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  1. Hello
  2. A bad one, i know but it's my first orbit in Real Solar system - Realism Overhaul - Realistic progression zero in early career (day 3). only first row of science unlocked.
  3. At this time, i'm almost ready to succeed the reddit w30*2017 challenge in hard mode - launch a ship from Kerbin, land on Eve, mine Ore, take off and bring 300 Ore to Gilly. Still struggling to bring the ship from Kerbin orbit to Eve orbit (in one launch)
  4. The enormous number of batteries is just enough to handle all dishes during the night time! The amount of planning let you spare a lot of time in definitive!
  5. Hello, here's my submission, a semi synchronous relay constellation around Kerbin targeting all celestials in the Kerbol system. Mission report and details here:
  6. Today i almost landed on Moho with my refueler tanker
  7. I'm not sure about the rules of this sub, Am i allowed to post a link to my website ? I ve written an extensive mission report about the deployment of a base on Moho. If yes, here is the article ( split in 5 parts) if no, well, let me know and remove it!
  8. From my point of view; movements, travelling, sync point with music.