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  1. Lighter, contain even more, more durable- that's some impressive space tech. But anyway- it's all up to modder.
  2. Also, legs do not get automaticaly added to gear action group. I spectaculary failed to find "second" docking bay- one with windows on top, like on picture in patch post. Was it even added into patch release? And yes, all 3 cargobags need rebalansing, imo. They contain more than their canisterised conterparts, but weight less.
  3. Volume limitation may be legit if there will be several sizes of workshop- maybe, in different diameters and lenghts, so workshops themthelves can be a storage space for parts, even removing requirement for external KIS storage.
  4. @Nils277 Will docking bay be available only in side-to-side version or frontal/rear versions are planned too?
  5. cck means tags for Community Category Kit, it shouldn't be changed. Yes, kanister is canister with k.
  6. Aerospace engieer student here (yea, kinda late) #3- downright nope-ish in current proportions- there is so little space for proper LFO engine, you won't have any space for combustion chamber in such position, but if at least the nozzle would stick out to throat, it would be good. #2- quite okay, but to have adequate control moments from engines they need to vector much more, than compared to #1- they are much-much closer horizontally to CoM. Also, there will be quite a bump in the floor of passage inside due to (again) combustion chambers. #1 and #4- the most legit (imo) in terms of internal arrangement and controlability- nicely spreaded out horizontally from CoM, alot of headspace for whole engine, turbopump, and even in case of #1- (small) propellant tanks.
  7. EVA-X and KIS storage wedges are missing from tech tree and editor. KIS and KAS are installed, no tech tree mods. Version- 1.3 EDIT: nwm, reinstalling US helped
  8. Okay, it seems that large recon telescope crashes the game on startup in current 1.3 version. Same log for two crashes, at part loading on compiling.
  9. @FirroSeranel Works fine for me, both for large, small and ramp.
  10. In the update you moved cfg's of life support module and canister into another folder and somehow TAC-LS don't want to cooperate with them now. It fills resoruses into crew cabin and cockpit though. Can such folderstuffing cause this? EDIT: i think- the cause of this is that now to change resource, it needs to be specifically labeled as "isTweakable = true", if part isn't using your storage templates cfg. Neither of which is true in case of said parts. Also, how to look on ASET monitor, that's behind copilot in cockpit? I simply can turn head there w\o iva viev extention mods.
  11. Holly wheels, that's a one big and avesome update, @Nils277! That's alot of stuff we can carry now. @royying nice staircar, wery clever.
  12. Again- sorry for this. Your mod is great anyway, at least just for being a great and somewhat superior alternative to stock rovers. Keep it up the way you want. Flatbeds are nice, though. Aaaaand also- IMC-2500 KIS container lacks underside/wheels attachment points, is it supposed to be so?
  13. Okay, thanks. Sorry for bothering.
  14. Compared to stock Lab, it's Science Converter stats look okay, maybe scienceMultiplier can be just brought even more down, to 2 ot even 1, making mobile lab a really inefficient converter, but still- converter. IMO, having overnerfed, inefficient lab, that can crunch some data at site is anyway better than not having one at all. About exp management- removing it is fair- it's just a lab, not a classroom.
  15. This change feels kinda odd. Can you elaborate in why did you remove science converter? Since i think that it is the only one major reason for science lab to exist at all.