on them. I see what you mean with in-game money and RL time. For me I tend to prioritize in-game funds. Although, I did manage to build an SSTO that launched vertically a few weeks ago (it could also come in really steep because it had tons of drag from the large amount of wings it had to life a dozen Mk1 fuel tanks), but the cost of the massive amounts of fuel involved made it more practical to stick with Falcon replicas.
  22. Hello fellow players, I have been playing KSP since right before 0.90 was released. I have followed the forums for a long time and am glad to have finally gotten an account. As of now, I have one Career game and one sandbox where I test craft for use in the career game. As a player I have landed on the Mun and Minmus, and currently have my first mission to Duna en route. Also, how do I turn on Fine Control on a Mac? Caps lock doesn't work.
  23. As others have, I have lost several planes to the terrain seams. However, will the patch only fix seams when a Kerbal is on EVA or will it fix the seams regardless of what is in control (My reasoning is that [correct me if I'm wrong] Kerbals are on a different physics level than wheels + landing gear). Overall sounds good. I hope this 'super secret stuff' is explained in the next couple devnotes KSP Weeklies(?).