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  1. Have you tried Interstellar Exteneded. That's what I'm using for my interstellar planets mod. Or, I could try developing some high ISP parts.
  2. Relax, The uranus mission will follow after the 7th mars rover. My point? Working on a fuel tank mod too. Takes a lot of time to work on 3 mods, observe exoplanet transits, and develop a warp drive mod for minecraft. I started work on Rooe' s rings yesterday. Was going to test it today, but the chicken coop burned down ( for real, and the yard and the trees almost went with it).
  3. I've been busy. This week was final exam week, and I still have one more final coming up for my Litterature class. I haven't worked much on both mods that are in alpha. I apologize for the delay. I will release Rooe and 0.3 by the end of this month.
  4. Sure, but I got to release everything. I have only added in one star and one planet under this mod, and it is hard to work on two mods at once. I should have everything out this June.
  5. @ProtoJeb21, thank you for fixing and upgrading Hydros and Vetrum. I will release the fixed version as soon as I adjust the ocean and re-implement Valeon. Rooe will be released soon (it is a gas-giant).
  6. the plugin only works for windows. I use macs.
  7. @ProtoJeb21 If you get them to to work, email them to montycampbell039@gmail.com. I will include your name in the license with proper credit for resolving the Ringed Kraken Bug.
  8. did you identify the problem?
  9. I may have a video of that. Though, I imagine that poor Ribbles may not taste very good.
  10. uh oh. . . I got Krakenized again by Hydros. The pretty map that AR3S_TGL made turned into a nasty series of blue and white rings, then turned black, leaving a view of Kirus underneath it! SO scary! And the atmosphere did very little to slow the ship down in time, so I splashed into a dark red looking ocean and three brave Kerbals were killed : (. I'm working on the problem. Salutes to Ribbles Kerman, commander of the Hydros Express! If I can't fix the problem, I may have to remove the maps for Hydros and generate some maps with PQS. The maps won't look as cool as the Space Engine version @AR3S_TGL mad, but they won't eat your ship!!!! May also apply to Vetrum. Stay away from these worlds please!
  11. Any ideas for moons. And please no suggestions saying, "Death star moon Mimas", or "Fourth Moon of Yavin", or any other Star Wars related suggestion. If you like Star Wars mods, please do not try to impose Star Wars aspects on non-Star Wars mods. In the future, I may consider making a dedicated Star Wars Mod, with Star Wars planets and maybe a hyperdrive part.
  12. Star wars mods may come in the future, but this mod is about exoplanets, not the star wars galaxy.
  13. Right now, Proximae Kerbis orbits around Kerbol, but I will make a central black hole that all stars will orbit around. Also, I may make it so that Kerbol and the other stars, and the intermediate mass black hole, are part of a Globular Star Cluster. This would mean making all the stars red giants or red dwarfs, but I could add in a few sun-like stars on distant orbits.
  14. Here is the star, Proximae Kerbis, and its Kerbin Like planet, Dramitis. Dramatis has no ocean, but it has water pockets beneath its crust, and the green stuff is either planet life or solid Joolium.
  15. If anybody hasn't checked out my Exoplanet mod, which is under development right now, the thread is here: