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  1. Today I have fulfilled this contract. There are a lot of pictures, so I hide them in the spoilers. In addition, I had some inexperienced kerbals, so I have completed the mission with 5 kerbals. In the orbit was still the old mother ship from the flight to Otho and so I had to send only a new Lander. First the landing on Eta: Then I wanted to refuel the mothership to return to Gael. I noticed that the mothership has enough thrust to land on Eta too. So I docked the lander and landed with the whole thing. After the refueling it went back home. I became brave and tried to try the same on Ceti. It's worked out. Then the same on Iota. Finally, I then hit an orbit around Gael. Now I just have to land the lander again on Gael to meet the contract. But parachutes are missing and so I have sent a small probe with Crewcabins and parachutes. Then I dared to descend. It was a little hot, so I helped with the engines to reduce the speed.
  2. The proposal with unpaid research is also excellent, I had not even thought of that. This is probably the building that I almost never visit. A plane to visit all biomes of Laythe without ISRU could be possible. Since you want to fly slowly I would not suggest the Panther or Whiplash. You have big wings, you need not much thrust, high range and high ISP? - Juno engine? It also saves a lot of weight. As a wing I can recommend one with an integrated tank like the Big-S Delta Wing or the FAT-455 Aeroplane Main Wing. The wings should also have an angle of incidence of about 5 degrees. It is important that the Prograde marker shows as far as possible in the direction of flight, so that the body of the aircraft has little air resistance but the aircraft can generate lift. I hope you understand what i mean. I had a SSTO on Laythe with Rapiers. After some bioms, I always returned to the mothership, refueled and land again until I had all biomes. That would also be a possibility. However, I had difficulties to get out of the water, which always cost a lot of fuel. Sometimes it was better to land on a beach, drive into the water, do the investigations and then go back to shore and start from there. In any case, you should bring a good reaction wheel to get the nose out of the water, because the low speed the winglets are not yet working well. You can also have an RCR thruster at the bottom of the nose. And go at the end into the water if you do not have so much fuel anymore. Then the plane is lighter. I now have a really strong desire to build a plane for Laythe myself.
  3. I admit it. At some point, I "cheated" (shame on me) and used the Processing Lab. That took me too long. 10 % are really hard and I used 20% for funds reward etc. Asteroids to fill the rest would be possible, as Cunjo Carl has already mentioned, but do you really want to do this? That would take a long time.
  4. @JadeOfMaar. I can not do anything about it, I have to go there. I can not resist it, it is too tempting - I want to see it. Who of you had the idea to put a hot Jupiter there? Thank God, he has not (yet?) a moon that would give me sleepless nights. With the relatively low dV requirements to return, however, it would maybe be possible to land on a moon if the orbit would not be too low and the orbit retrograde. In addition, the moon should not be too big. Then it might maybe possible to land there. @MaxL_1023 and @Urses. The whole mods I save for later. I want to have fun for a long time. To date, I have no idea how they all work - BDB-TAC-USI and how they all are called. Also, my 9 year old PC can not perform more. But the plans for a new one are already in work. (Was not there something of higher resolutions for the planets too?) @CatastrophicFailure. This is an excellent suggestion, thank you.
  5. I feel quite a bit sorry for the both. At least they are two and I have thought of sending a girl and a boy. Perhaps they can use the many time meaningfully. bowchickawowow
  6. This is really an interesting story. The idea to use a biomhopper on Duna is really good. Nice that you did not give up as Steam made the update. I would not have the patience to collect money at only 10% .
  7. I sent two poor dogs to Grannus. The LVN were intended for the ejection maneuver. I was not stingy and sent them for over 5800 m/s. That saves a lot of flight time. Now they have more than 30000 m/s dV in the ion engines. It should last 22 years until the influence of the red point is reached. The point of greatest approximation should be reached after over 37 years of flight time. Optimistic estimates assume less than 90 years of flight time. I put Maneuver Nodes at the CiroPE and simulated an orbit for Gael. That would have to be around 6600 m/s dV I will need to come back home. This is much less than I thought. Here you can see the loop of which I had talked about. Similar to the Apollo flight plan. Normally everything should go. I just may not fly by too close at Grannus.
  8. Here are 40126 m/s dV on the launchpad. The two Kerbals start a mission from which they maybe never return. The rocket puts the two poor dogs in their fire chair. For far too long, the scientists are guessing about what's it all about with this red point. They made calculations to determine the distance and came to the realization that no known technology exists to send a remote-controlled probe there. No antenna as large as possible would be able to bridge such an enormous distance. The only way they saw was a kerbaled mission. And so two dumb idiots brave volunteers were chosen to fly there. Although it has been possible to calculate the required range of a rocket to get there, how the two will come back home but they have to find out for themselves. From home, they can not expect any support because they can not communicate with each other. The only thing the engineers could do is give them a rocket with great reserves. The engineers gave them one with an impressive 36111 m/s dV available. So they took the maneuver and flew into the unknown. It should last 22 years until the influence of the red point is reached. The scientists have also calculated that the point of greatest approximation should be reached after over 37 years of flight time. Whether the space ship is able to withstand the enormous heat is uncertain, so the dumb idiots brave volunteers themselves should adjust the flight path at this time. Optimistic estimates assume less than 90 years of flight time.
  9. I'll do it for sure. @ all My crew has returned from Gauss today. They were on the "road" for 27 years. A mothership with lander, a Tarsiss SSTO, Catulluslander, Catullus Spaceplane, two Relays and a Survey probe. I had never had such an effort. There was a lot of data for this. I collected 440 records. They have brought 25652 science points, at 30%. Here are 2 pictures Pick up the crew with the CrewSSTO Science Reward Here is a link to the corresponding entry. finally at home Now I need a break. 5 or 10 minutes, not more.
  10. Today, my mission to the planet Gauss from the GPP has come to an end. finally at home The crew and the data were collected.
  11. Home at last. 27 years are on the clock. But first we must burn an orbit. 2400 m/s should cost that. I am getting an AP of 15.000km. At the AP I equal the inclination and brake at the PE of 75km to get an AP of 500 km. Then I increase the PE to 200km. Now I can pick up the crew. They will be picked up with that thing. Just before docking. Docked. I'll take the records first. 420 are automatically accepted, but some data is duplicated. These 20 data sets are collected by external employment. Everything is on board, the crew and the data. The shuttle docks and prepares everything for the descent. First I lower the orbit to 75km. Re-entry into the atmosphere. Landing approach. Finally. All have returned home safely. This will definitely be a great party. The evaluation follows: 440 records were brought along and have 25652.1 science points inserted at 30% Science Reward. Geofdas Kerman received 71XP. Desler, Sigmin and Leby Kerman each 65 XP. Valentina has received 64 XP. For Bill there were 100 Xp and Matdo Kerman, who is for the very first time on Gael, has received 89 XP. The mothership and the lander remain in orbit and are replaced by improved versions after the fuel has been transfered. My conclusion: The most complicated mission to a planet system I had so far. At the beginning, I did not think that each body would need its own landing vehicle. Maybe I could have used the Spaceplane from Catulluss for Tarsiss, but I only later came to the crazy idea with a Spaceplane to land at Catullus. If I had not mentioned it yet. All vehicles were built with stock parts and here is the difficulty setting: I hope that the reading has made some fun even if it was perhaps a litte bit objectively written, I am just a typical German. Best wishes
  12. @OhioBob and @CatastrophicFailure, You are right. I played a little bit and just put a maneuver by eye. Now I am only 22 years to the PE of Grannus indicated, that sounds much better. What do you think of the idea of a retrograde FlyBy maneuver to save dV? Have done something like the Apollo missions. What was the name of it? Free return trajectory? Looks like an 8. I just have to try it out! @CSE Holy mother. So much effort I will not make. Trial and error must suffice. Damn it. I just went out of likes.
  13. I've already played with the idea of visiting Grannus. The dV requirements for a kerbaled flyby and return to Gael do not seem insuperable - 3700 dV Ejection burn. But the TransferWindowPlanner tells me a journey time of more than 450 years. This takes to much time for me. How can that be with you only 46 years? Do you fly so much faster with a scale of 6.4? Greetings
  14. Hello @Steeeeve, It now follows a description how you can change the Skybox. I assume that you use version 1.2.2 of the game. First, download the version v.2.5.4 of the TextureReplacer. Here the corresponding link: TextureReplacer v2.5.4. Unzip the zip file and copy the "TextureReplacer" folder to the GameData folder of the main program. Then download the desired Skybox from the link as well. Here is the link for the NASA / ESA Foreign Eagle Skybox. Skybox. This zip file must also be unpacked. In this file there are 6 dds files which are copied to the "Default" folder of GameData / TextureReplacer. That's all. You should already notice it in the main menu of the game whether it has worked. Here is a picture of how the GameData folder should look. Greetings
  15. Hello @Steeeeve, the Skybox ist the NASA/ESA Foreign Eagle Skybox from JadeOfMar. Here is a link to the corresponding post. Skybox You Need to install the TextureReplacer from this Topic: TextureReplacer but for 1.2.2 you need RangeMachine's unofficial release. I am not currently at my own PC. When I'm back home,in about 10 hours, I can write a little guide for you, if you like.