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  1. Cool challenge, but... I think my computer is going to explode with this planet pack of TRAPPIST-1..
  2. Great! Less time for 1.3! EDIT: Also... Is very cool the UI of Mission Builder
  3. What a cool mod! I'll try out it...
  4. Those engines are so BEAUTIFUL, hope they had a lot of thrust!
  5. Well.. I crashed trying my replica and it occurred an error with imgur...
  6. Look! It has been seen by Kottabos!
  7. Yay! I'm going to update just now!
  8. Cool! Really a simple mod... But very useful! I think this is a copy of TooManyItems from Minecraft...
  9. That will change a lot this mod!
  10. Yeah... Jebediah has crashed all his SSTOS a lot of times there... And sometimes he has broken it!
  11. As Mettaton says: OHH YESSS! Finally Kerbal Foundries is on KSP 1.2!
  12. Jebediah... Oh oh... He's dead :v in Sandbox
  13. Thanks for continuing all this mods! Because they are so cool..!
  14. Well if RPM was added to KSP... It will be the BEST update EVER!!