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  1. This is a pretty good tutorial on how to get to Gilly. If you really want to land on Eve, I built an Ascent Vehicle wich is pretty easy to land and Ascent with. It's pretty heavy though and it only gets your Kerbals to Low Eve Orbit, not all the way home. Get the easy to fly Eve vehicle here!
  2. @marcushouse very nice, you make this look so easy. I guess, with raw delta v, anything can be done. It's heartwarming to see that you guys like the challenge so much, you even participate multiple times. I'm going to do it again too.
  3. Big thanks to @cratercracker for making the artwork above. The challenge sounds very simple: Save Burbarry Kerman, who is stranded in an orbit around the sun. "What kind of Orbit?" you may ask ... Well, it's nothing fancy: An orbit between Kerbin and Eve, nearly circular, at 180 degrees inclination. Just sign this contract and off you go! See here, how he got there: Don't worry, you don't need the Goliath to get into a retrosolar orbit, you can do it the smart way with gravity assists (I highly recommend a boosted Jool-Assist), But ADDING MOAR BOOSTERS will still be required. To be precise, you should add a whole lot of moar boosters. I tried it myself and managed to rendezvous with him (see my attempt below), but I didn't manage to return him Edit: I did and I'm super proud of myself right now. All balanced mods are allowed. Balanced means that engine configs (TWR and ISP) are stockalike as well as the dry mass - wet mass ratios of fuel tanks. If you want to take on the cost-record, you have to do it with stock parts only. Who recovers Burbarry (without turning on "ignore heat" of course) will be showered with everlasting fame and glory and will get an awesome badge! Get the Savefile here: Or: launch a manned (and inoperable) vessel, open the debug menu, go to set orbit and insert this: Now Save and Recover Burbarry! As always, show what you did with pictures, videos, mission report (mission report alone doesn't count). My attempt with a basic tutorial on how to get into a retrosolar orbit the "kind of smart way" will be found in my next post. The scoring system: There are 2 types od awards to win here: Records and non-record prizes. Records can be beaten while the non-record prizes are given to those who come up first with some crazy/innovative/kerbal ideas, so once you have them, you keep them. Badge: Category I "I tried, but something's wrong" - You set up a close approach with Burbarry. Attempting a rendezvous, you discovered the relative velocity is about 20 km/s. @Aetharan, except he knew excactly what he was doing. Category II "Well, it didn't quite work out" - You managed to actually rendezvous with Burbarry, but have no clue on how to get him home. Hall of Fame: Category III "I can't believe, I just did this!" - You managed to recover Burbarry safely on Kerbin @Cpt Kerbalkrunch made the 1st entry without using any nuclear- or ion engines. To make this possible, he used Jool-assists to lower his delta-v requirements. The reentry was close to maximum reentry velocities. He gets the Grumpy Cat prize. @ManEatingApe did it the brute-force way. using nuclear- and Ion stages, he was able to keep mission time, launch mass and cost surprisingly low. "Rearview mirrow" prize. @ManEatingApe made a second, completely different entry to take the cost-record. The mission took literally millennia, good thing Pilots don't get payed per working-hour. Cost record (16.917), "Who's Jesus?" prize, Longest mission Time (2.3 millennia) @Aetharan This time-optimized mission took over 50km/s of delta v packed into a 27.5 Mt monstrosity. Time record (159d, 2h, 31min), Heaviest LV (27.5 kt), "Do it as the crow flies" prize(1) @MarvinKitFox built an ultra light ion spacecraft to get the job done. The mission took over 36 years and didn't involve any complicated gravity assists. @Clancy Did it with a very lightweight and cheap rocket wich still had enough delta v for a brute-force attempt. lowest launch mass (57,6 t) @jonny went for the lowest delta-v expenature and did quite a lot of gravity assists (around 30). The light and cheap rocket that didn't use any nuclear- or ion witchcraft had to use only a fraction of the delta-v all the other entries took so far. All these advantages came at a prize of a good century of mission time. Lowest delta-v expenditure (5219 m/s from LKO), Black belt in gravity assists @marcushouse completed the mission and made it into a video on his channel. Definitely check that out here! Not only did he only use low-tec parts, he also had a crew-capacity of 3 on his vessel. Lowest Tech Level @marcushouse did it a second time too! Because his second try was a completely new approach and not just am improvement of his first one, he also appears twice on the leaderboard. This time around he choose to do a brute-force-attempt with a lot of nuclear stages and even an ion stage. Have Fun and don't be shy to also share your failed attempts. (1) I'm sure crows would fly like that, If they could fly in space with tens of thousands of m/s of Delta v
  4. I found some really nice and easy ways of docking I wanted to share. Since my time today is limited, I'm not going to finishing this post right away, I'll do further editing of the OP to include more methods. Everyone is welcome to share theirs, if they're better explained than mine or new I'll include them with a reference to the author. 1. My absultely favorite method I can't believe I haven't thought of earlier. Really, I just discovered this method very recently and I hit my forehead onto the table for not thinking of it earlier. Dependencies: (- having completed the rendezvous maneuver successfully (this tutorial is just on docking)) - Torque wheels on both vessels - Control over both vessels (all SAS features on both vessels) - propulsion on one vessel (not necessarily RCS) 1.: get the two vessels close together (less than 100 Meters should be fine) and cancel out relative velocity as precise as possible (0.1 m/s might be too much). To do this, switch to target mode, point retrograde and burn (very gently) until your velocity-indicator reads 0.0 m/s. If you're not close enough to your target, get closer first. 2. tell SAS to point towards the target. Make sure RCS is disabled while the ship turns to prevent any change in relative velocity. It needs to stay zero. 3. switch to the other vessel using the "/" button. 4. repeat step 2 with the other vessel. 5. Throttle up very gently on any of the two vessels until you move towards the target at 0,5 to 1 m/s. If your relative velocity was zeroed out sufficiently and the distance between them wasn't too big, they will dock. this method works surprisingly well, even with very big and sluggish vehicles.
  5. Luke Skywalker - obviously.
  6. If you don't get, why this is stupid, look up what a Reuben's tube is actually supposed to do. I'm a big Slayer fan and yes, I have done this myself once (this is another video, we didn't record it)
  7. Hands down, where have you not been in KSP so far? I made a list which I'm going to work through. I've never been to (landed on) - Gilly - Ike - Dres - Laythe - Bob - Pol - Eeloo Why? I dunno, I was just shocked when I realized how long the list still is.
  8. This is why I'm hyped for the new update, we can build a new Apollo applications type of Rocket
  9. Wow, I'm super excited about this new feature! I can already think of lots of uses for this, e.g. building a S1-D from the Saturn v applications programs As you can see, the 4 outer F1 engines can be dropped early while the center F1 continues propelling the rocket all the way to Orbit. Those 4 engines could then potentially be recovered. We need hollow colliders to make such a thing. Please add hollow colliders to all decouplers, it's such a great feature.
  10. Build a plane using only a single wing.
  11. make the first stage bigger, maybe 3 or 4 FL-T400 tanks. you don't need that kind of acceleration.
  12. I used the craft for the weekly challenge
  13. Hi fellows! I'd like to share a project I've been working on for a while now. I'd also like to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. The Vehicle is called "EAV4" (Eve Ascent Vehicle for 4 Kerbals). Mods with parts: - Kerbal Engineer Redux - Mech Jeb - Build with Ven Stock Revamp installed, but only stock parts are used, so it should work without the mod) It's pure stock now. Craft File (just the spacecraft) All in one Craft to launch from Kerbin It's goals -in decreasing order- are: - reliability (aerodynamic stabilizers and heatshield seperate cleanly, it doesn't wake the kraken) - ease of use (it's always stable both on reenty and ascent, has a reasonable margin of error and lands on parashutes only) - simplicity (no need of being refueled on the surface, reasonable staging setup, low part count Edit ) - versatillity (it should be able to ascent from anywhere on EVE) - mass-efficiency - low tech level (the aerospike engines and the inflatable heat shield are the highest-tec parts) Had to dump that one - elegance (that's a matter of opinion, I find it rather beatiful) Here is a demonstration of it's capabillities. It's designed to be propulsively captured by a transfer stage and then aerobrake into a circular EVE- Orbit. That's why it has the poodle stage on top. There's a probe core facing the other direction for doing that.
  14. My entry. as promised, I did it on Eve. For this mission, it makes much more sense to land the vehicle first and then ascent from Eve instead of doing it the other way around. My vehicle is especially designed to be easy to fly. This challenge was perfect to prove that. You can get the craft-file here, If you want to have a go wit it. Full album:
  15. I always thought it was a piece of dust on my Monitor
  16. Hi fellows. I really like the mod. I just added it (with the configs provided here) as well as Scatterer to a fresh KSP install and I'm very pleased with the result. However. I just landed on the planet Eve, plunged through the beautiful clouds and suddenly: it's dark. Way too dark and for some reason, the darkness doesn't apply to everything. Fairings are still illuminated and the ground seems to be illuminated, but only in the distance. Is there a way to make i brighter on Eve's surface, maybe with different configurations? I read they the brightness on Venus' surface is comparable to the brightness on Earth's surface, so I think this should apply in the Kerbol System as well.
  17. I'm going to demonstrate how easy my new Eve Ascent Vehicle is to fly by doing this challenge on Eve! Instead of landing afterwards, I'm going to land it in advance.
  18. I suck the atmosphere away with the Mega Maid.
  19. The craft has been updated. It's now 20% more reliable has 10% more delta-v and is 100% stock. It's now absolutely stable on reentry (no but- or be careful here and there, simply drop it through the atmosphere!) due to its new octagonal star stabilizer. Mass increased marginally and highest tech parts (vector) had to be used to improve safety on liftoff (You want to have gimbal on liftoff).
  20. I'm working on a new iterartion, this time in a new stock imstall.
  21. It happens in real life too
  22. This sums up every KSP rescue mission ever:
  23. I wouldn't do it without scansat installed
  24. Your vehicle violates all criteria (except of being lightweight), but I'm properly amazed by what's possible in launch mass. Think I'll start again from scratch.
  25. I tried that, it's less stable. The grid of wings has proven to be reliable, it keeps the craft pointed retrograde, even at 10g of deceleration.