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  1. you can transfer saves and crafts by copying everything from your old save folder into the new save folder.
  2. Haha, poseidons don't go down that easily. <knowingly taps nose>
  3. Deal. Though it's armour looks tough, I doubt anything can stand up to <count on my fingers> 18 I-Beams, 6 G3 Torpedoes and 2 G4H Heavy Torpedoes. One question: do you mean fight the same type of ship as the victor, or the same, probably damaged ship? Because I don't think either of our ships could survive two encounters with 2 ships in excess of 150 tons each.
  4. Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot, I was as playing with my new favourite toy. Ill probably have it up in around 20 minutes. Edit: sorry, I can't today. I'll have it tomorrow.
  5. Hello, I just saw this thread and the style of the flags looks really cool, could you do a request for me please? I am beginning a series of missions right now to find all the Duna anomalies, and I would like a flag for it if you have time. I don't have anything specific in mind, just some part of the Duna system with the words "Duna Amonaly Locator 1." edit: I just saw the personal messages thing. Sorry.
  6. if you do it in time, I can also do my turn later!
  7. I decided to take a small break from stock space combat, so I built a stock atmospheric combat craft! Take-off. (can be done with or without afterburners) Flyby. A successful bombing run. A missile homing in. They can be surprisingly accurate for air to air, if you line your prograde marker with the target marker with the Navball. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8a64yfwrxeet1d/F-Tech Fish-4 Phantom.craft?dl=0 The download is slightly outdated, I have a newer version with better handling and a more accurate cockpit.
  8. the hyperion isnt certified fro battling use by the F-Tech performance review board, it was meant as more of a figurehead. But fine. <sigh>
  9. @ShadowGoat it's your turn, by the way. yeah, thats fine. I always leave minimum one missile. That looks lethal, scary. I like the escape pods, it all looks really functional and cool.
  10. there arent any batteries left. and also about forty literally fell out.
  11. what do you mean life raft? And I want first turn, how about we flip a coin for it?
  12. ok, nice idea, I'm game. do you wanna set up? RTGs on weapons dont count, keep that in mind.
  13. Thanks! I haven't used it in a battle though, as its 140 tons, I just built it because I wanted a "flagship" and I was in a Star Destroyer mood. It's actually pretty tanky though, surprisingly. I have taken my turn. From now, go back to moving ships in order of mass. Taking the Helios, (as shadowgoat used the obliteration the last turn) I destroyed the "F-Tech Ares 4 Probe." I tried a new idea of coming in really clsoe to the ship, (around 50 metres) Lining up the missile with the engine, then moving away and destroying it with presicion sugery. It actually works, neatly destroying the single engine and nothing else. I then moved in and fired all my hideously inaccurate I-Beams, (now you see why I reworked them on the EX-9 Eos Gen 2) which knocked out every RTG in the ship somehow. There are some on the missiles, But they dont count as the ship most be able to fufil the three goals without the aid of on-board weapons. That makes the Obliteration dead. I then moved the Helios into a different orbit. Your turn, @ShadowGoat. Persist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/esunw550e3to8fl/persistent.sfs?dl=0
  14. I dont have any large capital ships, small -70 ton ships for the win!
  15. "Unfortunately, we lost contact with the Curiosity rover a few hours ago. We don't currently know exactly what caused it's destruction, but judging from its last photo broadcast, we suspect it hit a misaligned terrain seam going too fast."