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  1. I'm looking to add an alternate mode to an engine once another node is unlocked. I would also like to be know how to do this for other modules.
  2. Can you make an OPM config for the style of Sci - Fi visual Enhancements?
  3. Can you add configs in the style of Sci-fi visual enhancements?
  4. Is this compatible with Near Future Technologies?
  5. Alright. I'll see if it is. Also is this still being supported? Or is it done since kopernicus planet packs without dlls stay for ALL ETERNITY. EDIT: If it doesn't work i can just disable RevSSS's changes to Laythe.
  6. Is this compatible with RevSSS?
  7. It is (I Believe) still being developed.
  8. By doing "MechJeb" i mean MechJeb-LIKE functions. I also can't tell if you're trolling. EDIT: I am an idiot. GO ME!
  9. Right over here EDIT: Accidentally linked a YT vid
  10. Hmm... Why does the KSP wiki say pilots can do MechJeb?
  11. Question: Will this work with mods that add new kerbal classes? Mods such as "Colonists!" or "Modular Kolonizaion Systems"?
  12. Legal stuff kills...
  13. Yeah thats what i was kind of thinking
  14. I expect it to be of a size slightly larger than Kerbin. I imagine it would be far from Phoenix because getting caught in a huge SOI when you're looking to find say Abraxa might be slightly annoying... For moons, i imagine it would have one captured asteroid (No spoiler needed, because asteroid) and: EDIT: Chlorine makes up Herodotus's oceans. Just to add to the extremely toxic vibe. Also, if you add any resoures to Herodotus, make sure it is rich in uraninite. EDIT 2: Herodotus doesn't have an atmosphere on most of the planet. There is however, puffs of chlorine gas that are underground. EDIT 3: By the way, the oceans of Herodotus lie underground, and the cause of the gas pockets is that the chlorine is slowly evaporating due to the core.