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  1. Yes but a larger variety of backpacks and modular backpacks
  2. I remember flex pack all the hype then abandoned so sad. Since I don't have any modding experience I thought I'd ask the community about backpacks for KAS and KIS.
  3. went into the ksp folders and went to setting and set the delta to 5
  4. Do something add a setting, delta barely works, maybe make delta have a more extreme limit, I can barely land with this freezing and the 5fps I get with a decent computer
  5. great news it wasnt a conflict i just had to reinstall the mod i had an idea why not make a backpack plate you pick it up with KAS and mount it with antennas, tanks, or science
  6. why does the mercury atlas/centaur have black and grey stripes shouldn't it be a light grey, also i saw an atlas with an orange shroud
  7. I see wild blue tools, buffalo, MOLE, and pathfinder i installed pathfinder by putting its game data in ksp's game data and the others just put them selves in wildblue
  8. At first I dragged the game data into game data it didn't work. then I put the contents of the game data into game data.
  9. Here http://imgur.com/a/NCY6c
  10. Ok here %5BImgur%5D(http://imgur.com/a/SBt31)
  11. I have tried everything I know but m.o.l.e is missing most parts no matter what I do and yes I followed the instructions and downloaded dependices
  12. im missing most of the parts is and I installed your way and every other way and I'm still missing most parts help?