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  1. Hey there, @Angel-125, when you do the update to DSEV, do you anticipate any parts that will change in such a way that the game will try to despawn the craft? Planning out a Duna fleet and want to make sure they'll stay there.
  2. Don't know if this answers your life support needs, but Snacks was specifically made by Angel-125 and is certainly compatible.
  3. Alright, literally my first time actually adding more than a single word to a stretch of C#, but I've submitted the PR. Changes added at the bottom and I think I closed all the parentheses.
  4. Now that I know what I'm looking for, it turns out it's already in the MM_Contracts config, first thing in the file. *hangs head in shame* Only thing it doesn't have is the Crew_Request part of the code. May be nice to add it as a small option for Station contracts, too, with the second part of DStaal's code. I'm going to make an account on Git and try to make a PR, though I'm worried I'll break something.
  5. Oh, cool, thanks. That's an easier solution than I figured. Do I just copy/paste into a blank text file and save it in the mod folder? Or would it serve better in a separate folder so it doesn't get deleted when I'm updating?
  6. Right now, it basically serves as a utility room that is cool to look out of. I think in stock that only the named Cupola command pod counts as a cupola, and beyond that, only Planetary Base Systems has another cupola amongst the mods I have. Which means that when I have a contract asking for a space station or a surface base to include a cupola, I'm locked into one of those two pieces. I currently have a contract to build a surface base with several Pathfinder pieces but it has to include a cupola. With the Spyglass module having a cupola window style, I thought it would be fitting for it to get the marker for the game to see it as a cupola, allowing me to set the whole base up with Pathfinder and meet the contract requirements without planning an unwieldy wing just to strap a 2.5 cupola command pod to. I'm just unsure what would be involved in doing so, like would the spyglass need an almost complete overwrite to become a command pod and a cupola? Or can parts that aren't command pods count?
  7. Curious: Is there a way to make the Spyglass module count as a Cupola (a lot of surface base contracts request one) without making it a command pod as well? Or would it make sense to turn it into one, since it's the overseer's position?
  8. Not sure if this is log-worthy, but I'm back to having trouble with the JetWing. The VTOL manager is just giving me the button to activate engines, and if I stage to the engines being active, they flameout from lack of air intake (using LF on Kerbin) after a few seconds.
  9. Having it set to use the newest beta version of your game is how you got the pre-release. I see it as an option, too, but I've opted out for now.
  10. The TRP-Hire version bundled with MKS works just like you want it to, as it shows up on my game. I can buy 10 Kerbals for exactly 40k each and the price doesn't increase. I think all you need to do is get rid of the normal version of TRP-Hire that you have installed.
  11. Hey @Angel-125, I was having a bit of a bug where the new version of the GondoLab seemed to have way less utility than the old. I couldn't use the manage operations window to use the mobile processor, though I could use the old way of doing it, and I had no way to set it up to run LDEF style experiments. I figured it was because of the tweak I did to have both versions of the lab and hab in game, but on comparing the cfgs (GondoLab and GondoLab2) side by side, I think I fixed at least the MPL side of things by adding a "2" to //The GondoLab can handle the Science wing of Pathfinder when the mod is installed. //Due to its smaller size, it is much less efficient. @PART[WBI_GondoLab2]:FOR[Airships]:NEEDS[Pathfinder]:FINAL this part. I think that tells it to affect the new one. Still can't run LDEF stuff on it like the older version, but my new one is set as just the MPL as opposed to the commercial science lab because of things not working right earlier.
  12. If I understand your question, have the item in their personal inventory, right click, go to inventory (tab works too, I think), then right click the item and click equip. Then there should be instructions on the screen for what button to push for what task you're trying to accomplish. There's also a KIS guidebook in game that you can use from the inventory that opens a PDF in game with all the details.
  13. Thanks for clarifying that, I actually had the same question and had just not installed it, ignoring all the error messages that popped.
  14. Hey there, The nested GameData folders are the problem. The stuff from in the folder needs to go in the other, not the whole thing, so it would be c>KSP>GameData>KIS>Sounds instead. The stock resource thing is from stock KSP and it's where you right click and hit the little button in the up right of window that opens and also open the thing where you want to send the fuel, then use the in/out buttons to push the fuel where you want it.
  15. They liiiiiive! Thank you kindly, did a bit of a double take when I loaded it up, hahah.