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  1. Im quite Interested in this but "FASAs Launch camps" no longer exists.... HurricanKai
  2. Today I Finished my Duna Prograde-Orbital Base and the ProGrade-Orbit RemoteTech System, Now I can Start send my First Supply Drops onto duna (I never Landed there Before) and Start building my base
  3. Anyone knows where to get the code? dotPeek cant Render those propertys in scale.dll/Tweakscale/Scaletype //I Think there shoud be the ScaleType Handler... (If this is done with Handleres?) Ok, got it to work with ILspy Edit2: Ok, I cant find the "type" register i just get a bunch of references which end up in System.Linq.Enumerable.First/IEnumeralbe TSoruce Funk TSource: TSource Sorry @Jasseji But I cant Find any Further Information, I just havent got any sort of source code and the code isnt commented at all...
  4. @Fredde104No Problem @Jassejihmm, Ill have to look a bit into the code, right now i just had a look into the Example Configs....
  5. Ill Try Going Over Ill Report the Bugs on Github! EDIT: I Never Heard of Agencies? Is it good to define the Same Variable 3 times? mentality = Commercial mentality = Economic mentality = Industrial EDIT2: I Think Everything is fine Just think that you either need to rename the mesh of the FuelTank into tank-FLT1600 or you need to replace model = LudicrousFuelTanks/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT1600/tank-FLT1600 with model = LudicrousFuelTanks/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT1600/
  6. There are two Options: 1. The Easy one: at the Start you can set the Antenna Multiplier to 1000 (in the advanced settings) 2. the heard one, Enable and disable Commnet every time, Esc. - Settings - Difficulty - CommNet Have Fun HurricanKai
  7. Hello, You wont run out of Silly Things , Here since 2013, bought the game two times and im still the same silly Kerbonaut!
  8. Mission Challenge: Build an Interplanetary Ship that can go until Jool, Use it to Drop 1 Ship on each planet Sun - Jool, also the moons, that needs to land, an perform atleast 1 Science Experiement! Manned! Im trying now for 3 Hours and i still havent managed to do this! Mods are allowed as long they are: 1. Ballanced //Well... 2. No Warp Drives etc. 3. no Supply Systems ONLY for Building //i think you need to assemble this in orbit, The Drop Ships for each Planet dont have to be the same, also on planets you cant land you dont have too... (Jool, Sun, etc.) Have Fun HurricanKai
  9. I Reported it on the Stock Visual Enhancements github page for you!
  10. Is it like that? That woud mean if i take any SSTO and scale the hole think up (area) by a factor of 4 the colume of tanks and Wings woud increase by a factor of 8! But that woud mean just scaling the SSTO up gives it more range? What i want to say: Scaling up = more Delta V?
  11. Im Writing a TweakScale Wiki (For Devs) at your Wiki Side at Github if you dont want this talk to me ill write a bit and then you can think of it Have Fun HurricanKai
  12. No Probleme, We all want this mod to get Further Developed
  13. @ErevanGamingI Found THIS: MODEL { model = KWRocketry/Parts/Engines/1mVestaVR1/KW_1mEngine_VestaVR1_M scale = 1, 1, 1 } scale = 0.1 MODEL { model = KWRocketry/Parts/Fairings/UnifiedFairings/KW_Auto_1mVestaShroud scale = 1, 1, 1 } Inside the KW Rocketry VestaVR1 Enging .cfg (This Parts is Resizeable) but i think this isnt using Tweak Scale Inside the Tweakscale Examples.cfg File I found this: //// I want to scale EVERY part! //// (might lead to unintended results, use at your own risk) //@PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[TweakScale]]:FINAL //{ // %MODULE[TweakScale] // { // %name = TweakScale // %type = free // } //} So I think you do it Like this: *Your Part Config up here* //New Module MODULE { name=TweakScale type=free ///Only if you want it free if not Open The Spoiler.... } Have Fun HurricanKai
  14. @ErevanGaming Quick Reminder: Remove the "post with the Tutorial" link and might add the wiki instead