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  1. Yay! I can help someone! So, you almost had it. When you right clicked the retroreflector, there was an option that said "Calibrate." Do that first with your scientist, then hit the button that says start whatever experiment. I didn't see any solar panels attached to your SEP part, and that'll matter, too.
  2. Interesting! That's the word for it, not hodge podge, hahah. Here it is on landing with barely a whump, even though I forgot to add a top facing probe core and had to fly it in by eye. Also didn't bring my KAS tools because I think I had packed it during one phase of my planning and somewhere along the way that box got accidentally emptied. Managed to plan a super cheap unmanned supply run to bring those and a couple more boxes for materials. And then the Akita pulling out of the garage.
  3. There's a hex radial attachment part, kinda looks like one of those things that keeps that cardboard from crushing a pizza. That with one of the cube pieces allows you to send arms back or whatever you need. Not as small as just radially attaching the part, but it works, and I have had some luck attaching something else to another side of the cube and dragging it inside.
  4. Nice! Here's my first base piece built with the parts on its way. Trying to complete multiple contracts at once, including the first landing on Minmus for this save. Thanks to the magic of KER, I was able to line up the launch stages fairly perfectly under this asymmetric ship, and pre-planning on thrust vectors allowed for a surprisingly easy liftoff/ continued flight. It has a pair of cargo bays set up to open doors away from each other on the bottom with a fully scienced-out Akita rover from USI tucked inside with a 3k buckboard on its back full of SEP gear. Had to make do with the connections between the two, it's the same sort of connection without the 2x thin chassis that led to the launch stages.
  5. I've had even stock pieces suddenly be shifted when switching back. Almost every craft I've ever had go interplanetary has usually an engine shroud load in seriously off set.
  6. Curious. Stock game leaves the window frame around the cupola, and installing only RPM straight from the download gives me that result. That picture was with only RPM, module manager, and the game itself, tried the exact same setup to check occlusion with stock only before quitting out of the game and installing RPM and it looked appropriate. The result in game is that it seems there's a bubble around the Kerbal that makes invisible any craft textures that it touches, or that are between it and the "camera" of our viewpoint. If I turn the camera, the dissolved part of the craft moves with me. Should I try downloading the mod again?
  7. I have a question about the intended amount of transparency on these pods. Stock internal view doesn't let you see through the back of the pod and leaves the frame on the front of the cupola module. Currently have just stock game plus MM and this mod for testing purposes on a clean install. If you notice in the first picture, it also lets you see through whatever may be in front of a given IVA to that one unless another IVA is also in the way. Thank you for any insight.
  8. @Angel-125 Just for clarification, is the Buffalo folder included in this pack the full version you'd get from downloading specifically Buffalo?
  9. The Corvette has 2 shrouds you can enable, one is the smaller, the other is the larger, you just have to right click and select the other one.
  10. Yar, that be true, but as far as stock + this mod goes, it's a way to get them out. It's how I deal with some MKS and Pathfinder module rescues. Got to a point that I just have a claw on my rescue craft. You could attempt bringing a radial docking port in a crate and use KAS to attach it to the other module. Presto, portable hole? Haven't tried that one.
  11. Also, if your recovery craft has a claw, you can just grab the thing and transfer the Kerbal through the claw to a seat. Seems a little silly, but it does work.
  12. While you're looking at potential tweaks to DSEV, would you consider adding a variation to one of your adapters to allow them to connect to Bison parts? You can go from there to other parts of your collection, so it would be nice to have a form-fitting piece to bridge that gap.
  13. Great! DSEV is the one parts pack of yours I don't have yet, so I'll pick it up shortly. I'll probably end up posting a picture of my new station in probably Heisenberg's thread if you care to have pics of ships made with your parts in the threads.
  14. Just re-entered this one since a couple of the tanks will be depreciated soon and didn't want it to simply get deleted. I'm going to rebuild with parts that are sticking around. Mostly uses Bison parts from Wild Blue's Heisenberg set, a few MOLE tanks and engine mounts, and Mk2 Expansion parts for the front side-affixed observation pods.
  15. Almost got it back on the ground in an assortment of pieces, down to 160 m/s before impact, but it was on water, so lithobraking never set in and every single part was destroyed. Managed to balance the thrust of the one nacelle for the whole trip down, just couldn't wipe out that last chunk of speed. All crew were successfully recovered through escape pods and one visit by an extraction vehicle.