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  1. Yeah, can chuck a few more chutes on the SRB stage, and even given deductions from landing the SRB's in Korea I think she is still pretty good. I am now working on the fabled 100T payload. I will get back to you all And apologies about my confusion, in the mission I was getting some of the finer wordings from the brief muddled up. I was pleasantly surprised when I first looked at the cost of recovering stuff from Korea so I guess she should be good. I won't be doing this tonight though, but I will relaunch and obtain the correct numbers.
  2. Okay, so I got this..... PTSO design. Lifted 75.9T into an orbit far too elliptical, should have packed in more weight. Cost at launch was 174,000, including payload. Payload costs 18,369. Assuming full recovery of both stages, possible (and allowed under the rules?) the cost of fuelling the mission is 21,031. 21,031 divided by 75.9 = 277.08 kerbal bucks per ton into orbit. Right? Okay, I crashed the SRB stage a bit, because I forgot to set it retrograde while out of the atmosphere. I landed the upper stage 80KM from KSC. I fly by hand, stock install. I personally think that I should try and stick an extra 10 -20 T on it to improve the handling during the grav turn. Ship FIle:
  3. Today I brought some tourists back from Duna system, meanwhile I also discovered I can't land on Eve. Sort of..... I missed a waypoint and now one tourist ship needs to spend the next 5 years orbiting Kerbol before it gets another shot at landing. Serves me right for flying 4 ships around without quicksaving!!!
  4. I see what you mean....I think the main challenge in KSP is to have a re-usable system in place, so that ships go up to your chosen refuel spot, go out to whatever planetary system, and return - or not as the case is for labs, just keep refuelling and moving. So that way you're only launching one small ship at a time that can meet whatever landers and refuelling rigs as needed. So not really workable as a challenge thread I am glad the design is fascinating I am sure she could put weight equal to or greater than the upper stage into LKO.
  5. Going for the Minimalist award here.. Playing completely stock KSP 1.2 I designed a single seat SSTO, fully re-usable, and if you are a good enough pilot (and maybe with autopilot mods) capable of landing back at KSC, or on flat-ish terrain. The images taken here were not specific for this challenge, just for my amusement. But let's see, eh? If y'all want me to do a specific flight, I will. The Wingless Wonder. Complete with safety and anti spin features listed below; 1) TBA 2) TBA 3) Bailout possible if over water?
  6. Not sure I really understand the idea here? I see KSP community is somewhat obsessed with putting payloads into LKO..... Where as I find LKO (70 - 200 km) just a pain in the cheeks to do anything in, I don't tend to leave anything there! I play completely stock, no mods. I don't refuel in LKO, the Delta V for RV is too high for day to day activities, and other than for being able to have one, I don't see why I would want a massive station in LKO.... I tend to have my main activities focused around Minimus. That being said, I have designed a ship that allows me to recover both the SRB stage that puts it into a suborbit, and also the main passenger ship. My only lost parts are 4x FLT-800 and x1 X200-32 fuel tank, costing 6,200 kbucks, so a flight only costs 6,200 + fuel. I use it to drop survey and coms sats off where-ever they need on it's route, although it does need to meet a refuelling rig depending on where it is going. It goes as far as Duna or Ike (so far). Of course, not using mods it is a challenge to land back at KSC especially when you only have aerobraking for the final approach, but usually I can get within sight of the KSC with the upper stage, and of course the SRB's usually land in Korea. Does it count? Pictured is on the pad, but if it counts, I will do a special mission for this thread!
  7. @*MajorTom*, your machine has real nice graphics there! My KSP looks like it is ran on a C64 in comparison! Also, loving the low tech aspects! I must say I prefer the challenge of low tech craft - getting to mun with very limited science is the biggest challenge, harder than getting to Eeloo on Sandbox.
  8. I LOVE the landers..... That is a great concept.... *nicked
  9. Gave it a shot. Tried, failed.... but the concept seems promising.... I kinda lost control on the way up. Pictured is pre separation, separation moment, and a nice shot with the chute coming out with the launch vehicle in the background.... Will need to play around with the angles to get it straight, and possibly swap to outer LV series engines for vectors, and add a lot more fuel to the orbiter. Anyway, is a start on the idea.... Also, pics are twilight, sorry.
  10. @eloquentJane that's a shame..... Well I hope you can see the death star more clearly here! For when you wanna put an orange tank into orbit (not quite first attempt, gonna try with a tiny bit more fuel), try the 3Chal4U! Hope this counts as the orange tank doesn't have engines....
  11. @eloquentJane, you can't see the death star? Hmmm..... Try turning your screen brightness up, and room lighting down. Lol
  12. Never found a work around.... Kept happening every contract so I restarted and rebuilt from square one. Got a better infrastructure in place too Also I noticed that when you do an interplanetary burn, say to Duna, because you have the intercept you're not strictly speaking in orbit so it wont work, so you gotta take a special trip with no intercept! I did try that work around you mentioned, and also with new launches... controlling them over the event, but twas not to be... Glad you fixed it though! restarting hurts.....
  13. Best SSTO ever.... Although using a planned exit from the vehicle over water you could do away with the parachute
  14. I have another design too! Although, not sure if it counts. Only got one picture of it, just after the separation.... It involves one central fuel tank, with a core, battery and chutes, and four radially mounted orbital runabouts, complete with chutes for a landing. It is designed for 4 Kerbals on a space flight come death pact. It launches on the engines from the runabouts (the central tank has no engine) and is damned hard to get to crossfeed enough fuel from the center tank into the runabouts! Have a look and tell me if it still counts? P.S sorry for night shot
  15. I have added the finished landing of The Holy Grail near KSC shot, although further away than my 1st attempt note I have marked the KSC with a scattering of debris to make it easier to find Also