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  1. I would keep the wings at a normal angle, that much is probably to much. You will probably need control surfaces, but I don't know if you have unlocked them yet. You also don't have a lot of wing surface area for the amount of fuel you have, I would take out one of the fuel tanks. Your landing gear placement is backwards, you want a tricycle style layout, with the radial ones at the back. TL;DR: Read the tutorial linked above.
  2. The title says it all really. This would allow for some crazy stuff with stock hinges, for example an observatory that tracks an asteroid that's re-entering it's targeting, Or a com dish that tracks a plane coming in to land. Please?
  3. Well technically you GOT to everywhere with a single stage, so I would count it as SSTE, and you never expended any parts. I would say you are completely justified calling it that.
  4. Yes, it is right now, but in 1.3 you will be able to fire it from the main ship, and hopefully hold target SAS, making it a remote control auto-tracking turret, which will be immensely useful when multiplayer comes out in version 9.99.9999.
  5. Ok @HatBat, I got a video. I fixed the accuracy by removing the casing and changing the missile staging to single-fire, and along the way the recoil all but disappeared somehow. Now all I need is a ship to mount it on, the Hyperion is already to high on part count. @ScriptKitt3h That new Helios Gen 3 looks great, did you fix the issue where all the wing plates fell off when you shot it top-down?
  6. This dosent mean you cant do it, if some people want to do it with you no-ones stopping you.
  7. Oh god more people? (Not singling out veryshyproxy or anything, just I think more people is a bad idea) I think maybe we should abandon the idea of a massive free for all with 9 people, and just have a standard tournament. Much simpler, easier to organise, and actually on a small enough scale to realistically happen.
  8. Haha, they're the missiles! You can see them clearly in this picture.
  9. I'm looking forward to these! Im especially looking forward to the X-29, for no particular reason!
  10. that flap trailer joining method is genius, its a stock hinge and coupling at the same time!
  11. Maybe, I don't have YouTube but I could give you a raw wmv file if you want. I mounted it on a EX-7 Hyperion in place off the communication array, and I have discovered the main problems are recoil and accuracy, both of which I think I can fix with a bigger pod and more SAS. It's not finished yet, though the picture version is slightly outdated. I have a subassembly craft file if you want to test it, but it only works in zero gravity, so you might want to either hyperedit it to space or use the cheat. It still needs work, but I'm pretty sure I fix or minimalize the problems. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6g3phjfv9cem00/F-Tech Turret Assembly.craft?dl=0 Hack gravity and then press action group 10, this decouples the docking ports and decouplers. The vertical docking ports might not reattach instantly, pitch it up the highest it can go and then try again and it will work. @Spartwo yes, azimech discovered it when testing helicopter blade pitch, and a Dev confirmed it. It's only in the 1.2.9 pre release right now though, so we'll have to wait for 1.3, which isn't to bad, as from the weekly updates dates I'm guessing we will get it within 3 or 4 weeks.
  12. Chucked my new favorite toy on a Hyperion, a stock turret using hinges! It holds six shots. Unfortunatly its very inaccurate due to recoil, but you could come in within 100m at 15m/s of the enemy ship and broadside them! Its also timewarp proof, as it is set up wit hdocking ports which can reliably reconnect the entire assembly. If anyone wants to try it out, heres a downlaod to a subassembly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6g3phjfv9cem00/F-Tech Turret Assembly.craft?dl=0
  13. I have never used the mod myself, so I can only tell you basic mod installation tips, which you may already know, so ignore this if you have installed other mods before. It sounds to me like you have installed an outdated version of the mod, I would check A. The mod has been uptdated to whatever version you are using, and B. You have installed the correct version for the game version you are using. Another possible explanation is that you have another mod installed which is conflicting with Kerbal Northern Weaponry, or you have two or more copies of the mod in your gamedata folder. I would recommend checking you have the right mod version for the game version, and if so and the problem persists I would take out every mod in your gamedata except Kerbal Northern Weaponry and if that fixes it, slowly add in mods one at time until you isolate the mod that may be breaking it. If you do all that and it doesn't fix it, I'm stumped, and you'll have to ask someone who uses mods. Hope this helps!
  14. Quick question @HatBat, would you accept ships that use stock hinges? Because I'm thinking of building something with moving turrets that makes use of the new multi vessel action groups in the 1.2.9 pre release. I've done some testing and I have got a design to lock on and hit a moving 0.6m decoupler 15 metres away by only using the target lock, and I'm about ready to mount it on ships. They all would be capable of re-attaching to the main ship via docking ports, so time warp wouldn't be a problem. This would allow "broadsiding" ships, which would look very cool. Edit: Here it is. It has full 360* horizontal motion, and around 80* vertical. Itcan reliably dock back to the main ship.
  15. Got it working, here it is: I have edited the first post as well.