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  1. If you don't, your boosters and core will burn out simultaneously, so you basically have a single stage.
  2. Carry a payload to LKO, you may only use 3 Skipper engines. Max payload wins. There are 2 (3) Categories: -Asparagus -Non asparagus (-Delta V Heavy Style: Non-asparagus and modular, wich means the boosters and core-stage are identical and you have to throttle down the core engine during ascend to save fuel.) This main goal of this challenge is to determine how beneficial asparagus staging actually is. For this reason, please try to participate in both categories asparagus and non-asparagus. pictures would be great, but simple stats are ok as well: -Launch mass -Payload mass (must be seperated from the core-stage) -Booster configuration I'll do ny entry tomorrow.
  3. What texture pack(s) is he using, especially for the parts?
  4. Sodium bromate? NaBrO (It's bad because it's actually NaBrO3)
  5. Most recently I started using MechJeb and It feels like cheating.
  6. 90 degrees to prograde? That's the same as radial out. Are you sure?
  7. It happened to Scott Manly and it happened to me a lot: The mk1 and mk2 cockpits burn up during reentry. Nothing seems to help. Maybe you can help by analyzing Scotts accident. It happened at 7:20
  8. this doesn't help you keep your altitude
  9. Remove the plane's range, or make range categories like 100 km, 1000km, 10000km
  10. There's a little circle left of the IVA-screens that toggles internal view.
  11. Meet Planie Mc Planeface Mark 2! It's an 48 passenger aircraft that looks like a stubby jumbo. I removed the droptanks, removed fuel and put 4 more Wings on. Now it's stable! It's cruising speed is 185 m/s at 9500m, 230m/s at 7000m. It manages to hold that speed and height without any control input (but with SAS). Top speed (only achieved on a dive) was 364 m/s. It can land on water without damage, but it can't take off from water. Min takeoff- and landing speed is 60 m/s. It's Max Distance is pretty high. Im sure it could circumnavigate kerbin but my longest flight was just about 800 km (it still had 3/4 of the fuel it started with and I tried some stunts on that flight) 364+(800(could do much better)/10)+(48*5)*1+(2/2)) + 110 = 1239
  12. I'll redo this and try to get more than 300 Points this time! I honestly are that bad with planes.
  13. Well, I tried. Category: Heavy (48 Passengers) Scoring: 120+(2/10)+(4*5)*1+(2/2))-20 = 121,2 That's a positive score, not too bad considering that my plane barely flew at all. The challenge isn't that old so do I have a chance to get on the leaderboard? I thought no one would care for the heavy category too much.
  14. @tater @sal_vager Expansion? *facepalm* I've clearly been living under a rock, I didn't know there's an expansion coming. Edit: Forget everything I said. That's exactly what I want.
  15. @sal_vager @tater I really like the game how it is, I just fear to loose interest as soon as I've done everything. What's wrong with progression? Small changes here and there to improve the overall experience: more goals, better graphics and so on. Of corse, from a modders point of view, he doesn't want the game to be updated because he might have to work on his mod. stock game first! The more mods become redundant, the better. That's my opinion.