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  1. I would agree with this I'll give this ago, but I'm not sure I'm very good at making competitive cars.
  2. Okay, as far as I can tell, he/she understands your preference, and that, given the area you live in, it is better to take the train. He/she was trying to explain that it is not the same in all places, so that you can understand that sometimes other forms of transport are more effective. They were just trying to help you function in the conversation. Apologies for going off topic, but I haven't being following things too closely. One question- is the 'verbal approval' significant?
  3. Could you add an example 'cluttered save file' for others to use?
  4. AFAIK, he designs vessels to use monoprop for attitude control, as this is much more realistic. Therefore you need more monopropellant, since you can't use reaction wheels. As for the EV-2B's 593m/s, I'm pretty sure it was designed for LKO
  5. Could I ask what the AI pilot settings are for my plane? And guns range etc.
  6. THese are amazing! You should start a craft page and put them all in one place
  7. When I like someone's post their reputation points don't always seem to go up (immediately). How long does it take?
  8. Starting on a new sorta-drawing, with more patterns now: Here is the original picture: How could i could improve? (It's not finished yet)
  9. Moar! This writing is great, and very exciting. I love it!
  10. Could I have the configs too? In Pm if you prefer
  11. Loaded KSP. Didn't use it. Made this instead: Now with a smaller made-up signature
  12. Excuse the large and made-up signature in the bottom right
  13. So i decided to try a drawing-type thing, so i sat down with this image: And traced it. I chose this one because it didn't have a backdrop to draw (if anyone wants to edit my finished version and add a backdrop or make other minor changes, feel free), which i hoped would make it quicker and easier. I spent the last... I don't know how many hours (but it didn't feel like too many)... making this: I'm not entirely happy with it, especially with the engine exhaust and the general plain-ness of it, but, for a first proper try at digital drawing, I think it's pretty good
  14. *dabs ironically* ... but others think