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  1. If you don't like to use Kerbnet to search for the anomalies, SCANsat is the way to go. Simply make a biome-map of the mun and you'll find all the anomalies.
  2. I'm speechless. The fact that you think you taught her a lesson, the fact you think you've acted correctly is disturbing. Even worse, you posted about it here as if it was a "funny, interesting thing that happened to your life today". Besides: What do you think would have happened if you had hit her? Do you think the police would have patted your shoulder for having done everything right? It is not on you to teach people lessons, especially not in a way that puts them in danger. People like you shouldn't be allowed to drive.
  3. Interesting idea. I'm curious if it's possible.
  4. For me, it's basically the same. I'm just younger, have no own kids and am studying instead of working. And ahh, yes: I'm german. Some people on the forums are not from Germany though. Some are from the US, I think @cratercracker is Russian (not sure), and I also read someone's post that was from Japan. Also, I have the suspicion some of the devs are Mexican .
  5. Land on the Mun without being on a stable orbit ever! (E.g. launching straight up until you have an impact with the Mun)
  6. Could you give a little more details on the problem, maybe a screenshot from the VAB? I don't understand what you were doing exactly.
  7. Imgur just isn't reliable. The eccentricity isn't exactly zero to prevent Ap and Pe markers from flickering.
  8. Welder Goggles
  9. Banned for sounding like a 3 dimensional shape made of Kerbals.
  10. messed up that
  11. 10/10 a kerbal with questionable sanity is the best.
  12. the
  13. You're right. It's part of the reason I'm sticking to good ol rocketry.
  14. When do you plan to do that stream? You're really putting a lot of effort in this challenge, I can't wait to see the result.
  15. "Germans!"