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  1. That's right! They could be invisible!
  2. How can I get TextureReplacer on KSP 1.2.0 @shaw?
  3. How much people you follow?? Ah.. Hi!

  4. I name ships with the main engine, for example: a MK1 Command pod+ Hammer= Hammer Rocket! Or a SSTO: R.A.P.I.E.R SSTO! See? Easy!
  5. Had you looked at the factory of ALL the parachutes? And appears Found lying by the side of the road? For me is very strange because if you look at advanced Mode at the parts and then you put Filter by Manufacturer and search for Found lying by the side of the road it's not there! Also contracts of Found lying by the side of the road are not there! So what do you think? Is this strange? And @SQUAD why you don't put that manufacturer on there?
  6. I had a problem @Kartoffelkuchen... It just appears the parts of the Falcon 1 and don't appeared the other parts packs. Just appears the Merlin Engine, Falcon 1 S2 tank, Falcon 1 S1 booster, Falcon landing legs, Fairings, interstage and that it's. I've don't touched the folder and I downloaded the latest version... What it's wrong??
  7. How can I download this mod for KSP 1.2.0? Also how Mark Thrimm put this mod in KSP 1.2?!
  8. Well... Something I want to tell to you is that you can put the small nose cone that has not so much drag
  9. This mod is very useful for landing on bases or with a spaceplane aim to the KSC!
  11. YESSSS! I'll love KSP a lot now! But... SQUAD please also add "DarkMultiplayer" in stock KSP:
  12. Thanks!