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  1. Thanks and some of the screenshots (Alvarise, for example) was just me testing using Hyperedit. Most of those screenshots were from me doing a (mostly) legitimate career, and I ended up stumbling on something pretty and I said "hey, that's pretty neat" and took a screenshot that I felt looked good. In the end, I filtered through all my screenshots and picked out the ones that I felt were the best. Here's a couple that didn't make the cut, for example:
  2. I don't know my FPS spcifically when EVE is installed, but it's gotta be no more than 20. What I just do is keep EVE when I'm not attempting getting close to a planet, and to conserve RAM I remove EVE and restart the game when I'm gonna be doing long-term land missions
  3. I've noticed that my game performance plummets with the EVE settings, sadly, but the 10 minute load is normal due to the large amount of planets in the mod
  4. Guess what time it is?! No, not that time. It's time for round 2 of my data dumps of screenshots from KSS! Woo! Strap yourselves in because here we go! Once again, special thanks to @StarCrusher96 for KSS!
  5. If GPP is installed and the player is patient enough, a new star system is created around a star Kiro, surrounded by all the GPP planets
  6. Is this when you're in the KSC screen? That's an issue with Kopernicus
  7. Gotta love these new biomes Biomes { Biome { name = Peak value = 1 color = #a4917b } Biome { name = Potatoe value = 1 color = #70584b } }
  8. Still fun to watch
  9. Lithobraking is the best kind of braking!
  10. Which warp drive are you using? Alcubierre (which is what I'm seeing in your screenshots) doesn't take more than a few hours
  11. I have done the same
  12. Holy cow that's a lot of mods...
  13. This is a great idea for KSS. I've been considering the idea of roleplaying a space program. I would also like to apply for the unmanned fleet of ships
  14. I believe StarCrusher already has plans for the Kerbin texture
  15. You can get along with 8 Gb RAM, but it would be laggy. The recommended amount is at leas 16 Gb.