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  1. Tempting to install it in an existing game but does anyone know if this gas giant so close to Kerbin will perturb probe/ships trajectories between Eve and Kerbin?
  2. Daphne reports 1% Ore planet wide. Is this intentional? I can think of a physical reason why that's the case, but I am just wondering. In any case, is there a way on the user end to modify resource values?
  3. Q: If possible do you migrate games (missions) when (if) you update KSP versions or do you start whole new ones?
  4. Even though the Max number of persistent debris is non zero (150), debris don't stick around (yes they are in space). Once i move to another ship or go to the tracking station created debris disappear from tracking (counter is reset to 0). Happened recently as I deleted a bunch of files (old saves and ships) from the saves folder (just conjecture at this point not sure if this is related). I guess the question is how can one mess this up... thanks --
  5. same.. Moving to 1.2.2 took about a month. For 1.3 i have a separate game with interstellar... So far... this update has nothing noticeable in my opinion
  6. I only survived the 1.1.x to 1.2.x Not enough data to ascertain par(ness)
  7. unless you play only stock... don't upgrade until your mods catch up... i haven't seen so many mods fall apart so badly since "...since Olaf the Hairy, High Chief of all the Vikings, accidentally ordered eighty thousand battle helmets with the horns on the inside."
  8. With the exception of the utilitron grasper issue I have fixed my problem by updating the dll and/or putting regular struts between the joints.
  9. Hi to all... Can people confirm or deny that Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (KJR) breaks IR? I posted on this before where the joints get displaced/break at/after launch - when the work properly in the VAB? I have the KJR 3.3.1 which is current ( I've seen comments where it supposedly works with the latest KJR). Also the Utilitron grasper attaches to surfaces, but I see no option to detach it. - P.
  10. yeah... i begun hacking into the MKL_EL earlier... then I decided I don't want it that bad. It would make updates an issue unless i write a patch to do this everytime.
  11. Thanks. I ended up removing MKS. I am wondering if there are warnings/docs when a mod risks on replacing the resource chain... On the MKS side I didn't see any.
  12. Hi, I believe I have a conflict with a mod and I need some help. I believe it's MKS: USI Modular Kolonization Systems, which replaced the requirements for Orbital Construction from Rocket Parts to Material Kits/Specialized parts. What's the best way to ensure that the requirements stay with EL? Thanks. --- Edit... I just saw the message above .
  13. thanks ... will give it a try tonight... i appreciate all your good work on this... and thank you again
  14. Umm... A couple of issues with these and by the way thank you for taking the time. I do not see anything that converts NH3 to LqNH3. NH3 is of course useful as it could be used to feed it in the peroxide process and build hydrazine. But if I want to liquify NH3 and store it in a tank, that is not something that I see as feasible. Perhaps I am missing something in IFS. The behavior that I see for the Inline/Hex Refrigerator is that of an absorber (not much different than that of the scoop) that will liquify gas from an atmosphere. I do not see a functionality where if I have gas in a tank, the refrigerator will convert it to the liquid state and store it in another tank. If there is tutorial someplace, please let me know. I am not sure what part you are referring to: Universal Storage Gasifier. If it's in the mod Universal Storage - I just downloaded it and I will check it out. I can post video of how I am trying to check all this and perhaps it can illustrate it better. For disclosure purposes I am running 1.12.22 rather than 1.12.24 (or the latest). The reason is the ISRUConstructor part which at some point, I believe in between 12.12-12.14, had it's name changed in the part.cfg. Unfortunately I placed it on a ship currently on a mission and subsequent updates (after the name changed) will flag that part and would not load that ship. So I manually change the name field in part.cfg during each update which keeps the ship alive, but I could be messing something up (see below) ISRUConstructor part.cfg (blue new, red old) (I replace ISRU_Converter -> SmallISRUConstructor which allows the ship to load). PART { name = ISRU_Converter module = Part author = EvilGeorge mesh = small-isru.mu PART { name = SmallISRUConstructor module = Part author = EvilGeorge mesh = small-isru.mu