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  1. Oh interesting, thank you. It happened a few times mid-play where I hadn't tweaked anything, but who knows. I'll live with it for now, haven't lost them in a while, and the most recent time I was able to get them back by loading a very recent save.
  2. I'm diggin' all the pieces of this. Just made a Predator drone looking 2 seater with the on-edge cockpit and a couple inverters to complete my most recent contract to use the Bansee VTOL fans, and they worked a charm, only question I had is if there's a setting I can tweak somewhere to make them a little quieter. They were far louder than any other engine or set of engines, including launch rockets. Almost thought my sound cut out when I turned them off to switch to just an afterburner, but even at full power, the sound didn't compare. Thanks!
  3. The new changes are looking sliiiick, and planning it so they can be used in the cargo bays of your other mods is genius. How large is the Heisenburg hangar compared to say a large stock fuel tank size? Looking forward to expanded usage for the Buffalo. Also managed a controlled flight with the jetwing around the KSC, and that was thoroughly fun, so thanks for that, as well.
  4. I like having a mix of Kerbals, but most of the ones I've had contracts to save since downloading the mod have been Kolony-related. Is there a way to tweak the ratios? The original Kerbals had much higher G-force resistances and I like to use them for most basic missions. Thanks!
  5. Hello, forums! I'm running several mods, but up until recently, I could go into Mission Control and look at my mission archives to see completed, failed, etc. missions. They are now all missing. The most recent mods I added were the full Interstellar Fuel Switch and the Surface Experiment Pack, but I've also updated a couple others, as well. I can still see the missions to accept, and the missions I currently have, but once I complete something, it just disappears from the list rather than becoming a completed contract. I've checked my recycle bin, and there's nothing other than the old version mod files from updating. Current mod list: [x]Science Toolbar Community Tech Tree Orbital Science IFS KIS/KAS EngineerRedux Mk2 Plane Expansion OSE Workshop (haven't used it yet) A few USI part mods MKS, but haven't started Kolonization and have only used MKS as much as saving Kolony Kerbals VesselViewer Raster Prop Monitor Universal Storage Final Frontier Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Alarm Clock SCANSat and Pathfinder Where in my game folder can I find the relevant files, or does anyone know something that could help? I've checked the various mod threads and through this one, but it seems to be a new problem. ETA: On more playing, completed contracts are going into the list again. All the old ones were purged, but it seems to be working again. Still curious what may have happened, but it's not much of a problem anymore.
  6. I've checked Github and in all the USI packs, but can't find a texture to go with the underwater sample collector. Currently showing up as a pure black instrument that extends out a cone. Don't think it could run an experiment, either. Did I mess up a file somewhere or has it not quite been completed yet? Thank you so much for the mod, I love the designs and it's highly satisfying to have a controlled venture under the sea.