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  1. Update 0.1.7: Can now choose to ignore the vessel mass as the payload which displays all available launch vehicles. Thanks @evileye.x for the suggestion! More UI design (does it ever end?)
  2. That's a good point, I think I'll add an option to ignore vessel mass and display the full list of launch vehicles, thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Release 0.1.6 Vehicle Family names now fully editable Config and vehicle files created on startup for new saves Subassembly paths saved so names can be edited
  4. The idea is that when you define a lunch configuration for a vehicle, you're saying is has the dV to carry a payload with X to the given destination eg. "payload 5t to LKO" essentially means "Has dV of ~3500m/s with 5t of payload". You can set up the destinations however you like though, so instead of orbit descriptions (LKO, KTO etc) you could use dV targets - totally up to you! I would like to integrate with mechjeb/kerbal engineer at some point so this would all be defined automatically! The beauty of KLV is that it allows you to add launch vehicles in a modular fashion, for example - Create your payload vessel (1t) Attach 'My Little Transfer Stage' that has 'payload 1t "LKO to Munar Intercept"' New vessel mass = 10t, so click Update Suggestions Attach 'My Big First Stage' that has 'payload 10t to "LKO"' Launch and Profit (crash into the sea) I might think about setting up launch configs in a 'START to END' fashion (ie Launchpad to LKO; LKO to Munar intercept), but I want to keep the process as streamlined as possible. I hope that all makes sense, it's not too easy trying to write out launch configurations! Thanks for the enthusiasm!
  5. Update v0.1.5 - Saving and loading mod settings from config Window positions and font size now persistent Still need to track down why the staging sometimes doesn't load correctly
  6. Release 0.1.4 - Selecting a suggested vehicle now displays its full information in a pane to the right with a button to load the vehicle into the editor. Font size option - not yet persistent I'm thinking that in its current form KLV nearly has all the features it needs to be a useful mod, so I think I will release it soon and continue to work on more features for future updates. New info panel!
  7. Release 0.1.3 - Dropdowns now looking better and working the way they should be General tidying of the UI I've also created an example config and subassembly for those who want to try KLV out with some real data - bear in mind only the Delta IV Heavy has a subassembly, so trying to load any of the others will do nothing. Next stops: Hover tooltips for Vehicle Suggestions to display info More tidying!
  8. More updates - Launch vehicles can now have a description/notes. Useful for reminding yourself particular features of the vehicle eg. Does the upper stage deorbit after payload insertion? Does the vehicle require a particularly steep launch profile? And as requested, photos of KLV in its current form Imgur Album
  9. Updated to v0.1.1 Some minor UI tidying Vehicle editor now notifies if root part is not a decoupler - this makes sure the subassembly is easy to attach to a payload when selected, but is not compulsory. I've been sitting on this idea for a while and nearly gave up on it, but finally uploading it here and the initial positive feedback has given me new enthusiasm for the project! Thank you!
  10. Download fixed. If there's one (of many) thing I don't understand, it's how to use GitHub.
  11. Kerbal Launch Vehicles My motivation for creating this mod? As much as I enjoy creating entire vessels from scratch for every mission, it feels a little silly. In real life, space agencies use a relatively small number of launch vehicles (often with variations) to deliver a wide variety of payloads to their destinations. Think of SpaceX's Falcon 9 (and soon Falcon Heavy!), the Delta rocket family and the Ariane program. The important part of this is that any particular launch vehicle essentially has the capability to lift a certain mass of payload to a certain orbit - for example the Falcon 9 in its current state can deliver up to 22.8t to Low Earth Orbit or up to 8.3t to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. I liked the idea of being able to create a payload for a mission and then, with a single click, attach to it a launch vehicle capable of delivering it to its destination. That's what KLV aims to do. What does the mod do? KLV is a small mod which has three interfaces: KSC window which allows you to manage your vehicle families and launch destinations (Low Kerbin Orbit, Munar Intercept etc.). It also has a settings tab. Editor vehicle window which allows you to name you vehicle, add it to a family and define the payload masses it can deliver to different destinations. Editor suggestion window which keeps track of the mass of your current craft and makes suggestions of what launch vehicles you have in your catalog that are capable of delivering it to orbit, ordered by launch mass. Development Fix staging not loading correctly when adding launch vehicle into editor Possible Ideas Automatically calculate payload capacity based on delta-v (would like to integrate with Mechjeb / Kerbal Engineer to do this) More in-depth realism system for maintaining and upgrading launch vehicles. Possibly discounts or science bonuses for continued use of the same launch family? Some mechanism for decommissioning old launch systems? Contracts - Expand vehicle family contracts? Upgrade existing launch vehicle contracts? Decommission old vehicle contracts? Known Issues Launch vehicle's staging sometimes not loading correctly - this appears to be an issue with the stock subassembly loader, needs more investigation. This currently a working prototype to see whether the idea was workable and useful. After getting it to this stage I immediately added it to my current install because it made completing similar contracts and building modular space stations so much quicker! I also really like the realism it adds and how it allows you to maintain and expand you launch fleet as the game progresses. This is my first attempt at a KSP mod so any (within reason) suggestions or criticism is very welcome, but please bear in mind this is WIP. The possible ideas section is just things coming out of my brain as I think them - they are probably beyond the scope of what I'm doing here and may not end up in the final mod. Source and Download - This is a work in progress, so I cannot guarantee that it won't mess up your install. Please make sure your saves are backed up before using KLV. Updates currently change a lot in the mod, so new versions are unlikely to work with old config files etc. License Development Log Imgur Album