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  1. And here we go: I managed to land the fuel pod: The delta wings on the engine tug do a very good job adjusting the CoL as you can see below The plan is to keep the main craft as it is and change to the engine tug to fit my needs.
  2. Thank you very much. I had a hard time getting the CoM and CoL right in all configurations, but it works fine for STS 1B and STS 2A, which I already uploaded: However, I will land the fuel pod with my slightly reworked SpaceTruck v2 this evening. Reentry will be very funny, because I parked it at an orbit even higher than the Mun. Edit: I added Kerbal Alarm Clock to my mod-list.
  3. I solved the problem. Because .NET 3.5 shares many libaries with .NET 2.0 I had to install mono-reference-assemblies-2.0 and *-3.5. I'm not sure why this is not listed as a dependency of mono-reference-assemblies-3.5 but it worked just fine.
  4. I have the same version of mono intalled. just found this thread: I will try to install referenceassemblies-pcl as well, when I get home this evening.
  5. I got the reference-assemblie alrady. (Same Name, because Linux Mint includes the Ubuntu repositorys) What Version of mono do you have installed?
  6. I tested your method, compiling a empty class but got 31 errors. .csproj was generated by MonoDevelop 5.10 , and I changed the target framework version manually $ xbuild test.csproj created the following errors: while compiling the project with target framework v4.5 creates the following result:
  7. Hello, I'm new to addon development. I made my first steps using Visual Studio. But I want to move to Linux for future development, because Linux mint 18.1-KDE (Based on Ubuntu 16.04) is my main OS. I figured out, that I have to compile my addons for .NET 3.5, which is not supported by the current MonoDevelop version. I tried to install MonoDevelop 3.12 using the wheezy/snapshots/3.12.0 repository, but no success due to dependency issues. Is there any solution, or will .NET 4.5 work just fine?
  8. I've tested this, and you're right. There are different frames of reference for given altitudes. The maneuver node will always stay in the sidereal frame of reference, but the SAS of a vessel below a specific altitude (i.g. 100 Km for Kerbin) will hold the attitude in a frame of reference which rotates with the planet (for Kerbin 360° every 6 hours) A small example: Mission time: 00:00:18; Vessel below 100 Km; Target at KSC some orbits later mission time: 02:19:20; Vessel below 100 Km; still pointing at the target at KSC Kerbin rotates 140° in 2:20:00h The same experiment above 100 Km : Mission time: 00:00:23; Vessel above 100 Km; Target at KSC some orbits later mission time: 02:10:52; Vessel above 100 Km; Vessel pointing at +37° while the target is at -90° Kerbin rotates 130° in 2:10:00h I would call the error of 3° as a bad timing for my screenshots, but the difference is obvious. note: a vessel above 100 km behave exactly same as a vessel below 100 Km if you time warp at KSC. according to and I do not think the reference frame for vessels below 100 Km is Synodic. Do not quote me about the following, as it only states how i understand the above mentioned Wikipedia articles. Some explanation about the synodic and sidereal Refrence frame: Pictures are better then words: note: the origin and the orientation of the sidereal reference frame may be completely wrong, but the point is the sidereal reference frame does not rotate in reference to our milky way, while the Synodic reference frame rotate with Kerbin around the Sun.
  9. Hallo, I just made my first post in this Forum in the Shuttle Challenge v4 so I guess it is the Perfect time to Introduce myself. I play KSP since 1.0.5 and really love how many mods there are to customize the game as I like. You made an awesome job all together, by developing the game. Currently I'm learning the basics of mod development. so I guess I will have a ton of questions.
  10. Hello all together, Meet my Space Tuck here is my attempt for the STS 1b mission: I'm not sure if this will disqualify my attempt of the challenge, but I had to leave the Space Tuck in order to save some fuel. Anyway I still had Jeb to perform the Orbital Activation. If it does disqualify my attempt I will just call the mission a Extended STS -1a. Mods: RCS Build aid Edit: I'm not sure if this is necessary but I just read the OP again and thought I should probably do a STS-1a mission as well if the STS-1b mission does not count as STS-1a + STS-1b. And here is the mission: I copied a very early shuttle from my heavily modded Career save. new Mod list: RCS Build aid Planet Shine Kerbal Engineer redux Docking Port Alignment Indicator