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  1. I found that the default values were in ModuleManager.Physics and ModuleManager.ConfigCache. I deleted these files and relaunched KSP with the last version of MM (2.7.5), and now the problem has gone. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you for your reply! Yes, you're right, the default value for machConvectionFactor is exactly 1.72, but I'm talking about the value found in debug menu - Physics - Thermal (though I don't know whether these two are the same or not). You can see my menu data on the screenshot: And if they are the same coefficients and my installation is indeed corrupt, where should I place this config file and how should I name it?
  3. Hello, I found that for RO mod Deadly Reentry completely destroy my probe in high atmosphere (>70 km) even under very "light" conditions: LEO reentry, 700kg mass (1.0m diameter), LEO heat shield 1.5m. In ksp 1.1.3 all was OK with these settings. I managed to safely re-enter the atmosphere only lowering convection factor down to 3.5 (against 7.0 by default in 7.5 version). But I need to decrease this factor every time I load my game, which is annoying. Where can I change the default value of this factor? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, @ikeel_u, I had the same issue, but it works fine with MFI 1.2.2 (which is inside of RSS installation archive).