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  1. Damn it. And again he has me on the hook. So the next goal is called: Grannus Orbit and back with ISRU - and a new fence. You're driving me crazy
  2. I only play with the stock parts (My PC is too weak for even more mods). I unfortunately had no other option than to try so. Also, I found it interesting to figure out the maneuvers. I have not did the math but I do not believe that it is possible to come to Grannus and burn an orbit with ISRU. But your Lag Generator sounds very interesting - is there a picture somewhere? @ all The Hox Mission has returned to Gael - here is the link: Hox Return
  3. After 23 years and 390 days, Sigmin, Dudkin, Mirise and Desler Kerman are back from their trip to Hox. They initiate the braking maneuver, equal the inclination and wait at an orbit of 500km to be picked. They are picked up by Jeb with the crew shuttle. The crew and 255 records are stowed, then they are undocking and it goes home. This time, the mothership and the lander remains alone. There are currently no upcoming missions scheduled for this ship. Re-entry into the atmosphere. This time I could reduce the speed early enough. For this I come a bit obliquely to the runway. Oddly, however, Jeb was able to land everything in one piece. I could bring 17611,8 science points with me. Everyone in the crew received 68 XP.
  4. @JadeOfMaar Irradiation, an excellent idea. So I did it then also: Today is an important day. Preparations are under strict secrecy. No one knows why Bill has built this device and is pulling the Grannus ship through the area. He sets it before the astronaut complex and quickly hurried away again. A little later, he arrives with a fence and places it. Then it will be evening. The place is brightly lit and there are even more strange things before the entrance. Slowly you can see a small group of kerbals who have positioned themselves in front of the ship. Reverently JeB, Bill, Bob and Valentina are standing here to honor Lagerlenna and Obfrey. Jeb seizes the word: We are here today to honor these two Gaelnauts. They are both a radiant example for us all. This memorial is to remind us forever of their courage and determination to dare a journey into the unknown. Never before has anyone dared to travel to the borders of the Cirosystem and not to know whether a homecoming would be possible. The only comrades with whom I would ever deny the venture of a space flight were to this day Bill, Bob and Valentina. Today, two more have been added, Lagerlenna and Obfry Kerman. With you both I would land on Ciro if it were possible.
  5. The Grannus Flyby ship has now returned home. Here is the link: Grannus Return and a picture: Conclusion: Originally, I had assumed that the mission would take 90 years. Then I found out that one can reduce the flight time by cleverly planned maneuvers. Thus the entire mission could be carried out in only 37 years. Here is a brief summary of the entire maneuvers: Start towards Grannus: approx. 6000 m/s Correction for lowering PE at Grannus 68 m/s Correction in the middle of the flight by 7.1 m/s Accelerated at Grannus SOI for 5100 m/s Accelerated at Grannus PE for 4844 m/s to get Intecept with Gauss Correction at Gauss SOI for 2.3 m/s to reach low PE at Gauss. Correction at SOI Catullus for 390 m/s to reach PE at Gauss of 430km Braking maneuver after Gauss PE for 11814 m/s to get Gael Intercept. Brake maneuver at Gael for 4919 m/s to reach orbit of 500 km. I have a total of 33000 m/s dV needed. This is however substantially cheaper if one takes the long flight time in the purchase. It is certainly possible to stay below 10000 m/s dV.
  6. The Grannus Flyby ship has now reached the sphere of influence of Gauss. The current flight time is 33 years and 395 days. I easily correct the course so as not to enter the atmosphere of Catullus. The first object that the crew gets to see after such a long journey - it almost feels as if they were at home. After I leave the area of influence of Catullus I brake for 390m/s and reach a Gauss PE of 430km. At 14898 m/s, the ship raced past Gauss. After that, I ignite the main brake maneuver to get an intercept with Gael. I have to brake for 11814 m/s dV - over 2 hours of burning time. Now I need patience because I can only burn a little more than 4 minutes until the batteries are empty. Somehow I have done it and the PE at Gael is just under 100 km. Still two years and 315 days, then the two will be back home. Time jump. Obfry and Lagerlenna have entered a stable orbit around Gael. The last brake maneuver cost 4919 m/s dV and there are only 2919 m/s left. At the beginning of the mission 30141 m/s dV were available for the ion engines. Now they are waiting at a 500km orbit to be picked up. I quickly assemble a probe with parachutes and a claw and start into space. Shortly thereafter, she docked. I want to land and keep the Grannus ship, so I built a kind of lander for it. Everything works well and nothing gets too hot since I've reduced the speed enough. The parachutes open and I will land near the GSC. I undock the lander and the Grannus ship stays on the spot. Maybe I will later build some sort of forklift to move it and make a memorial. And here are the coveted data from Grannus. Obfry and Lagerlenna get 27 XP. Greetings Edit: @Plane Crazy Welcome to the forum
  7. Thank you very much. Before this Lander I have always put some garbage together - main thing it works. But as I have seen here in the forum the many beautiful things I wanted to have something like that. It does not look like it, but it can land on Tylo and return to orbit. Your wish should be fulfilled. Here you will find a detailed description of the mothership and also some pictures of the launch. Launch of the mothership Back to work: Today there is an update to my Flyby probe. She has refueled and is now on the way to Icarus. During the flyby of Icarus I do not make any maneuvers, I will wait another 5 days to reach Ciroperiapsis. Because I have incredibly good luck and can reach there for about 1740 m/s dV a encounter with Niven. My next goal. After the flyby at Niven I do not know further anymore. Tellumo and Lilli would be the next goal, but I believe the juice goes out. After I set the maneuvernode for Tellumo it becomes clearer, it is not enough. I have to make a stopover "at home" to refuel. So I'm planning a maneuver at the Ciroperiapsis for Gael and then an orbit around Iota. Arrived at Gael, I burn an orbit and have again impertinent luck to meet Iota at the AP without having to make corrections. However, I do not have much more fuel, which could be scarce. At the PE around Iota I set a maneuver to land immediatly without to burn first an orbit. After the maneuver I still have 290 m/s dV, which becomes tight. And I've got shameless luck again - incredible. 10 m before the touchdown, the fuel goes out and the probe lands with 5m/s, in one piece. After refueling, the probe flies to Tellumo. I do not have to go there yet but I can fly a swingby maneuver and come to Gratian for only 17m/s. Some 100 days later, I would like to fly a course correction to get a low Periapsis for Gratian. I want to land at Geminus and refuel, as the trip to Otho is to continue. At the same time I put the focus on Otho in map mode and notice that I am after the course correction already to 5 million km with Otho. That can not be true: first I land with the last drop on Iota and I'm lucky that I do not crash, then I get a flyby at Tellumo for just 17m/s for Gratian and now I have a total of just 4m/s to get to Otho. No joke - has really happened so. The probe has a maximum of 7549 m/s dV and now 6030 dV are still left. Most of it I needed to get from Gael to Tellumo. I still have a picture of the Gratian/Otho trajectory. Greetings
  8. This was really a nice surprise, maybe it comes again. Then I launch an airplane and fly through the sunset. That would be beautiful pictures. Ok - back to the daily business: I had to equip my Leto mother ship and refuel. I wanted to start from a high orbit but the flight time and the dV requirements were too high for me. It was supposed to last 66 years. I then went down to 350km, filled the mother ship up to the top and set a node by hand. Now I can use Oberth and invest more dV. I was able to reduce the flight time by 53 years. Here is the link to the post: Leto Departure and one pic: Greetings
  9. The mothership to Leto needs 2 more relays, so I quickly put a rocket together. My freight SSTO I could have taken too but it does not fly as great as I would like. So we take a rocket, which goes faster. The claw I have attached at the bottom of the mothership so I can catch the supply rocket. The relays I put to the usual place on the mothership. After that, I stow everything back again and dock the lander down to the mothership so I can land. Now I have to go to Iota to refuel the mothership. 3 days later, the mission is in orbit around Iota and I am looking for a landplacement with enough ore. Then I start the engines to lower the orbit ... ... and land on a beautiful spot overlooking Ciro. After refueling I am looking for a parking orbit around Gael. 80000km are reached and I get a heart attack as I open the Transfer Window Planner and let a course to Leto calculate. 66 years and 251 days and 6194 m/s dV? I decide to reduce the orbit to 350km, which lowers the dV requirements to 5574 m/s. Then I take my fuel station and refuel the mothership. Now I have 9307 m/s dV available. This effort I make because I intend to invest more dV to get faster to Leto. I would like to use the Oberth effect of Gael and have as much fuel on board as possible to get the maximum benefit. Now I plan a maneuver by hand. That looks better. For a total of 7894 m/s dV, I can reach an orbit around Leto in just 13 years and 279 days, including 1500m/s reserve. So I will do it - and incredible 53 years of flight time saved.
  10. @JadeOfMaar Do not panic - you will not get rid of me so quickly. For this I have made a picture today that will nobody imitate me so fast. I had already some flooding on Gael but that is something completely new. A funny bug. So: TAKE THAT Greetings
  11. You have my fullest sympathy with your problem but ... I still have to laugh about your report. CEO ... That's good @JadeOfMaar Ok ... I'll give up now. If I see your rover ... I have no chance. You just have to look at my rover as a comparison and there are no questions left open. Greetings
  12. Today, the Nero mission has returned to Gael, after 32 years and 180 days - 40554 Science Points. and the link... Nero Returning Greetings
  13. Today, the Nero mission has returned to Gael, after 32 years and 180 days. The mother ship is now parked in a 500km orbit around Gael and the crew is waiting to be picked up. For this I use my CrewShuttle, a SSTO. The replacement team is already on board. They are to fly to Leto. The rendezvous is proceeding according to plan. After the docking the crew is changed and the 602 records I may not forget, of course. The SSTO enters the atmosphere. Jeb, Bill, Bob and Valentina are looking forward to returning home soon. This is happening to me all the time, I have overshot the target. No matter, I still have fuel - So let us turn around and fly towards the runway. At least the landing works the first time. 40554 Science Points. I believe this is the highest value I have ever had. The team has long been at 5 stars. Jeb gets 93 in addition. Bill and Bob get 148 and Valentina 135 each. This is the end of the mission to explore the Nero system. Slowly a strange feeling comes to my mind. I realize that I only have to equip the mother ship once, because only Leto did not have a visit from Gael. Soon I will begin the last mission. Greetings
  14. I would definitely use the window to Gratian. A flyby or even an orbit? Can you keep the radio connection with Gael over this track? While the probe is on the road, you can also place some relays around Gael. By the way: Interesting report. I like the way you do one step at a time. The mod list would interest me, since I myself have not used a single partmodule and since I do not know at all.
  15. I still have some potatoes in the cellar. Maybe they can make a mash with the water and make some Moonshine ... uuum ... Argoshine. Jeb would be delighted. If it works, I can shoot a Distille to Argo.