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  1. Bring it on!
  2. I totally get you. I have a similar mission in preparation, it's going to explore the whole Jool system from a mothership in Vall orbit. Here's a Tipp: Installing Hyperedit and testing parts in a "simulation" is totally fine, it's actually highly recommended. Do this to check if your landers work and your EC consumption is ok. Make plans what to test and if a test was succesful, go with it (don't try to improve too much, that will only cost you a lot of time)
  3. I can't stop Want some Industrial Metal? Ok, didn't like it? How about
  4. Are you planning on Would German be one of those languages? I'd be happy helping to translate this game into my native language. It troubles me that often I only know terms in English, it'd be fun to find adequate expressions in German so I don't have to mix up languages when talking about KSP with my friends.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Please have a quick look around in the forums (guidelines, rules, check if your challenge is actually new) before posting. Thank you. The original name of this challenge is and it's still active.
  6. Actually, Jeb and Bill worked out a plan to hook Val and Bob up. They sent them both on a Jool 5 Mission. Unfortunately, Bob didn't get any hints and did nothing but science all the time. After that, Val didn't have a crush on Bob anymore.
  7. Kreitergrecka
  8. "A black hole is like a hand guillotine in the game of Rock Paper Scissors." - Me on this thread.
  9. you have the HG-5 high gain antenna, put that on a probe core and you have a Communication Satellite! What makes you think you haven't got the tech to make a Network?
  10. Unfortunately, we're not able to measure dynamic pressure. You should be able to move faster the higher up you are in the atmosphere. My suggestion: Divide your velocity by the ambient pressure in bar, so when the pressure bisects, you can move at twice the velocity.
  11. Do you know what happens when you get close to that one? I just watched 2001 a space Odyssey. There should be a mod for that, and this creepy choir sounds when you get close to any other monolith.
  12. kerblind
  13. Rescue them. And accept more rescue Missions, this way you'll get new employees for free.
  14. Please... Only germans will get the whole joke.
  15. Is that a moon or a thermonuclear explosion?