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  1. I did look over the rules but I will look over them again now. Plus, it wouldn't be an SSTO or anything with airbreathing engines on the craft going to space. Real world example: SpaceShipTwo Concepts: Dreamer or DynaSoar
  2. Because you have question disease, you have to get it out Why not land on the sun at night?
  3. Banned for being a planet contructor
  4. made of tissue There is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 store...
  5. Prove the person above you wrong, then write your own statement, which doesn't have to be something you believe. Follow forum rules. I will start with an easy one: The earth is flat.
  6. Hmm... I wonder if there is a red button thread. Was I not supposed to click on this? Oops... Is this supposed to be locked?
  7. @TheEpicSquared I want to make a suborbital tourist plane, and I will do it in one of a few ways. Wondering which are valid, if any: Air launch a) with powered craft or b) with separate SRB SRB vertical launch a) with powered craft or b) with unpowered craft (larger SRB) Adapted Arthur-1 with or without a powered craft It will have the standard escape systems and life support for at least a day. I may later develop it into a orbital craft with docking capability, but that will come with later rocket versions. Edit: How much would it cost for me to buy a downrange (from KSC) runway?
  8. @quasarrgames I will use your crew transport until I can release my Arthur Heavy. You may be able to lift my cargo module, but, then again, so could I .
  9. 'CGI in windows'- first flat-earther in space
  10. How much will they be? Maybe we could start a crowdfunding campaign aimed at the science community. The question is, who would we choose to go? The leader/founder (of the modern society)?
  11. Can anyone think of a good way to get a flat-earther on the first flight?
  12. @TheEpicSquared I will need some money for the science done. The whole launch will cost roughly 75,000 which should be doable. What is my current budget?
  13. Remix? They wrote it originally I thought.