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  1. Thanks for getting it on the leaderboard.
  2. My plane stll hasn't been added to the leaderboard
  3. Okay, I've edited my post accordingly.
  4. So the bonuses aren't stackable?
  5. I measured the min engine bonus by taking off, flying a few km, then shutting off an engine and turning around and landing.
  6. I submit a 4 passenger light plane. I qualify for the following bonuses and maluses. Your plane stalls at less than 50m/s (5 points) Your plane can fly on 66.6% of it's engines (5 points) Your plane can fly on 50% of it's engines (20 points) Your plane can belly land with all crew and passengers surviving (20 points) Your plane has airbrakes (10 points) Your plane can ditch in the water with all crew surviving (10 points) Your plane can ditch in the water with no damage (20 points) Your plane is a seaplane (20 points) Your plane is an amphibious seaplane (10 points, stacks with above) Simple fuel and air systems: your plane has all fuel tanks and air intakes in the same stack as an engine (10 points) The max speed I reached was 834 m/s, and the farthest I've flown it was about 1600 km. So, it's a 1144 1139 point plane.
  7. I support this.
  8. -larger tiny size fuel tanks -Mk2 nosecone Those would be great.
  9. I feel that there should be a bonus for being structurally stable in 4x physics warp.
  10. For the first time, I was able to land on the runway.
  11. For the first time, I flew a plane into orbit I was also able to land it
  12. when I successfully built and landed an SSTO
  13. I was launching a rocket yesterday, and got this screenshot of minmus and mun. Minmus is the dot to the left of the mun
  14. I built a space ladder, and reached 328m. The top swayed at 8m/s, and when I detatched it it destroyed the launchpad complex. I'm building a space station with my brother in DMP. I made the ring module, and my brother made the other two. I also saw minmus from kerbin.
  15. I finally got a cop of KSP. Until recently, I'd used steam family sharing. I also got mechjeb and dark multiplayer.