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  1. At least you don't get a damn 20 second commercial before you can watch a video on your newssite
  2. I wasn't playing back then, 1.2.2 is my first reentry craft was just an MK1 + 1 or 2 inline crew cabins.
  3. You're probably right, but after the first flipping round and nose dive and explosion I took the 'better safe than sorry' approach, and it served me well since.
  4. Slap a heatshield on top of the MK1 capsule and just dive in nose first, that's how I did most tourist contracts early career with a Mk1 pod and 1 or 2 crew cabins behind that. A bit more drag on the way up, but no issues coming down.
  5. That's how I think about it to really. how much gain is there for the money spent? have you thought about just replacing mainboard so it'll fit in a smaller package, throw in another 8GB and upgrade the graphicscard to a 1060 (or second hand 970?) You'd be up and running within 500 bucks (maybe find a second hand 4690K/4790K?) Especially if you don't intend to go wild with a 4k monitor and will just be streaming it to a Chromebook (what resolution is that anyway? And if 4K, will you really be seeing a difference on a small screen?) I'd say it would be a overkill. definatelly drewling material, but that pricetag makes it an absolute nono for me... (And it does not fit another of my criteria 'can my 2 year old daughter 'stand on it' without breaking' )
  6. Is he? I really didn't get that from Tidus's post, I think he put the finger on the soar spot with the botom quote here I read that as the monetary question. I don't think it will sell as much as KSP 1 and tend to agree that IF there will be a KSP2, it would be at least a decade away. Off course there will be people that would instantly buy a KSP2 right now because they think KSP1 is lacking in some way, but I also think that there is a much larger group that is perfectly fine where 'they are at' and enjoy what KSP has to offer right now. There has to be added value for a sequel to sell. Fixing bugs, a few QOL fixes, more realistic atmosphere, getting a better burn indicator, etc. may attract some, but will it sell in hugre numbers again? It sounds a bit corny, but 'there's a mod for that' (mostly) I tend to think it wouldn't, the mods we have now do a lot of 'fixing', a lot of 'making KSP great'. Not to mention that a new KSP would probably would need a MOD scene to be rebuilt from the ground up. I also see a lot of reluctance by players to even update to new versions of KSP, even if it has major updates and bug fixes. Because they are fine where they are at, with the mods they play, and updating breaks that. How big would the demand for a KSP2 be?
  7. A triple star challenge? Get an unexperienced Kerbal (or more) to Maybe accompany the challenge with a few tips to get there could be usefull?
  8. I'm ashamed to say I had to look it up, it sure looks like it
  9. Could be, but it could also be HL3 without a storyline
  10. Interesting thread to read. I do however feel that bringing KSP to its knees by using three 800 part vessels within physics range is far from ideal of testing and drawing conclusions on what CPU to get. Maybe for very few people this could be the case, but for the very most it's not. It is stated that the use case is 'huge part count' but even then I would not draw conclusion from it. A few weeks ago I tested performance for my self with an I7-4790K@4,8Ghz running 4 cores with hypertreading, 4 cores without hypertreading and 2 cores with hypertreading. The last one did have a pretty big impact on performance. I want to share this picture from it, running 4 cores without hypertreading.which I found pretty remarkable when KSP is said not to profit much from more cores. I certainly won't get an I3 if I see this. The rest of the pics can be seen here: Use case was a big 450 part spacestation and an 200 part vessel within physics range. Heavily visually modded install running on a 4GB GTX970 and 4440x1024 resolution.
  11. I too have constant problems with graphic drivers since CU on my laptop, it's constantly breaking the ability to change brightness settings. Not even rebooting fixes it, nor deleting and reinstalling drivers. It constantly has a mind of its own. I try to hold of the update for my gaming computer for as long as I can. If you can still revert and uninstall the update, its definatelly worth a try till Microsoft patches it properly.
  12. PT's reply made me remember reading several reviews that the windows power state settings do having a big influence on performance because of 'core parking'. I too have the experience that it makes a big difference in that 'Performance mode' drastically improves performance over 'Standard mode' even on Intel. I read that AMD (or was it Microsoft?) released a specific powersettings profile for Ryzen CPU's. Could be that you've already 'been there, done that' though.
  13. I really do understand your frustration here... I also think that many don't voice there complaints because they understand that when a port is like excrements, and SQUAD losing total confidence in FTE to fix that, it tends to lead to a complete standstill untill legal matters and agreements are settled between them. That does not only frustrate communication, but even more so for the development of patching the game. And rightly so
  14. I don't speak a single word in Russian, Japanese or Spanish, I can count from 1 to 10 in Chinese though Maybe there is a hype going on somewhere, but we're not able to understand a word of it?