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  1. This feature is already included in the amazing Quiztech Aero Mod. Its a great help controlling a VTOL or just making small planes easier to fly.
  2. Definitely won't be eating here tonight.
  3. I'm a perfectionist by nature, so to me, unless a craft looks perfect as well as being functional it really bugs me. A good craft typically takes me about an hour to an hour and a half to create.
  4. Where I live we don't venture outside the house unless the outside temp. is above 50 degrees. This winter has been exceptionally warm, rarely dipping below 40 degrees. Some snow would be nice, but that's only once in ten years and even then we rarely get more then a few inches. While folks in New York are bracing for a huge snowstorm, we are outside in t-shirts. Southern winters.
  5. Happy Saint Patrik's Day to all you out there in kerbal land! May you have luck in your attempts to conquer the universe! Legend has it that the kerbal who catches a leprechaun may use a cheat of his choosing! (Whack-a-kerbal seems to be the most popular due to kerbals attempts to knock a little more sense into their heads.) The leprichauns can also fix your boots after a long day trekking to and from the KSC lunch room. To top it all off you can blame any would be failures on the leprechauns! What more could a kerbal ask for? Read more about real life St. Patrick's Day here.
  6. So basically your saying that spontaneous generation happens?
  7. Definition of theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. You cannot say scientifically that life evolved. Definition of ambiogenesis: the original evolution of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances. "to construct any convincing theory of abiogenesis, we must take into account the condition of the Earth about 4 billion years ago" So you see, ambiogenesis is based on the theory that life evolved.
  8. I know this is going to touch off a hotbed, but this whole assumption that there might be life on other planets is built on the belief that life evolved in the first place. If life evolved on earth, maybe if evolved somewhere else too. I'm not saying it didn't, because that's not scientific, but speaking scientifically evolution is a theory, not a fact. And there are a lot of problems with the theory. We can't say for sure that life evolved. It might have, who knows? But we also have to consider the possibility that life was created some other way that we haven't thought of yet. I'd need to see convincing evidence first before I conclude that there is alien life, but if there is one of Jupiter's moons is the most likely place.
  9. Ok. That clears up some things, but is there some kind of game setting that allows me to give antennas infinite range?
  10. This week I downloaded 1.2.2 for the first time and I have a few questions. How do you place waypoints? And Is it possible to have the comm system enabled, but still transmit without the restrictions imposed by it? Is it possible to place waypoints without the comm system? What I really need to do is place waypoints across Kerbin out of range of the KSC without a orbital communication satellite system. How would I do that?
  11. I always use spacedock instead of curse whenever possible. Its much better thought out and there are considerably more mods.
  12. I support this 100%.
  13. Unmanned first would really limit the kinds of things you could do early in career after the kerbnet update. For example, while orbiting you would lose control for quite some time.
  14. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but every time I create a sandbox game a new komet spawns. Why is this? Great mod by the way! Especially since I'm useless with capturing asteroids and this mod allows me to advance transfer to them.
  15. Good thing your mission didn't turn out like the original Russian moon mission did. They did land, but they probably didn't expect to be going as fast as they were when they landed. Moon or bust, literally.