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  1. I feel I am still in the early stages of my first 'proper' career. I have 2-man landers for science at the Mun and Minmus, but, other than that I have no infrastructure. No stations, no mining (I need to upgrade R&D to be able to unlock that), no science labs, nothing. Until I assembled OBL-K at Kerbin, spurred on by a contract for a 6-kerbal station. Holds up to 6 kerbals (unless you want to put them in the airlock or cupola to sleep, that is), has a science lab and a solar/communications array to support it. Oh, and launched by fully reusable boosters (not included in the album). Here is the album: BTW, this is my first post, I hope you like it . Before long I will have a vehicle to transfer other modules to the Mun/Minmus for assembly. Got the lifter album done, in the VAB, no flight pictures (yet):