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  1. Mun? Minmus? What are you talking about? I think there is only Eve and Gilly left to explore. Is there something I didn't know about the Kerbol system?
  2. It took me a long time, but I finally came to the point where i could start my Jool 5 mission in my Caveman Evolved plus Munless Night career. I just Upgraded the R&D center and had very low funds. therefore i am going for the low cost/mass sub-challenge. KSP 1.3 Linux 64bit Mods: [x] Science! BetterTimeWarpContinued KAC KER Precise Node RCS Build Aid The vessel is a SSTO which costs 94452 and has a wet mass of 43.588t
  3. Here we go!! I Finished the Munless Night challenge with a Jool-5 mission. I never had that much fun unlocking the entire tech tree before. Usually I end up with a Science Lab on Minmus to unlock all before I go interplanetary. But the limitations make the Gameplay very rewarding and fun.
  4. It took me a week to plan, days to complete and hours to upload and comment. But I finally finished my Jool 5 mission. I installed Precise Node for the mission.
  5. Thank you very much for your effort. I want to know if you did try to reload a quicksave made on the Runway and see if there is a performance difference between the initial launch and the Quickload. For me the vessel gets to 370 m/s at sea level at the initial launch, and 330m/s if i load a quicksave on the runway. I am able to get very consistent results (373m/s or 329m/s) as long as I try to keep the altitude between 0m and 200m.
  6. I didn't know this. I uploaded the craft to dropbox 5 SSTO.craft?dl=0
  7. I specifically didn't ask for improvements to the vessel itself, as I experienced the bug with several designs and think the problem is more fundamental. My objective with this question is not to improve my Spaceplane. I want to know if the bug is present for other operating systems as well. I might consider to setup a dual boot if the bug is related to Linux or my specific system. If the bug is not present on other systems I want to know which is the "correct" performance of my Spaceplane. If the Spaceplane is capable of orbit on a not affected system I will assume the Performance direct after launch is "correct". This unfortunately means that I have to do do the Laythe testing on a other system. On the other hand, If the Spaceplane is not capable of orbit. I will consider to ask for advice how to improve my design.
  8. Hello all together, I am currently testing SSTO designs for my upcoming Jool 5 mission, and experienced a strange bug: my SSTO is capable to get to LKO. But if I revert to launch or load a quicksave, I made on the runway, it becomes impossible. I am unable to get beyond 400m/s after the quickload/revert. I created a bugreport: Unfortunately I have no Windows and don't want to spend the money on a Windows key (running Linux). In order to get my mission going I would like to know if the bug is related only to Linux or even my specific system. Can somebody please try to reproduce the bug on Windows and possibly Linux (the .craft file is attached toe the bugreport). If this bug does not appear on Windows please tell me whether the vessel is capable to get to LKO on Windows. Either way, it would be unfair, and i would see if I can hack a Windows key. Thank you very much in advance.
  9. I am not sure, but I guess it could be possible with a simple MM script, which adds the module that makes the hatch on pods work (I have no idea if there is such a module) to the docking port. I think USI MKS adds airlocks. You may want to look at the config files and code of those.
  10. Welcome to the Forums @Scorpiodude!! If you would kindly provide some more information about the original Panjamdrum. Something like pictures, or a link where to find those would help a lot.
  11. I can only encourage you to do so. It is very fun and rewarding. You really need to choose wisely which upgrade to make next. Because e.g. maneuver nodes or MOAR boosters can solve the same problem. For the Duna mission it is a whole challenge by itself.... Wikipedia gives some formula for calculating orbital periods, and KSP wiki gives you physical characteristics of the celestial bodies. And I can tell it is a great feeling to enter Duna SOI, because the calculations were right. As far as my own space program goes: I am testing and tuning for a Jool 5 mission with tight budget. I don't like to grind contracts for more , and a Eve return mission will be very expensive. Taking the recovery value into account a Spacplane is very attractive, but it have to survive spawning on the launch pad
  12. I am impressed!!! Jool 5 in a SSTO. I didn't think about a SSTO for this, but it could be a good solution, as I currently run out of but got all the needed science from Eeloo. I will see if a SSTO is less expensive than a rocket, and if I can build one for 120,000 . BTW: Here is my Eeloo mission:
  13. I thought it will be a very long mission, so I sent all three (Bill Bob and Jeb) to Eeloo. But it turned out to be a rather short trip, with 6 years and 18 days. They didn't even spent 3 hours in Eeloo orbit. here is the Album, but as always, the important steps are in the spoiler. Launch and Refueling Kerbin -> Eeloo and Eeloo landing Return
  14. I like that idea, but i wonder if one could design a plane that could flip automatically as the fuel gets depleted and CoM shifts forward backward.
  15. I really like your landers. I never considered flying without reaction wheels. as I usually have some docking involved.