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  1. Well... I could never do that. Conserving fuel is not my thing!
  2. I honestly don't mind the current state of the game on console and I barely run into any bugs/glitches at all. But new updates are wonderful and make me more interested in what the game has too offer. So it could take another 2-3 months and I really wouldn't care. As long as it is out by the end of the summer I don't mind the wait!
  3. That is definitely a very kerbal design and also a cool ship
  4. Either way, I get a game company can be busy but delaying a update for over a year is starting to make me wonder how long this is going to take.
  5. Here is a place for your most kerbal designs and ideas. Mods, stock, who cares. Happy building!
  6. Definitely one of the most kerbal things I have ever seen
  7. Ya SQUAD has made a whole DLC for computer, time to give console users some love
  8. Hi it's me (from early next year) just wondering if anyone has an update for the time frame. thanks
  9. Literally Every landing I have attempted on Tylo
  10. I'll have to ask him. Thanks! I play on Xbox so I can't use mods, but then again I wouldn't if I could. Sincerely Bogus,
  11. System Error Message, I have one question... Do you have any tips for sstos? Because I absolutely suck at making them. And that thing looks like a great one! Sincerely Bogus,
  12. I find the easiest way to preform a burn into orbit is to take your estimated burn time and then and divide it by two, then start your burn that answer before until that answer after. Example say my estimated burn time is 28 seconds do 28 divided by 2 that equals 14 so start your burn 14 seconds early and end when you reach your orbit, should be around 14 seconds after you reach apoapsis. No mods needed, this is how I launch all my rockets. On a different note, an Xbox controller is beautiful for ksp because you can A) dock more easily B) controlling rokets is much easier C) flying planes is not a chore. Hope I could help
  13. And if all this is done and your rocket is still unstable then just remember... rcs is infact your friend.
  14. Oh my gosh it is so adorable