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  1. It does the same on the Xbox
  2. Nah more of a "I'm an idiot" issue xD
  3. Putting dollar signs is easier/shorter/quicker than typing kerbucks or whatever they're actually called
  4. I'I either on easy or normal. I can't remember I went to settings and it says I'm on normal. I've tried upgrading every single building, the highest cost being $51,000, and it says the same thing for every one, but the one I'm trying in particular to upgrade is the launch pad so I guess I'm just an idiot. I figured it out. All the numbers were just super squished together and it does say 75000 to upgrade the launch pad. I didn't see the 7 originally
  5. Ok so I'm not sure if this is a glitch or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have just over $65,000 saved up and want to upgrade my buildings. I play on Xbox One, so I click B to bring up the menu, but when I click on upgrade, it says "Not Enough Funds to upgrade Building", even though the upgrade is only $5,000. I should add that I'm fairly new to the game and am not very far into the career