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  1. My KSP loads within 4 minutes with about 6 mods and several plug-ins installed. Plenty of time to grab a coke and look for aircraft designs from my book of failed IRL aircraft. (KSP physics)
  2. Great challenge! I really enjoy building small good looking functional crafts. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
  3. Agreed. The Aérospatiale Alouette II is an amazing aircraft. However, my personal favorite rotorcraft is the Airbus Helicopters (formerly Aérospatiale or Eurocopter) H130.
  4. Yeah. I got confused.
  5. Here is my entry. Orbited and landed using only SRBs and no landing gear. First try!
  6. I was introduced to KSP through a friend. After I tried the demo I was hooked. I have no idea where my friend came across KSP but then he plays practically everything. I first started playing back in version 0.80
  7. I should clarify. Facilities such as the VAB, launch pad, and tracking station aren't needed in early career. Mission control, R&D, and the astronaut complex are worth upgrading in early career but not necessarily needed.
  8. Complete lucrative contracts as cheaply as possible. Also, facility upgrades aren't really needed early in the game. I can perform flyby and returns, land probes, and orbit mun and minmus without any facility upgrades. Facilities such as the launch pad, VAB, and tracking station should be upgraded when you begin rescue or interplanetary missions.
  9. Here is a pic of the inland KSC from the map. The inland KSC is the topmost location marked on the map. Below it is the desert temple. Here is the link to the youtube video:
  10. The very thought of having to look at those horrible looking buildings appalls me. I can't believe they were ever even in KSP.
  11. Happy Easter!
  12. Such an addition would be a great Delta V saver and would also make SRBs much easier to control after liftoff. Perhaps the width of the gap in the centre of the SRB could be adjusted in the VAB similarly to how the thrust limiter is used to control max thrust on liquid fueled engines? (Right click on SRB then adjust a slider to control the SRB gap width.)
  13. If I remember correctly the version the "landing" occurred in was 0.80
  14. This thread reminded me of what happened on my first (and only) Jool "landing". It was a long time ago when I had first started playing KSP. The whole mission went flawlessly and my lander was on a sub-orbital trajectory towards Jool. Everything appeared normal until suddenly everything around the lander turned green and my camera only allowed me to look down on my craft. I surmised that this was a bug and continued the landing. My excitement was up 100 points as the altimeter slowly ticked down to zero. It was then I realized something was wrong. After reaching zero, the altimeter began to climb again. It reached 256 meters before the mission ended in a fiery explosion. I had no idea of what had happened. Later I discovered that spacecraft cannot land on Jool because its a gas giant and the pressure will crush the space craft. This just goes to show you the importance of researching your destination before actually launching.
  15. That is awesome! Now I challenge you to build a trombone shaped spacecraft.