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  1. Ik ben een kip Don't know why that's the only Dutch I know That craft is incredible
  2. It only works with older versions of Ksp It requires everyone participating to be online at once It isn't necessary really It has multiple other problems IRL launches don't happen all the time, so it is unrealistic for it to go very quickly; we are trying to emulate real life here It is still complex Something good about not passing the save around is that you don't have to worry about installing other people's mods for your craft to be compatible. They just need to be compatible with @TheEpicSquared's save. The mods probably would have to be compatible with DMP Something we could do is livestream launches.
  3. Yeah, I think it is at certain sites. Will notify you of which ones when I am next on KSP
  4. I'm using KSP 1.2.2 and when I launch at a different site I am sometimes spawned underground
  5. Just in case no-one noticed: a structural panel, an external command seat and the Mk1 Passenger Door make a great biplane-style cockpit: And you could continue the opened door with a fuel tank to make a head rest Working on a biplane now
  6. SM-1 'Gull' Aircraft: Excuse my lack of scatterer in the above picture My screenshots still seem to turn out blurry...
  7. Instead of the ore tanks could I use JDAM bombs? 6 of them, weighing 0.46 tons each Also I'm still on 1.2.2
  8. First off, I do have mods but this is just a general question IMO. I used steam to buy this game, but I have a separate install with life support mods installed, and was wondering how to update it easily. On steam the normal install updates automatically, but I don't think it does on a separate install. I've added the separate install to steam to load it though, but it is not properly recognised.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I used Airplane Plus for the cockpit, engine and I think a few of the fuel tanks.
  10. I haven't tested range or got it on KerbalX yet but here is the... SM-3 'Kestrel' It's loosely based off of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, but with the intakes mounted on the wings because it's easier for simplicity Type: Light Supersonic Bomber Top speed (level flight under 2000m): 635m/s, or Mach 1.84 with afterburner, 330m/s or Mach 0.96 without afterburner Good take-off speed/stall speed: ~70m/s Manoeuvrability: Good, but can pull dangerously high Gees (over 20) even when limited Bombs: Unguided, 900kg, 6 total, 3 on each wing Guns: None, relies on speed as a defence Good bombing technique: Dive bombing; bombs are unguided and manoeuvrability is good enough, though a good pilot could perform a safer level bombing
  11. I love your artwork! You should join this thread
  12. Which mods are allowed? From the looks of things this is all stock, and I'm not good at weapons in stock. I'll probably still have a go though
  13. Something I noticed is that SpaceX are reusing their Dragon spacecraft for their next launch on June 1st. Why not reuse it all the time? Why haven't they done this before? Excited for the launch