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  1. totm

    I feel that there should be a bonus for being structurally stable in 4x physics warp.
  2. For the first time, I was able to land on the runway.
  3. For the first time, I flew a plane into orbit I was also able to land it
  4. when I successfully built and landed an SSTO
  5. I was launching a rocket yesterday, and got this screenshot of minmus and mun. Minmus is the dot to the left of the mun
  6. I built a space ladder, and reached 328m. The top swayed at 8m/s, and when I detatched it it destroyed the launchpad complex. I'm building a space station with my brother in DMP. I made the ring module, and my brother made the other two. I also saw minmus from kerbin.
  7. I finally got a cop of KSP. Until recently, I'd used steam family sharing. I also got mechjeb and dark multiplayer.
  8. I started my first career save, and finished my sub-orbital rocket series.
  9. Scientist baffled by new satellite "How did we even get this photo?" Today, scientists have officially given up trying to figure out what the KSP's latest satellite was intended for. "Just look at it," one spokeskerb said, "The design makes no sense. There's a bunch of antennae, but what does it transmit? There's no science equipment." The spokeskerb continued, "The antennae aren't relay types either, so what can it be? Well, whatever it is, it has no power generation, so it won't last a week." Anonymous sources indicate that this is some sort of memorial, but what to? Some suspect the KSP"s new director of being part of a monolith cult, which would explain some stuff. More on this if nothing noteworthy happens.
  10. still boating. Also, I'm developing missile launchers.
  11. I've been playing around with boats. I've got a good submarine now, and a large tanker ship. In other news, I'm still trying to build a spaceplane. My last one ran out of oxidizer in the upper atmosphere, but I managed to land it in the highlands.
  12. I landed in 10 biomes, which is all of the ones I hadn't already done a landing on. I used a biome map from the wiki to navigate.
  13. Here's some pics I found lying around on my hard drive. The probe I made for the fancy probes challenge. The house I made for the project landlord challenge And a rover I built just for this screenshot, which I used in one of my fan works.
  14. 5999.5 science. That's how much I got from my biome hopping mun m mission. I used this lander, named the Cortez. After I finished the mission, I had gotten somewhat attached to it. So rather than leaving it to orbit the mun forever, I docked it to my mun space station where it will probably stay forever.
  15. I'm doing a biome-hop mission on the mun. So far I've done 5 biomes, and am about half done.