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  1. I have decided to change the thrust thing but not the wing one. Please read rules
  2. I play console so pictures might not happen but I'll submit the stats and overall score. Update: I built a service bay lander with a five kerbal capacity no wings engines or control surfaces, and I landed at the VAB (if you were wondering it lands on the open bay door and pops right back up again until it stops)
  3. oh yes of course, (changes the rules) of course you can. As long as the periapsis is 100km or above you can do whatever you want. (as long as it follows the rules)
  4. Update: My revised challenge is out with a leaderboard and a scoring system, the whole shibang! Please check it out at!
  5. Disregard This
  6. Very true, I'll take that into consideration while rebuilding this challenge. Yes I will be sure to link the new thread but not until the new one is out.
  7. I appreciate the feed back, I will end up scrapping this topic and refining a new one that should be out in 1-2 days.
  8. Thanks to both of you I will be sure to optimize this challenge so any suggestions would be expected.
  9. Thank you, I will be looking forward to that, and I expect no corners were cut on bug fixes. Because you may not be able to tell though this text I am extatic!!!
  10. After a worker from the VAB complained about having to untangle and repack all the parachutes after use, the KSC has decided to stop using parachutes and drogue chutes entirely. Some kerbals say this was an extreme, others say it is a great excuse to try out new landing techniques! Challenge Rules -Your must start in an orbit with a minimun periapsis of 100km -You are allowed to have a de-orbit booster, but it must be detached before hitting the atmosphere -The only reason you are allowed to slow down in orbit is to preform a de-orbit burn -While preforming your de-orbit burn you must be pointing fully retrograde -You may use hyperedit to cheat into orbit, but no other cheats allowed -You are allowed mods that add flight assistants -No parachutes or drogue chutes -Your craft must carry at least one kerbal -Try to include a picture or two -No mods that add parts or dramatically change aerodynamics -Glitches are allowed -Kerbal must be in a command seat or control module when contact with the ground is made -Have fun! Scoring System -You start with 500 points -For every kerbal on board you gain 10 points -For every wing, stabilizer, or control surface you lose 35 points -If you brake a part you lose 75 points -For every kerbal killed you lose 100 points -If you land at the flat grassy area by the KSC you gain 40 points -If landing is on the island with the runway you gain 50 points -For every landing gear or landing strut you lose 30 points -Your overall thrust measured in kilonewtons at sea level divided by 4 will be subtracted from your score Leaderboard 1st- @qzgy With 3145 Points! 2nd- @BogusDionysus48 With 590 Points! 3rd- @goduranus With 530 Points! If you have any questions just ask. Best Of Luck To All!
  11. I rather it take 6 months more than they first said and have no bugs than on time with tuns of them. I rather have a well-working game then a broken one sooner.
  12. I'll be looking forward to seeing it!
  13. The fact this topic exists is too much for me, period.
  14. Well... Ya that's a small plane, all I have to say.