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  1. Version 0.4 is out. Rooe has two new moons, Elrond and Galadriel. Mithrandir still changes from shiny to drab when you get really close ( it is still a problem ). Luune, a small, distant gas-giant is now out. It has one Moon: Manwe. Here are some Pics: http://imgur.com/a/95l2c http://imgur.com/a/Ocrqu http://imgur.com/a/m4lvv The mod should be out on Curse in a few hours. Note that I removed Valeon, because even though the config file is working, KSP won't allow maneuvering in orbit. All the new objects were made in SpaceEngine.
  2. Hello You may remember me from the development of the Heidon Mod, which added in 3 gas giants and many moons. Now, my team of modders will begin working on a new planetary system that will completely replace the stock KSP system with a variety of worlds. I have just begun work on the mod, and have no pics to share at the current time. Please leave any comments if you have any suggestions; we will gladly listen to your ideas, and they may even be implemented into the mod. - UranianBLue
  3. that's a render bug unique to Jakis, the color map keeps showing up like tylo, no matter what I do.
  4. It's a KSP mechanism that lets you code up your planet's surface using random seeds and various functions. Then, using Kittopia, you export the planet textures and incorporate those into the Scaled Space. Take a look at Mithrandir's code.
  5. The level 1 runway in the new version is pretty bumpy. So bumpy that I can't even take off without the plane crashing.
  6. I draw the gas-giant textures in GIMP and generate the moon textures using PQS.
  7. you bet!
  8. version 0.3 is out. Rooe and Mithrandir are awesome!
  9. There's a moon in the planet Cyran pack that's alot like what your describing.
  10. Yes, this is beyond Eeloo. The trip is difficult, but the view of a giant disco ball is worth seeing!
  11. I finally got Rooe working the way I want it too!!! Here are some pics of Rooe and the innermost moon, Mithrandir!! SHINY!!!!!!!!
  12. I apologize for the delays of 0.3, but your time of happiness is almost here. I have finally got Rooe to work the way I want it to, and the moons (3 moons) will be implemented in the next week. I will release some pics later today.
  13. But, on the night side of Jakis, it can get very cold. I am going to reduce its rotation by a lot in the 0.3 update. I remember when I first tried landing on Mevron. It's a lot like landing on Tylo or Slate from OPM. Also, Mevron isn't supposed to be as dense as solid iron. Remember, it's based off Miranda and was thought to have been obliterated then reformed.
  14. Also, do you have it out for the Minecraft Xbox One edition? I can't use my command block wardrive on console edition.
  15. you can do all of the warp drive stuff with the /clone command and the /tp command in minecraft with a command block.