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  1. Alright. I don't use LS, so I can't test it (very sorry), but made PR #19 to change all ReplacementParts to MaterialKits in the MM patch. Hope it helps.
  2. I don't use any LS mods, that's true. I think I know what needs to change in the patch, though, for it to accept MKs or Equipment, if you like that option.
  3. So, on checking mine in game, I don't see ReplacementParts as a thing for any of the MOLE stuff. It's not used to reconfigure, none of the modules use them (including the hab in hab mode), and nothing can store them. My habs use Material Kits or Equipment to reconfigure.
  4. There's another log that the game outputs, could you upload that one? I think it's just output_log in the ksp_x64_data folder. It gives more information about what was going on right then with the specific errors and everything. Normal questions: Are you running it in x64 mode and 1.3? Dependencies, etc all updated?
  5. Be super careful attaching your base with a pylon and a pipe. I did that for a previous base and it Krakened out of the gravity well of that moon. Took 5 reloads and careful time warping to catch it before the motion amplified till it exploded and managed to get someone out to detatch it.
  6. The Mk2 docking port with MOLE is a welding port, and the one time I tried to weld them, the arm of the station disconnected and started floating off into space, including the retry. Decided welding wasn't terribly important after that.
  7. Heisenberg should be in the WildBlueIndustries folder as well, if it isn't. It does sound like an install issue. KSP 1.3? Can you post a picture of your GameData folder?
  8. I'm sure you did it right, but just to triple-check, the structure goes Kerbal Space Program > GameData > WildBlueIndustries > Heisenberg?
  9. Mind posting a picture of the folder with this mod in it?
  10. That or use the same grey as your normal balloon skin so it looks like decals put on the ship itself.
  11. Hey @Nils277, I just sent in PR #37 to fix a naming issue with the SEP wedge. Thank you for your work!
  12. Sent it in. Going through to see if there are other wondrous hidden parts I've never seen. A few, but I'm recognizing that they only appear with the appropriate other mods installed.
  13. Must be my problem. Would you accept "Improved Nuclear Propulsion" in CTT as the node for the aerospike if I send a PR to add it to your CTT patch?
  14. Hmm, so, on opening my game, I don't have that tech node, either, or the Aerospike. Is it supposed to be added in if you're using CTT? It does exist in Sandbox mode, but R&D is disabled in it, so I can't see the tree it was using to give me everything.
  15. Most mods come with a readme to help out, or it will be described in the top post of the mod. General rule is that you open the zip, delete any existing versions of the mod, then copy the contents of the GameData folder of the zip to the inside of the install's GameData folder. The VesselView folder is just dropped in the GameData folder and there you go.