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  1. At least it's better that than the mod not working. That would have been bad
  2. I can't really tell you why it happens, but on the first page it tells you how to fix that problem. I know it works around Kerbin but I haven't tried it around the Mun yet.
  3. Are you using the correct version of Kopernicus? You can find it on the first page.
  4. It's a thing orbiting The All. In a future update of KSS, you will be able to find out what it is by exploring it. Right now, the KSS team working on setting up the whole backstory for KSS, and I can guarantee you it will be great
  5. The team is full, sorry but you can always still look for bugs
  6. That is correct. The Mun has a trace atmosphere about 10 km high
  7. We have a few flying sciencedefs on the Mun
  8. Probably cheating
  9. I love these clips This is the first video with a new change clearly in it, based on my analysis. I wonder who will guess what it is first?
  10. It's actually 0.7 Unfortunately, 0.7 is not completely done, so many of the things we hope to get in are still debatable whether they'll make the next update. We are starting to get a basic list together, however. A bunch of new planets in moons (some starsystems will be improved, others added, keeping a close eye on some of the less interesting stars is my advice) I should add that many of these planets are those which have not been observed in previous versions, so they'll definitely add some hype when released to the public. There will also be improvements to existing planets and moons (mostly slight changes, but when noticed they make things look better in my opinion) A (very) basic storyline (through the addition of various things ) A bunch of bugfixes (as always ) Improvements on the visuals (should consume less RAM) Hopefully a few surprises that the KSS team is sure you guys will enjoy That's the basic list of what's expected for when 0.7 rolls out, meaning that 0.7 might be one of the biggest updates in KSS so far.
  11. Sometimes it won't show up for me when I'm right over the star, and it continues to not show up until you get close to the star. It should also be taken into consideration that Kelin (Blalo's star) orbits Kirb every 20ish years, so you'd have to take into account the movement of the stars.
  12. A lot. New planets is a good starter for now
  13. I don't know if I would recommend using Kerbalism for KSS. It isn't very compatible, and because there's no compatibility it won't work right, especially around other stars.
  14. I just installed KSS with both the visuals and that's what it looks like. It's that simple. As far as FPS goes, I just try to stay in orbit when using the clouds. EVE really takes a toll on my framerate.
  15. Well in the mod files there is an option for Tropical Laythe, which is the one I used in those screenshots. The command pod is from this mod: