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  1. When you're in flight, pause the game, click settings, and scroll down to flightUI Elements and you'll see two options to control the size and position of the navball. You'll want to play around with those to your liking.
  2. Oh no, it works. I've done it numerous times with no glitches or explosions. If it didn't work right I wouldn't recommend it. No idea why but even at 0.0x time warp KIS will allow you to tack on parts to other parts hassle free. Or at least it works with Time Control - you could do it with Better Time Warp too, but I hear that's glitchier at 0x warp. Maybe even Kraken inducing.
  3. All right then, let me know how that goes.
  4. Hmm... now that you mention it, I think you might be able to just get your kerbal to stand on the landing gear and that way you can reach both the fuel tank and your power receiver and attach it just fine. That depends on the gear of course, as it needs to be the kind of gear to have a flat vertical surface where it attaches to the ship. If it doesn't have that, you might as well use the Time Control jetpack solution.
  5. You say you have a science lab on this vessel, correct? If so, you should be able to grab on to the very bottom of that one. If you have that between the part and where you want the part it'll help tremendously. If not, you can still use the jetpack to have your kerbal hover in the midpoint, but in order for him to be useful up there you need the Time Control mod to freeze the physics timestep, allowing you to attach parts to your ship while floating several meters above Ike's surface. This is, of course, the most Kerbal way to attach parts to a ship I can think of. I highly recommend against attempting that stunt without Time Control. It's possible in theory, but you get a fraction of a second to do it properly without it. I've tested this and the game doesn't glitch out or throw a Kraken attack if you attach parts to a ship with frozen physics.
  6. Oh I see. Well, a good way to increase the effective range of a kerbal is to move halfway between the part you need to manipulate and the location it needs to be moved to. In theory a part can be moved twice as far as your kerbal's actual range this way. You will need to put a ladder between the part and it's destination to keep the kerbal in place. If you don't have a ladder you might be able to stand on top of the vessel carrying the crane, assuming you parked it in the right place. If all else fails you can just go in the config and increase the range from 3 meters to, say, 3.5 meters. I personally have it set to 30 meters for the increased freedom to tack parts together in orbit, and because 3 meters is frustratingly tiny.
  7. Can you post a screenshot of the craft and what you're trying to accomplish? I might be able to help if I can see what's wrong with your vessel and what you're trying to carry.
  8. You might want to give your kerbals some parts from RoverDude's Konstruction mod - namely the grabbers and such. They dramatically improve the individual lift capacity of nearby kerbals, as well as their range, so you can move multi-ton part stacks the same way you move any other KIS part with these nearby, and not have to worry about controlling the cranes unless you use them to move parts over large distances.
  9. Is that cloud texture final or do you have a better idea in mind?
  10. I see. Well I don't consider it cheaty when used on simple parts like containers, especially when you use a size you already unlocked, but I can't force you to use it. However, unless this mod eventually gets a 3.75m container your only option is an MM config or Tweakscale. There are mods that add their own large KIS containers, but the aesthetic is usually completely different. I've seen huge containers in Lack Luster Labs, for example, but they're boxes...
  11. Are you using TweakScale? I'm fairly certain the containers are compatible with it, and would increase their space as they were scaled up.
  12. Probably the same thing that happens when you crash into the sun.
  13. If Stock Visual Enhancements uses/is compatible with Environmental Visual Enhancements - which this mod is bundled with - then it should be.
  14. There is already a mod that does exactly what you're looking for, albeit tuned to stockalike sizes. It's mostly a Kopernicus config with visual enhancements and some planets with a custom plugin for the black hole's visuals. You can look through the configs to see how the author goes about this. However, since you're tuning your mod to Real Solar System, you're black hole needs to match the range of real world supermassive black holes. Interstellar's Gargantua is around the size of most supermassive black holes at 100 million solar masses (1.98*1038 kilograms). I calculated the diameter and got, well, a ridiculous number at 156843367301735344213639569... somethings. No idea if that's in meters or kilometers, I'll have to ask around. If you want realism, that's how big and heavy your black hole needs to be. It also needs to be an absurd distance away, for obvious reasons. You could put it at the center of the galaxy, at 25,000 light years away, but then you have Sagittarius A* - the Milky Way black hole - not Gargantua... But I'll leave that up to you. Oh, and you need to re-parent kerbol The Sun to that monstrosity, for even more realism. There is at least one mod that does just that, but with it's own parent - namely Galactic Neighborhood. I have no idea how KSP would handle such a beast... it may or may not crash upon attempting to load it in the tracking station. You'll have to ask someone else for help with getting it to co-operate with RSS though, especially if you re-parent RSS. I suggest making it orbit the stock system at your preferred distance when testing it and then re-parent the sun to it when everything's finalized.
  15. Should be, given that it's only visual enhancements. The mod will probably work fine without it, but there's no guarantee the black hole will look presentable.