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  1. Rocked on with some collider work! See the Garage
  2. 99 On the BHS account


  3. I request a name change please. See contact ticket I have sent in please. Thanks for the hard work. MH
  4. Hi Boss, It's just me your apprentice. Working on Alpha 1.1 release for the Garage.

    I thought it best to have a new account to make models under. Just checking in.

    1. Wrench Head

      Wrench Head

      Its all good Boss, Accounts merged no issues now.

  5. Yep so true Mr. SM, I for one know that to much mod is a bad thing in one game, An old man told me once to run many setups of a game to have more fun. to place all the great mods into one game build kills many off the shelf walmart computers lol....
  6. Will do thanks!
  7. It all started with one to many challanges for auto racing. I looked long and hard for some good car parts. I found MuscleCarPartsMod, Very nice set but needed a better motor. So I set out to learn to make my qwn and here is the outcome. The Khevrolet motor is design 01 and I am up to my 6th design now the MHtt 501. Idle and power sound still needs some work. Nodes are off on some parts. To be adjusted as updated. Motors, Full bar frame and Drag frame are Orginal MHG Designs. Other parts " rusty car bodys and go-kart frame" are from free to use junk parts off the Interweb. Thanks to : eugene T. Off road Frame MAX GRUETER F-1 Driver And SpannerMonkey for all the TECH support. MIT License Down load link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1254/MonkeyHead's Car parts Back to Bustin knuckes and building cars See you soon,
  8. list of files m8s your build is yuor build, keys under the floor mat. Craft file link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ho4ejeXlkhM3p0UkhibDhlVWs/view?usp=sharing
  9. Stand up for this m8s! The Crow Can lol... Mixed batch of motor parts. I think is the best motoer I have made so far. watch the new sets it killed Bob. He was ejected on loading. Maybe due to new updates...
  10. Location has been moved for longer run time and allow for faster vehicle, See top of post......Not rule change.... @Gaarst Give this location a try with your 3 SRBs car m8. BHS Indst Thrust SSC jet car turn a 841 M/S, 3027.6 KPH, 1881.26 MPH over a distance of 70077 meters. I show F12 proof no cheats applied and F3 to show Distance and speed in video.
  11. Working on Land Speed testing area for next challlange. North pole seems best location for this. Reached 624 M/S 1395.85 MPH 2246.4KPH before I lifted off the ground.
  12. Sounds like a great place to run got a spawn point or cords. to the area?????
  13. Hello,

    Ever add decals? we can get you some if you like.

  14. Anyone know of a dry lake bed on Kerbin? We need to move the location to allow full runs. I have just ripped 3 shoots off my STRUST SSC 2.And Jebs in the hospital from a nose bleed. As you can see he reached his G limits and passed out. Im getting the Helo out and am going to fly around to scout a dry lake bed I hope. 438 M/S 1576.8 KPH 979.7 MPH = MACH 1.27