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  1. Possibly been mentioned before on the previous 25 pages but... If playing the Steam version and using the standard key mappings... Do not - under any circumstances although especially when trying to get an encounter deep between planets - press shift-tab to bring up the Steam overlay and talk to friends!!
  2. Thanks - that does seem to make them stick around a lot longer. It still doesn't seem to make complete sense at least to me - after a 0.01 adjustment in Precise Node they jumped from ~120,000km to millions (i.e other side of orbit) but it does seem to be a bit more sticky than before! I still rekon if I did the burn with the massive encounter distance I'd still pass less than an orbit away but I probably don't fully understand the behaviour of the predictions as a newbie to the game. Just to clarify - the option is under graphics and not gameplay.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a mod out there to show where a planet is at a particular time on an orbit? For example if you mouse over a point in your predicted orbit after a manoeuvre node it shows where the target would be including distance and maybe (but not essential) relative velocity? The 'closest encounter' marker seems to be a bit weird. It can go from a few 100,000km to nothing (disappears) in 0.01dV in one direction but go to several million km in another. Also it won't show second encounter like a ship to ship intercept orbit does.Trying to get an encounter with Moho from Kerbin for example can be a trial and error nightmare as once those little grey triangles disappear you've no idea how close you are even if potentially you'll pass within a few hundred thousand km. Even if you get an encounter if you're using nukes and a multi-orbit burn finding a correction intercept once you've escaped Kerbins SOI can be impossible. In a sandbox single mission game it's a little frustrating but in career where you've 10s of missions on the go at once you can't just keep reloading if an adjustment goes wrong. Would appreciate any pointers! Thanks.
  4. Hi, First off I think think KSP looks great with this mod. I am however having a few performance issues - my PC is reasonable so just wondering if it's expected - are other people having the same problem. I have an i7 6700k (stock clock), 980Ti and 16Gb RAM. I run ksp 64bit in 3840x2160 (4k). As it's not really a GPU intensive game I can run stock at well over 60FPS - I turn vsync on to cap it. With SVE installed it drops to below 20 on Kerbin at times - the 'physics warning' clock frequently turns yellow even launching basic rockets. High and Medium don't seem to make a difference. The only other mods I'm currently using are PreciseNode, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Reentry Particle Effect, Waypoint Manager and Kerbal Engineer. Appreciate any pointers or suggestions!