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  1. Ooh! Interesting. Ill definitely be giving this one a go. Edit: How come it says it was posted a week ago?
  2. Great looking planes! Goddamit! It's Wednesday and I forgot to make the proving trial! I guess it'll be tomorrow then, folks.
  3. Klaw a probe onto it when you next deliver a module to the station? thats all I can think of.
  4. VM if you're on 1.2.2, Hyperdit if you're playing 1.3.
  5. @Speeding Mullet oh sorry. You can do the next one if you want.
  6. Stunt plane it is. Week 5: Class: Acrobatics/Racing plane You are to build a plane capable of high speeds with a tight turning circle. It should have a relatively short wingspan to be able to fly through hoops. Weight: maximum 20 tons Speed: at least 300m/s Payload: None Range: at least 20km Crew: at least one pilot Cost: max 100,000 funds Enjoy! (in case you hadn't guessed, the proving mission will be flying through hoops a round the KSC in a race track, and trying to get the best time.) As for replacing weight with engines, I think I'll keep weight so as to limit designs as little as possible, and keep entries diverse.
  7. With profits low on Val's ferry buisness, she conducted a survey to see why kerbals weren't using her service. The results were conclusive: "It's the travel time" said one anonymous kerbal, "why would I take my family on a 3 hour long boat trip, when I could strap 4 seats on a flea booster, and get there in 50 minutes?" Armed with this information, Val called in a favour with Jeb at his junkyard, and the next day a convoy of trucks arrived with some parts he'd scavanged of a Koeing 747. A week of welding later, Val came out with this beauty. With a flight sailing time of 45 minutes, it beats Flea booster trips in travel time, and guarentees saftey with its four anti-air missiles Val installed for undisclosed reasons. Mission Report: Sitting on the runway, waiting for clearance to launch. Expertly Valentina lifts the Ferryliner of the runway. Believe it or not, it handles better than most of my larger planes. The pilot has an excellent view, hindered only slightly by a battery of guided anti-air missiles. About a quarter of the way to our destination. It flies sails gracefully through the sky water, providing excellent material for brochures. Land Ho! Coming in on landing approach. Touchdown! It rolls to a stop, 5 minutes faster than a flea booster. This was a really fun challenge!
  8. Sorry, completely forgot yesterday, I was at a barbecue. With the polls closed and the votes in, I'm happy to announce the winner of the Cloud Seeding Aircraft Competition to be... no one. Both @Speeding Mullet's and @Vexnium's planes had 5 votes each, making it a draw. Im not sure who gets to set the next weeks specifications, I might do it if they don't want to.
  9. Stock weapons can be boring, especially in atmosphere, it's an "acquired" taste. A boat which actually sinks. If it's damaged engough sounds great though!
  10. That looks great! Kerbals are so efficient, they conduct sea trials while the boat is still being built.
  11. I've slightly modified the Trenton III cruiser, fixing the fuel routing problem, removing the Z-clipping from the deck and adding docking ports to timewarp-proof the turret. I also added some anti air missiles near the back. Are you ok with those changes?
  12. @qzgy Yes please! if possible could it be larger battleship esque ship?
  13. @qzgy Thanks! @Azimech Haven't had time to try them yet, but definitely going to use the ship and the planes as an enemy ship, along with qzgy' cruiser.
  14. That looks great, I need some ships. If you wouldn't mind, could you remove the BDA weapons off it? And what do you mean by it doesn't drive?
  15. Ooh! I'll almost definitely be using those, the fighter especially, as its very similar in size and probably capabilities to my carrier fighter. Do you have downloads?