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  1. I really don't know whats wrong with my computer, but there's a high possibility of bent cpu socket pins being the problem, even though i bent them back. It was stupid of me to remove the cpu.
  2. why a zip folder? My mtherboard is done fore, so there will be no module added by me anytime soon!
  3. *explosion in background* "No officer."
  4. that is a beautiful name!
  5. Phase 2: Chapter 3: Research and Development and Rescue Krussian Leader Vladimir Kerman watched as the rocket being assembled by the crude equipment. He now regretted not putting more money into the space program. "What shall ve name this beauty?" one officer asked. "Because of Its mission I think Sacrifice vould be a good name." A voice came over the loudspeakers, "Please stand clear to avoid the radioactive exhaust." Werhner Von Kerman sat with the other scientists in the R and D building to suggest ways to experiment with the new element. "we can't add moar boosters, so I don't see any other way to test it!" one scientist said. Another replied, "I have been thinking about it's energy output and i may have a way to make a thermoelectric generator which could power things when the suns rays are too weak in the outer solar system." "Interesting," Von Kerman replied," we have been having that problem with our Ion probes." But the Scientist was working out a new theory that my be the real reason the Krussians needed it. "Well, now that we have it out of it's casing, Lets get to work! The stealth squad finally located the facility where Karl was being held since they only had time to take parts from the KSC, they used modified decouplers to blow open a doors lock. The Krussians had BD Armory on their side however, so the team was vastly outgunned, with only a few sepatrons as rockets. the particular base they were in was not heavily guarded, however, because the Krussians did not have space plane tech and probably expected an in-air drop. Alex had no problem locating the room where Karl was held. There were two guards guarding the door. Jeanne simply fired on the door and both guards poofed. the door blasted apart and Blake went in to get Karl. Karl was in bad shape and Alex scolded Jeanne for just blowing things up. Everyone else, however, praised her for her ingenious idea to blow everything up. Blake signaled his men, who he stationed outside to warn of danger to regroup with them at the entrance. but no return signal came. then they heard the telltale sound of jet engines and feared the worst.
  6. I think i understand. I have been thinking of ways to add that. thank you for giving me lots of ideas!
  7. can i just say i like the idea of this thread!
  8. I have just written my first story what do you think?
  9. Phase 1: Chapter 2: Infiltration (Sorry for the different font sizes then the first one.) Karl was awoken by the guards coming in again. He didn't know how much more he could take. They sure wanted to know where he sent the stuff. they even promised him a nice house overlooking a blue lake along with the torture. "No," he thought. "it must be dangerous, why would they insulate it so much? I cant let it hurt Jeanne." "Prepare for titanfall," Alex whispered to himself. Of course, there were no titans, but they were about to be dropped out of the spaceplane Espionage. "I've never doubted Werhner before, but these look like trash cans with jet engines attached," Blake said. Some of his soldiers laughed. Jebediah, the pilot said, "Werhner prides himself in achieving his goal with the absolute minimum." Alex came over their earpieces, "Alright get into your drop pods I have all the satellites and stealth drones primed. Us here at HQ wish you luck." There were only 5 people directly helping with the mission. Blake and his 3 stealth troops, Val, George and Monty. And the soldier Jeanne. She insisted on coming even though she had no special stealth training. Reyes was confident in her abilities. Then there was the crew organizing return missions, Alex getting aerial views, and the scientists who would assess any new data. When everyone was in there pods Jeb gave the final 20 second countdown. 3.... 2.... 1.... WHOOSH. the pods shot out of the bottom of the ship. as the pods reentered the atmosphere, the extra scrap came off the sides, giving the appearance of a meteor to the enemies. once they were only 10 kilometers from the surface, small chutes opened up for a few seconds to get it to subsonic speeds. now the jet engines, simply Junos, activated and the chutes were detached. The pods maneuvered into a forest and landed. The crew stepped out, disoriented but wary. They began to prime their gear. Alex told the whole facility, "Mission is underway"
  10. This is my first post on the fan works section so this may be unprofessional or whatever, i encourage anyone to give their opinions on this series (if it becomes a series.) I dont really feel like taking screenshots so sorry, but that my change. Phase 1: Chapter 1: Element B-238 Karl sat lying in wait in the shadows, watching the "Konstruction workers" drill at the new site. He new what they were doing, he picked up the energy signatures, the comms chatter. What he didn't know was what was giving off the energy and why they needed it. Suddenly he heard shouting, and someone pointed in his direction. "Dammit," he whispered Alex sat at his desk, going through papers."My desk at THE octogon," He thought. Finally here. No more bullies, no more inefficient school system, no more slow processing times. At only 14, he was truly a prodigy. He would have gone to prison for doing what he did, but the government saw promise in him and put him in charge of the whole worlds communication. Even though we was a stereotypical mad scientist, he would keep the information secret.. "They made me do it," he told the police. "I'm sick of people believing strength matters anymore. I have created strength out of Science!." He looked down at his hand, a perfect combination of metal and organics. as always his photo receptors analyzed everything around him. The floor was made of marble with a fibrous covering. His hand was comprised of simple organic tissue and a special alloy he designed himself. Again he asked himself "Why would you not fully transform yourself, it would be logical." He replied "Fear is a powerful motivator, I look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Those bullies still knew I was me, but much stronger, the fear in their eys was beautiful." He was interrupted by his phone ringing. as soon as he picked it up he heard a familiar voice frantically saying "The return drone is headed back, be prepared to receive it and contain a volatile substance, I found it." He hung up. Alex quickly activated his sub dermal comms device and said "Call a meeting." we need everyone. Every leader in the government sat around the table, in the center of the table there was a hunk of what looked like a shiny rock in a heavily insulated chamber. Werhner said "I definitely see its potential for power generation." Weapons expert Carol said, "Krussia may have found a way to release all its energy at once, making a bomb." Alex said "Those would be the only concerning reasons i could think of with the information we have at the moment. Commander Reyes said " I suggest we get Karl back as soon as possible. He was a good soldier, but i think the Krussians and their unorthodox ways of torture may break him." The Supreme Kerbal asked, "is there any way his equipment could tie him to our country?." "No," replied covert ops leader Blake. "What about this.... rock. What is it?" the Supreme Kerbal asked, pointing to the box in the middle of the table. "That," Werhner said heroically, "is a new element." Gasps and wows could be heard from everyone else. "The drone was captured in Blue Bay, so we have designated it Blutonium 238. Tests will be continuing.
  11. well thanks everyone! Ill play FTL or something while KSP is doing its thing.
  12. in a sandbox save i have tried to regain a control of a rover using Mun relays, they are simple, a cubic strut, a 1/6 solar array, and a relay antenna. However, they are not working in that there is no relay signal, i am suspecting thy need some form of probe core as well, is this the case?
  13. i have found that delta V decreases when i add more than one Nerv, i i guess it's a choice in between crap burn times and slightly above average delta V without building a huge rocket. also any tips on designing a NERV powered interplanetary shipwould be welcome.
  14. remember when that person said that this tread wouldn't last? well it did! HAHAHAHA!
  15. the twitch is better than the spider in every way, why would anyone use it?