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  1. You are comparing your I5-2410M(obile!) CPU to an AMD Phenom Desktop CPU. Most Intel Mobile CPU's are indeed dual core, the desktop variants like linked by Harry Rhodan are quadcores. here is the comparison between the two, it's not really a wonder that the AMD Desktop cpu beats Intels Mobile 2410M http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-2410M-vs-AMD-Phenom-II-X4-965
  2. When I wanted to upgrade for KSP I looked thoroughly into the thread below, a Ryzen 7 has recently been benchmarked there. And it's doing great compared to earlier AMD's processors
  3. Jettisoning schmelta-V gauge
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGNjboDtIeg Please help me get it out of my head! ahhhhhhh, this helpes, thank you...
  5. Wow, awesome thread!! great work Raging Sandwich!
  6. Me in my space rocket suit
  7. Giving my broken down Spacebus (UHJK docking incident ) a push back home
  8. *Make coffee, the NSA will be at the front door in a few minutes... *Ask them why on Earth they selected my Biome to land crash on... *Ask them to move over there rocket, I can't get to my bike... *Tell them that if they wanted to plant a flag, I'd charge em for it... *Call Scott Manley to fix their rocket... *Drive em to all Biomes... *Ask them If they'd rather have Porkjet Parts... *Tell them there basically is not much to do on this planet... *Undock their Rover and take it for a spin...
  9. "docking ludicrous amounts of mods" followed by "get snacks, this will take a few orbits"
  10. Whohoo! I found one! So, I just finished up building an science Mun Lander with some contract stuff and was getting ready to shoot up Bob up to the Mun, when a challenge came along to find a Green Monolith. Never new the existance of them, nor been further then an Mun Fly-by (taking it easy in my first career), but this was a good reason to further up my game. Put some extra seats on the lander and shot Bob up to meet with my LKO station to pick up Jeb and go for Minmus Monolith hunting. Since Minmus has lower Delta-V requirements for descent and ascent I thought it would be easier to take the hunt there instead of the Mun. A second launch brought up a transfer stage which would bring the lander to Minmus which could also be left behind and serve as an 'big ol fuel tank' in Minmus SOI. About half way to Minmus another idea caught my mind, making the challenge a real saga (at least for me), and another visit to the VAB was needed. Bob and Jeb finally arrived in polar orbit of Minmus and with spamming the 'refresh' button I found an anomaly within a few orbits. Having trouble with creating a good marker for it I had to 'hop' a few spots till I got about one kilometer from something on the other side of the hill. And there it was! Meanwhile there were another 3 launches, off to Minmus, because what was even better to bring a Kerbal or 2 to the Monolith, why not bring all! my Kerbals to the Monolith, and so it happend Just 2 mishaps, When trying to dock one of my spacebusses to the fuel tank in Minmus SOI I knocked of the (only) solar pannel, so it had to pick a ride with the Mun Lander and fuel tank, threw the Mun's SOI where it was undocked and contiunued it's way to Kerbin. The Mun lander circulized and fulfilled it's contracts, with another whole bunch of 'worlds firsts' Ah yeah, and the other mishap... 2 Kerbal said 'pooffhhh' on Minmus, they were moarned for 2 whole days... (and since the space busses where not really intended to land on other planets, it was a good excersise in low gravity EVA's, since non of the 25 Kerbals thought of bringing a ladder...) Some pictures of the voyage
  11. Before I bought KSP I was strolling the forum and saw some real cool looking rovers, I would have loved to have the old cockpits
  12. Just one word comes to my mind, WOW! I really enjoyed watching your Saga. Thank you so much for sharing this, I haven't been playing KSP for long and I've learned so much from watching this. Mission planning, Orbital manouvres, planetary encounters. modular building. It has it all! Amazing I've docked without RCS before, but you've made it look easy enough for me to replicate!
  13. Don't forget to grab te science on the way out