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  1. Crew: At least two with ample room for each Ports: at least one DeltaV: enough to be interplanetary Either one Try to make the ships realistic, add radiators. For this I would recommend Angel-125 DSEV mod.
  2. I need a mother ship.
  3. I'm looking for inspiration, I keep making basically the same ship. Try to make the ships realistic.
  4. Wow I tried making a constellation lander for so long, thanks.
  5. Could some one give me a picture of how the K2 landing frame is used?
  6. 1st place most ingenious and eccentric design - 140 points
  7. Can I smash gilly into Kerbin by attaching rocket engines to it, since it's not on rails.
  8. why is it just a .ink
  9. Ok I'll make the part count optional.
  10. These are because the sea dragon has to be simple, like the real thing it was supposed to be a big dumb booster. And I said you can use mods.
  11. The sea dragon is a large two stage rocket designed for extremely heavy lifting. Criteria -have a part count under 50 (optional 50 points) -must be about as large as the image (required) -recoverable (optional 40 points) -must launch from water (required) -must be able to life a 10 meter tall and 3.75 meter payload (required) -two stages (required) -look like the Sea dragon (optional 20 points) -take the assigned payload to minmus (optional 70 points) -low tech (no nukes, RTGs, no ion engines required) -if it goes to any body beyond minmus 400 points. -if it goes to any other star you should work at NASA. - show me valid proof it met the criteria, UI must be visable on all screen shots. -you can use any mod that isn't cheaty (hyper edit is allowed for testing only) leaderboard 1. SevenPerForce-most 140 points (most ingenuity) 2. 3. 4. 5.
  12. I agree sometimes I use LLL and it get very annoying
  13. Ok I'll try that
  14. Yes I have 60 mods (most are quality of life) but is there any way I can stop the asteroids surface from moving and destroying my ship.
  15. The sstv happened once, the asteroid "bucking" its surface is persistent