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  1. I think it's sad that some one can have so little faith in technology. Lockheed is still working out the kinks with the F-35.
  2. The F-35 is the best air-to-air fighter except the F-22; and the F-22 is the best air-to-ground fighter except the F-35.
  3. The 48-7S "Spark" liquid fueled engine was originally part of the KSPX mod and was later incorporated into the stock game.
  4. Awesome! Another Friday night project to work out over pizza and junk food.
  5. Kraken drives often rely on the precise placement of certain parts, so there is no real "method" to making one. However, with some careful engineering you can exploit the "ladder glitch" which is a form of Kraken drive. Here's a video showing a working "ladder glitch" craft.
  6. What counts as an offering?
  7. Applying Tracy fix Whistling Duna Summoning kraken Going to lunch Cleaning test tubes Playing hide-and-seek with the guard Decontaminating kerbals Finding absolute zero Adjusting Werhner's belt line Watching eclipse Searching for virtual reality Creating animated player ...might think of more later.
  8. If we had pumped it up to 100 PSI there would have been an explosion. The most we ever managed to pump them up to was 55 PSI before they exploded.
  9. Nice rocket. I remember when I was a lot younger me and my friends were always launching water rockets. Once after a party we all went outside to give a "demonstration" and literally pumped up a 2 liter water rocket to 50 PSI before letting it lift-off. The rocket blew quite a sizable hole in the ground and covered everyone with mud. The only trouble was that we were all in formal wear.
  10. Very unique space plane design! That's one big beautiful bird! The gull wings on the orbiter remind me a bit of a Vaught F4U Corsair.
  11. I mostly agree with you, but not that the "Dart" Toroidal aerospike needs to become longer. I think that would make the engine too cumbersome. Also the Whiplash is already pretty much a wet mode engine. If you want an engine with a wet/dry mode similar to the Whiplash you can use the Panther. Also, what use would a retractable Pegasus 1 have? Such a small retractable ladder would have very limited use in my opinion. Overall though, most of your suggestions would be great if implemented into the game.
  12. My KSP loads within 4 minutes with about 6 mods and several plug-ins installed. Plenty of time to grab a coke and look for aircraft designs from my book of failed IRL aircraft. (KSP physics)
  13. Great challenge! I really enjoy building small good looking functional crafts. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
  14. Agreed. The Aérospatiale Alouette II is an amazing aircraft. However, my personal favorite rotorcraft is the Airbus Helicopters (formerly Aérospatiale or Eurocopter) H130.
  15. Yeah. I got confused.