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  1. Interesting I have never seen landing gear that is made out of steel like that... might have to try it
  2. I was surfing the forum a few days ago and I say this craft, it is what got me interested in building planes not only to work but to look awesome too
  3. So I have a hinge it works well not as good as others but it works it is just the plane I am having trouble with could someone post a picture of their planes hinge close up? that would be grate update when I say plane I mean the transfer between normal and VTOL mode
  4. Just built a vertical hinge so now on to horizontal!!! But still don't know how to post a photo from my camera little update. IT WORKS YAY! now to just get a picture
  5. Can you post photos from your camera? Because I can't take them with the Xbox
  6. Lol so I am not the only one
  7. Good
  8. What are the parts in the hinge I can't see them in the pics. Does this require part clipping?
  9. Ya I still can't get the hinge right
  10. Maybe I'll have to try
  11. Okay il try that
  12. Ya I have tried but I just don't know what parts to use and no you can't install craft files
  13. I have been playing ksp for about 7 months so I am not new to interplanetary travel but those charts and pages are very interesting
  14. Ya but during the hinge is the hard part because I would have to go to the map view to change craft
  15. I am happy to follow your mission, duna is my next target so it is like a tutorial!