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  1. I'm having trouble with your .937 meter docking ports. I'm not getting a connection I press them together I'm lining it up correctly. I have the same problem with the apollo docking port. And yes I'm connecting an active port to a passive port
  2. I know what is in there but I'm talking about the nose cone that covers the radar and docking port why would it be flat
  3. Has squad made any confirmation on parts I know there will be vostok and apollo have they confirmed mercury and Gemini
  4. all aboard the HYPE train
  5. Yes but a larger variety of backpacks and modular backpacks
  6. I remember flex pack all the hype then abandoned so sad. Since I don't have any modding experience I thought I'd ask the community about backpacks for KAS and KIS.
  7. went into the ksp folders and went to setting and set the delta to 5
  8. Do something add a setting, delta barely works, maybe make delta have a more extreme limit, I can barely land with this freezing and the 5fps I get with a decent computer
  9. great news it wasnt a conflict i just had to reinstall the mod i had an idea why not make a backpack plate you pick it up with KAS and mount it with antennas, tanks, or science
  10. why does the mercury atlas/centaur have black and grey stripes shouldn't it be a light grey, also i saw an atlas with an orange shroud
  11. I see wild blue tools, buffalo, MOLE, and pathfinder i installed pathfinder by putting its game data in ksp's game data and the others just put them selves in wildblue
  12. At first I dragged the game data into game data it didn't work. then I put the contents of the game data into game data.
  13. Here http://imgur.com/a/NCY6c