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  1. I've been playing for a while now only to realize that I must be missing something in the iSRU gameplay. Focusing on the Haber process, it seems to me that I can't use LqH2 and LqN2 to produce LqNH3. I can do it with their gas phases which will produce NH3. Either I broke something in my mods setup or this is normal and the wiki is outdated. If the latter how do I convert NH3 stored in a gas tank to a LqNH3?
  2. do you happen to know the name of that file? and what happens if i remove it.
  3. I see. Can duplicate definitions be ignored rather than trigger errors? I see some duplicate definitions in tanks for example that are ignored by the mods that find them.
  4. Not sure if there a prefered way for sharing logs here. If I just need to cut and paste here, I will do so... otherwise the KSP.log can be downloaded from here:http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/mY7zOKbH/file.html Log captures a new game startup and ends in this scene here:
  5. ok.. thanks.. i'll post it later tonight. i'll have to remove the user name that shows up in some directory searches when the game loads.
  6. good to know and i will look for them.. but could that explain what i am seeing? In regards to the log files, i am not sure what the due process is here... Do you require the entire log - from launching the game to engaging the UI for the sep experiments or just the time stamps that pertain to the latter?
  7. Thank you, i appreciate it. I am going relaunch the game and scene to capture the SEP deployment events. I did check the logs a few seconds ago and I got messages like: [WRN 00:23:19.992] [R&D]: No Experiment definition found with id SEP_Retroreflector_Basic [WRN 00:23:19.992] [R&D]: No Experiment definition found with id SEP_Retroreflector_Detailed [WRN 00:23:19.992] [R&D]: No Experiment definition found with id SEP_Retroreflector_Exhaustive but I'll post all the time stamps for any clues. I was trying to be a minimalist for the sake of the video, but I have attached to the SEP power unit the girder with the SEP solar panels or a RTG -- or connected the SEP power unit to the a base (including a pathfinder one) to provide external power ( I can post some pics I guess).The SEP seems that it's powered alright... it's just that the experiments connected to it are not.
  8. First of all thank you. At 2:44 the scientist did hit calibrate but did not change the status (still remain inactive). Start all experiments from the the sep power unit does nothing. A clean install of the game and progressively adding mods would probably id the problem, unfortunately i do not have that much time. My best guess is probably Pathfinder conflicts but not easy to test this on an on going game. I'll see if the logs can help DMagic.. if he is willing to help.
  9. The video, as promised above. Experiment stays inactive. Some mod might be conflicting.... i don't know.
  10. Perhaps it's premature at this point to post this on my end, but this is not working for me, even though i am doing - at least I think I am - everything by the book. I use the engineer to attach the power station to the ground using the wrench, connect the solar panels and connect/link to an experiment (any experiment) using that screwdriver. Then a scientist rolls in and tries to activate the experiments after it turns on the power station (which has enough electric charge). To no avail though.. the experiment remains inactive. I have just reinstalled SEP 2.1.4 with KAS 0.6.2 and KIS 1.4.3 and I am retesting to produce some videos to post - in the hopes that someone will notice something not obvious to me.
  11. The mod has awesome detail but I would have preferred it if it was possible to be added to an existing game. Unfortunately the new system is too close to Kerbol and once you drop it there all existing craft orbits are significantly perturbed by the nearby gravity potential. in that respect, where can one change the distance from kerbol for the his BH system? -
  12. Recycle Bin has no controlling UI (turning it off or on). What could I be missing that can cause this? ps 1. I just copied the GameData directory from the release. Not sure if the Source is needed.