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  1. My latest ship for the Naval battle club is still in construction... and im pretty excited about it. However the rear could use some work, and it MIGHT need more engines:
  2. I made a new ship, the EX-6 Cronus: Its meant as a more reliable replacement first strike vessel, being 2 tons lighter than the EX-2, my go to multi purpose do-everything-fairly-well combat vessel. Anyway after I finisihed it I realised that F-Tech lacked a destroyer type heavy ship, and this new chassis design would be the perfect chance to attempt to build one. 2 hours and more offset part aligning than I previously thought possible, enter the (still WIP) EX-7 Gaia: I've got a good feeling about this one. Though admittedly the back could use some work.
  3. you dont need to, it dosent change persistence files.
  4. @Sgt Doomball I havent heard of that before, but if you mean it changes navball reading speed then, yeah feel free to use it. Oh, i thought it stopped you from playing the save. still, as I said want to have a stock battle, and more mods slow down and possibly crash ksp, and right now im barely getting acceptable framerates with EVE and scatterer installed. here some pics of alternative stock builds for the parts you wanted to use:
  5. @Sgt Doomball I'm sorry but I just don't like part mods. so it's not corrupt, just unplayable? I want to have a stock battle as I find modded parts can be unbalanced and less challenging to build with, and as it says in the rules here, this is a stock thread. I have looked up the mods you want to use and it seems like you could just use the mk2 and rotated mk3 parts as alternatives without having to use mods and potentially just create a hassle that could be easily avoided. As for hyperedit, that's the version I downloaded so it think it works for 1.2.2.
  6. @Sgt Doomball I mean no parts mods. If we have a battle with mods I will delete the mods after, and my save will not load because there are incompatible parts in the persistence folder, corrupting it. And since I've had that save for 2 years, I don't really want that to happen. Sorry don't have a link right now but the latest one for 1.2.2, I think the website is called kerbaltek.com or something like that.
  7. @Sgt Doomball sorry i forgot to tell you you can use hyperedit (but only for getting your ships in position, not in the actual battle) but if you prefer vessel mover then that's fine. (though I don't know how well it would work in a space battle) Basically you can you can use any mods that don't add or change the characteristics of parts. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you, I'm just pretty paranoid of corrupting my game, as I have 2 year old main saves on it.
  8. @Sgt Doomball yeah I'd enjoy battling you but we'd have to do it in stock, sorry I just prefer the challenge of using the game for something it wasn't meant to. Just checking, but you do mean a space battle not a naval battle? Also depending on how long it will take you to get ready you could "reserve" (best word choice I could think of) a battle I could battle someone else. Unless you mean a few days.
  9. Things have been pretty quiet here for a while, so I think I will liven it up by challenging someone to a battle! I will hopefully have some new, larger ships ready.
  10. Thanks I appreciate that, I'm about to start building a tilt wing shuttle so wish me luck
  11. Oh, right sorry. I thought the 8 thermometers were 2 cubic octagonal struts clipped inside each other and rotated.
  12. I haven't really tried to build hinges but from the photo it looked like the antenna was clipped inside the cubes, and I was wondering if their collision meshes were hollow inside the gap where the antennas were?
  13. @Calhoun I can't speak for everyone, but as far as I can see we don't. I use 0.6m I beam tipped missiles and I have seen a few 1.25m missiles, but 2.5m is too heavy, too big and easy to target.
  14. More of a poem than a quote, but I couldn't resist: Now the world has gone to bed darkness won't engulf my head I can see in infra-red how I hate the night. -Marvin
  15. I enjoy building as much as flying, and for me part mods are taboo. However I'm going to think of the DLC like the Kerbin cup and asteroid day in that it's official squad content. Though I think most of the parts will be fairly niche, more like a lego set than a big box lego pieces, I cannot wait for more parts. At one point I had a 6 month hiatus from ksp and when I repented my sins came back I downloaded the newest uptdate and spent 20 minutes just admiring the new parts. ("Slanted adapters! What the HELL?")