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  1. ok so sorry for the long wait but i have version
  2. ok thanks, that really helped me to understand how the whole thing works.
  3. I'm sorry i meant to say "fill the MPL with experiments"
  4. so are they still useful if you play using both planes and rockets or is it only really that important for getting science if you only play with planes? Also when you guys say "fill the MPL with science" do you mean just adding a bunch of things to it like a barometer, thermostat and goo or am i missing something really big...
  5. you say that like its a bad thing for it to be more effective
  6. Thanks for the advice
  7. I'll get back to you in a bit, at the moment we have guests over and the Xbox isn't available.
  8. Oh my god I'm an idiot... while taking a closer look I noticed that I read Mk12-R as Mk2-R.... wow..
  9. Ya my bad, missions, and thanks
  10. Oh ok so one single cell won't give infinite science but you can just put out a metric f**kton of them
  11. Hey, so I'm coming up to earning the MPL-LG-2 and I just wanted to know the most efficient way to use it.
  12. Alright thanks, would you happen to know if there is any form of way to produce indefinite transmitable science?