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  1. Today my Kerbals deployed their new deep space telescope. The first image was so magnificent, Corski Kerman totally forgot to cut the throttle during a Mun return burn. He stranded the Kerbal training mission STS 4 , on a suborbital mun return trajectory. The 7 Kerbals on STS 4 had much luck because Bob managed to strap the Space truck on a experimental first stage for a new cargo rocket. Thanks to Bob and Jeb, all the Kerbals survived the training mission.
  2. I was thinking about the following suggestion as a mod first, but then I realized that it would have a huge impact on the "Making History" expansion because it provides the ability to organize the space program. Nevertheless, I think it should be part of the core game as it can be utilized by many Mods. I would like to see a new class or namespace (I'm not so familiar with C# yet) which provides functions to assign vessels to groups and organize those groups. The groups should provide functions to alter the behavior of their members. E.g. change "load distance" and "pack distance", alter the color of the "patched conics", prevent any interaction with the vessel (for rescue missions), hide vessel Markers,... A UI to use the groups can be implemented in the Mission builder of "Making History" and the tracking station. By the way "Tracking Station" should be called "Mission Control" To provide a competitive "role play" gameplay style these groups could be organized in a tree structure. Any specified behavior will override the behavior specified in the parent group. And those groups could keep track of Kerbals, contracts, funds,... implement commnet restrictions between groups (No science over foreign networks) I would like to know what other modders think about this suggestion and maybe you could provide more ideas to improve the suggestion.
  3. Brauch man nicht aber dann versteht dich keiner! What did I say?
  4. As the maneuver node system is a core element of KSP I think there can be some improvements: Currently the system gives very minor information about a planned maneuver there is the direction indicator on the navball which is only useful to align the vessel, but not really for planning, the dV required which again is only useful for execution of the maneuver. The only information for planning a maneuver is the resulting orbit. A very useful feature would be a dV readout for each standard direction (prograde, normal, ...) e.g. hovering with the mouse over the "radial in" handle will show the dV in "radial in" direction, like hovering with the mouse over Ap maker shows the Ap height. And there should be an visualization of the vectors in each of the standard directions. I think of arrows which scale in size depending on the dV in the particular direction. e.g. a maneuver with 30m/s "retrograde" and 60m/s "normal" creates a "retrograde" arrow and a "normal" arrow which is double the size of the retrograde one: I think this will even help beginners to understand what the maneuver system does. And it will show if you are wasting dV because you accidentally dragged the wrong handle. Of course a 5 m/s normal vector would be barely visible if the prograde vector is 1000 m/s. But this is ok because the 5 m/s normal vector would have a very small impact on the resulting orbit and dV requirement.
  5. I would say it is the capture vehicle which is on a escape trajectory: ... in order to reach the target before reentry. with some better timing this should be possible with way less dV.
  6. This is a great Suggestion. It would make flying in the atmosphere a lot easier. But there have to be a toggle to switch the SAS mode, because it would not work in vacuum. (you would pick up infinite rotation).
  7. @nuclear_turkey I like the idea of this challenge, but you should add some rules: I didn't watch your video because i have very poor Internet Connection. -is it ok to utilize glitches such as landing leg catapults or timewarp inside the atmosphere? Maybe create a extra ranking. (I really hate to see a Kerbal impacting Kerbin with 20 m/s and survive.) -do we have to capture mun Orbit? If then, you should add maximum height restrictions because a high elliptic Mun orbit can save a lot deltaV. -what about Mun landing and return? I would really like to try the challenge, but those rules have to be clear first.
  8. Hold my beer for the monopropellant one. 100% stock? maybe. Mods: Planetshine KER RCS Build Aid KAC PreciseNode The OP should give some information about those mods which don't alter physics, add parts or provide a autopilot. I will not create a new challenge, this is up to @SpacePilotMax. Or should I? I think it could be funny to choose between 2 different missions, or have an alternative if the first is reserved. However, I will wait until a decision from the OP.
  9. And here we go: I managed to land the fuel pod: The delta wings on the engine tug do a very good job adjusting the CoL as you can see below The plan is to keep the main craft as it is and change to the engine tug to fit my needs.
  10. Thank you very much. I had a hard time getting the CoM and CoL right in all configurations, but it works fine for STS 1B and STS 2A, which I already uploaded: However, I will land the fuel pod with my slightly reworked SpaceTruck v2 this evening. Reentry will be very funny, because I parked it at an orbit even higher than the Mun. Edit: I added Kerbal Alarm Clock to my mod-list.
  11. I solved the problem. Because .NET 3.5 shares many libaries with .NET 2.0 I had to install mono-reference-assemblies-2.0 and *-3.5. I'm not sure why this is not listed as a dependency of mono-reference-assemblies-3.5 but it worked just fine.
  12. I have the same version of mono intalled. just found this thread: I will try to install referenceassemblies-pcl as well, when I get home this evening.
  13. I got the reference-assemblie alrady. (Same Name, because Linux Mint includes the Ubuntu repositorys) What Version of mono do you have installed?
  14. I tested your method, compiling a empty class but got 31 errors. .csproj was generated by MonoDevelop 5.10 , and I changed the target framework version manually $ xbuild test.csproj created the following errors: while compiling the project with target framework v4.5 creates the following result:
  15. Hello, I'm new to addon development. I made my first steps using Visual Studio. But I want to move to Linux for future development, because Linux mint 18.1-KDE (Based on Ubuntu 16.04) is my main OS. I figured out, that I have to compile my addons for .NET 3.5, which is not supported by the current MonoDevelop version. I tried to install MonoDevelop 3.12 using the wheezy/snapshots/3.12.0 repository, but no success due to dependency issues. Is there any solution, or will .NET 4.5 work just fine?