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  1. Yeah... Jebediah has crashed all his SSTOS a lot of times there... And sometimes he has broken it!
  2. As Mettaton says: OHH YESSS! Finally Kerbal Foundries is on KSP 1.2!
  3. Jebediah... Oh oh... He's dead :v in Sandbox
  4. Thanks for continuing all this mods! Because they are so cool..!
  5. Well if RPM was added to KSP... It will be the BEST update EVER!!
  6. At least I know this exist!
  7. YES!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! YOOHOO!! But a question... Where I can get all this new features? I just had KSP 1.2.0... So where I get all this???
  8. YEAH!! The thing that most I want is GRAPHICS!! Like EVE or scatterer....
  9. I want to had better graphics! Like SVE but on stock! And raster propmonitor on stock!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!
  10. Cool!!
  11. Well technically... yes... I THINK. 2nd Quote! If you don't know this will help:
  12. Looks like a fighter yet!! Amazing! Very simple mod but cool!
  13. So... I want to make parts pack or just simply parts for KSP, but What is the best way to make mods on mac for free? That is just the thread!