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  1. Could you please make all beacons, no matter what the distance, communicate to each other? If the beacons are put to their intended use, namely interstellar transport (rather than cheaty interplanetary transport), the problem is that the far side has no commnet communication to the Kerbol side. Also, very large interstellar distances (such as in the Valentine system mod) make this mod glitch out and demand exorbitant (in hundreds of thousands EC) costs to activate the beacons. Could this also be fixed?
  2. Подмосковье. Ничего путного по КСП не делаю, так, играю.
  3. Is the Zubrin saltwater rocket in this mod? If not, please make one! It's the only cool nuclear engine that was never made for KSP.
  4. Why no Russian? KSP 1.3 has Russian support. I can translate mods.
  5. Here it is. The chequy fuel tanks are from USI Sounding Rockets. It's entirely possible to replace them with stacks of Oscars, and it will even hold more fuel that way, but it is long and annoying to stack the little Oscars.
  6. Today I've designed a Size 0 asparagus style rocket using the REKT escape pod as its crew module. The engines for the asparagus booster stages are OTAV engines (see, they are useful for more than just OTAV), and the final stage engine is a Spark. The rocket looks very cute but performs well, it can get to Minmus. It's also dirt cheap. When I make my Minmus base, I think I'll replace the common pod with the landertron pod and use the pod as a lander to deliver kerbals down there.
  7. After some experimenting with this mod, I've found out that the pods can be used in another capacity: they are mighty fine Size 0 (.625 m) manned command pods, Now I can build a smaller, lighter manned rocket using the Size 0 parts! In addition to that, small decoupleable stacks of Oscars and Sparks can be added to the life pods in their intended functionality to increase their range and dV reserve.
  8. Does this mod remove the necessity to use dlls and recompile mods each time for a new version? Just write a code script that is understood by any version of KSP.
  9. I NEVER omit the fuel anyway. So I don't lose anything significant by adding the puffs.
  10. It was a pain. The Tiny Tot is so tiny and can be easily transported by all kinds of motherships, but the downside is that it has not enough wingage to prevent stalling at low speeds and not enough elevonage to have much pitch authority, Landing it on uneven surfaces is FRUSTRATING. During its maiden flight, I somehow managed to land it on an island on Laythe on the first try. No such luck this time.
  11. I don't want them in the previous stage. I want them in the emergency stage. If I leave them in a previous stage, a slight miscalculation, and the ship is stranded, and I have to either launch a grappler ship with extra fuel to dock with it or use the cheat menu. If I do it my way, there's a chance to rescue the crewman. It's not called the "Get there amazingly fast drive". It's called the "Last chance drive". And when I, say, return from Minmus, a 95.2 m/s burn in the apoapsis can make all the difference between being stuck in orbit and lowering your periapsis enough to aerobrake. During interplanetary burns, 95 m/s also can make all the difference between flying by Kerbin and aerobraking when you use them in the beginning of the Hohmann transfer If I leave those 95.2 m/s in the main ship, any goddamn unplanned event can eat them up. And I'm not just talking about stuff like confusing prograde and retrograde because I'm too sleepy, or missing a key and pressing Z instead of Shift. Basic maneuver planning can go wrong as well. Miscalculating a suicide burn and having to do it twice - bye-bye some m/s. Seeing I've still got a lot of fuel in a tank and breaking orbit in the wrong direction because "I've got a nearly full tank, what can go wrong?" - bye-bye some m/s. When these m/s are in a special strongbox marked "Do not open unless you really need to", it's a whole another matter.
  12. First, if the dV of the stage with NERVs and rockomax fuel and all the jazz suffers merely by two or three m/s, and when I jettison all this stuff and leave only the command pod, the puffs, the parachute and the heatshield, I get 95.2 m/s of dV in the super-final stage, I win. Second, I think you misunderstand what the "emergency reserve of dV" means. It is not some extra dV that the ship would not otherwise have. It is dV that is not consumed during normal flight, and is only used when really needed. It is reserved for emergencies, and this is why it's called an emergency reserve. It isn't for fuel efficiency, it is for not being stranded. Even if I reduce the total dV, having a bit of dV the ship will not gobble until I tell it to is still a win. No, it's not like that. It's like having a scooter in the car on which I can ride if I run out of gas. The scooter has its own independent little gas tank, and if the car's tank runs dry, the scooter's won't.
  13. I never delete anything in the Squad directory. In fact, I never touch it at all. But I see this engine today the first time in my life. No, I could not "accidentally overlook" it, I have an interest in big planes, airships and stuff like that, and if it was in my game, I would definitely use it, rather than tweakscale normal engines to bigger sizes. That's why I thought it must be some kind of mod. Okay, let's back on topic. The Tiny Tot is on Laythe, and now I have to actually, well, cross the sea. Let's start! Oops, it appears that I forgot to pull the landing gear in. View from the cockpit. Sea, sky, clouds... Boring. Where is land? Here it is! But this round island is no way as level as the KerbNet advertised it to be. Guess I'll have to fly around and look for a landing spot... It is hard to find... This landing here is challenging as well, here I have to adjust my roll before the wheels touch the ground... Ta-da!
  14. Why I don't have it if it is still stock? Never had it in 1.1.3, don't have it in 1.3.0. The entire stock tech tree is discovered. No trace of it.
  15. OK, I get it. It's an engine that was added in an older version and later removed.