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  1. Timba, his arms wide! So, should I guess? Ok: @Probodobodyne QBE
  2. @Probodobodyne QBE, indeed it is
  3. @53miner53 @rockets-don't-make-toast, thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to add something soon Anonymmm
  4. Hey guys, I was searching through this challenge sub forum for quiet some time now, but couldn't exactly find anything "easy" to start with. I mean, I am probably able to manage most of the challenges, somehow, but almost all the people who post have such nicer, sleeker and more stylish designs (not even talking about efficiency) so I just don't want to spoil the threads with my mostly ugly "experiments"... So, I decided to start off with something a little bit simpler... this! I have already noticed that there is a big waiting list (or is there?), but no worries, school keeps me occupied fairly nicely so I can wait, although I have some free time this/next week. So, can I join in? Make a module? If so, what do you guys want me to make? I made quiet a nice deep space station - or more like station core - design like a week ago, would you want me to put that somewhere, maybe around Duna/Ike/Minmus/somewhere else? My little station design: The struts... terribly sorry for putting it up like this, I wanted to put it into one of those spoiler thingies, but after 20 minutes of failing to do so quit the idea. Anyway... would it fit somewhere? Or do I make something else? Thanks, Anonymmm
  5. Hey, I was so impatient that I started experimenting and worked it out myself. Apparently, ESET Smart Security by default blocks all UDP communication - so basically, if you port forward, ESET will block it... Nevertheless, Thanks, Anonymmm
  6. KSP: Windows 64bit Problem: Cannot establish connection between Dark Multi Player client and Dark Multi Player server Mods installed: Dark Multi Player v0.2.4.0 Reproduction steps: 1) Set a new port-forward rule named KSP, with the start port 6702, end port 6702, "Both" protocol and your local IP adress. 2) Go to site and download Client version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 3) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "Darkmultiplayer" folder located in the extracted file into your KSP "GameData" folder. 4) Go to the site and download server version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 5) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "DMP server" on your desktop. 6) Run the file "DMPServer.exe" located in the "DMP Server" folder. 7) Go to and copy you IP address. 8) Run KSP, press add in the "DarkMultiPlayer" window, type in KSP as name and use the IP address acquired in the step above to input into "Adress:", then put "6702" into "Port:", then press "Add server". 9) Select "KSP" and press "Connect". After a while, a "Connection error" message should appear. Log: I am pretty sure this does not have to do anything with the log, since no connection is even made. Thanks for any help, me and my friend want to set up a server and play together, but I can't manage to set it up... and I am very sorry in advance if I misplaced the question, but I am still new here. I will happily answer any questions related to the problem. Thanks, Anonymmm
  7. I'm back! To all of those who followed the threat: I made it to Duna! Yay! The most painful thing was actually getting this into orbit, however, when I got there, everything else went super easy. The best part was however my Duna landing. On my first few attempts, I had very little time and just wanted to quickly land, so I just dived... and crashed. Then I had to go somewhere, but the next day, I reloaded the save in which I was still in Duna orbit, pumped all the fuel to the front of the plane, then descended very slowly and patiently, planned every next step and guess what?! Landed at my first attempt, no quick saves I'm actually kind of proud of myself, since this was my first time actually landing something after a space flight (I have never done a proper Kerbin landing before) The mission also gave me 10 000 science without me even actually doing any science on the surface / in high atmosphere, so I maximised my still not quiet complete tech tree quiet easily. Big shout out to: @AeroGav @bewing @Allocthonous @Snark @FleshJeb @Spricigo ... and all the others. There is no way I would make it without you guys! Thanks! Your grateful, Anonymmm
  8. Ok, added the Vernors and oxidizer fuel tanks for them. Sadly, I realised that I can't use the engine mount, since I haven't unlocked the parts yet Yeah, sucks, but still: (The wheels are for a contract, again.) Hopefully, tomorrow or during the weekend, I can finally get this to Duna. Feeling hyped!
  9. No, I do not have any rp reasons for building my craft in the way I'm building it, however, I am playing in career mode, so since my delta v looks good, I feel like getting a little more refund is better than having a little more delta v. However, I might certainly use this tip when going to planets a bit further away, so thanks! Oh, sorry, don't worry about that, I just took a screenshot to show how I was progressing, but didn't actually prepare the launch, so the whole staging system on the screenshot is messed up... Ooooh... that's what Asparagus means! Erm... so... how exactly do you do that? Could you please maybe send some sort of link to a tutorial? Thanks! And once again, thank you everyone for all the support I am getting, you are teaching me so much stuff guys! Any other comments/ideas on my design from anyone are always welcome, Anonymmm
  10. @AeroGav, thanks again! Just wanted to let you know that I read everything, just didn't have much during the past few days, so no KSP However, I will try to install the engine mount and all the other stuff as soon as I possible. Happy KSPing, Anonymmm
  11. @AeroGav Thanks a bunch for all the detailed answers! You are really helping me a lot - I remember that the last thing I was doing before I read you replies was attaching even more jet engines and intakes so it could fly better and then stuffing it with almost a hundred of those big parachutes so I could fly back to KSC an then cut the engines and slowly fall down on the chutes - now I realise how stupid that plan was ! So, as you told me, I added more lift (actually, if you look closer at my last picture, you can see that it had two pairs of three big delta wings joined using the move tool, not only two pairs of "normal" delta wings, but that's just a detail), removed the jet engines (thank god you told me to do that), removed the Vectors and, since the last craft was very unpractical anyway, implemented all these tips of your in a new version. By the way, you know what was ultimately the BIGGEST mistake in the design? Try to guess, I will post the picture of the new version without the mistake and the answer will be down below - hint, it has something to do with control surfaces. So, my new version, prepared to launch to space (I put it on the runway, but that's just for it to look better): Yeah, if think it's pretty obvious. My first concept had no vertical control surfaces . All the control problems and mysterious falls are now explained! So, anyway, here is the propulsion: ...and the launching stage: Yeah, haven't test the whole launching concept much yet... maybe you cold give me some tips on that? So, overall, the "DG - B" handles wonderfully in the air at both low and higher speeds, I am more then capable of pulling off an excellent glide and landing with it and using the few chutes at the back it brakes to a stop almost instantly. It also has a very good delta v, I think about 7500, if my calculations are correct. The only thing I am worried about really is TWR (it has 11 Nervs, yes, but also weights 290 tons )... so, am I ready to go to Duna (and maybe even further) with it? If you or anyone else has any more tips (especially about the whole booster launching contraption), please tell me, I will be more than happy to try to implement them. Thanks again @AeroGav, anybody else, please feel free to contribute too if you want to, all ideas welcome, Anonymmm
  12. Well, I am very lucky. Just spend the whole day trying to design an upgraded nerv powered version, which still has quiet a few problems and guess what I find on the forum! Behold the mighty "Duna Giant A" everyone: This is still a very WIP projects. And first of all, let me just state that this is not (should it be?) an SSTO - I get it to orbit using a pair of 200 000 mk 3 fuselage rocket "boosters". And it has quiet a few problems... so, since you were wondering and I never build an interplanetary ship nor anything like an SSTO before, let me throw out some questions: 1) How do I land this at Kerbin? I have been trying to fit it with some aeroplane engines and intakes, plus parachutes, but it's so heavy that I would need just a motherload of them to fly this thing. And the worst part, it can't even glide, needs tons of thrust to stay in the air and not pitch down and fall . So, should I fit it with tons of engines and intakes or tons of parachutes or maybee just leave it more or less without anything and hope the crew cabin survives the crash landing? 2) How do I take off from duna? This is my current propulsion concept: ...however, the Vectors only have the fuel for like a ten second full thrust burn, since I want to take as much liquid fuel only tanks as possible. Is ten seconds enought(to get into low duna orbit - I will obviously also use Nervs all the way)? 3) Considering that this weight about 250 tons (if I remember correctly) should't I add some more Nervs so my TWR isn't that bad? 4) So, could this be an SSTO or should I just stick with the more sort of space shuttle idea? I know that I am kinda demanding huge things, so if you don't have the time, just don't answer All comments are very much appreciated, Anonymmm
  13. Hey, thanks a bunch for the calculations, you helped me a lot! Actually, there are two more Vectors at the end, so my TWR shouldn't be that bad... I mean, 4 Vector engines should be enough, right? Thanks again everyone!
  14. Hello again, I recently build a spacecraft which I called "Mun Giant" (-backstory to why I build it at the bottom of the page) and, surprisingly, it worked! And lifted off on my first attempt too, yay! However, while it gets the job done, I find that it has very very little delta v. Why is this so - can I improve the design? The "Mun Giant": I highlighted all the fuel tanks and engines, and yes, if you have good eyes, you can probably spot the two Vectors at the back, but I use those only for suicide burns if I have enough fuel left and feel lazy to do a proper landing. Ok, and now for my second question. Can I get this to Duna (and back - it can mine and refine fuel)? I do not know how to calculate delta v, but I heard that It requires dry a full mass, so here you go: Dry mass: 74.265 t Full mass: 172.265 t Engines: On picture Backstory: Well basically, I got a crazy contract for a Mun base on wheels with 6 000 units of fuel and capacity for sixteen passengers, plus all the usual stuff, antenna, docking port, etc. which in total paid 1 000 000 (money) and this was the result (cost about 600 000 with boosters). I now use it to fly between Mun and Minmus and do a bunch of rescue, mining and flag planting contracts which gets my a ton of money since I do all the contracts using a single spaceship and refill using drills and ISRUs. Thanks for any comment, Anonymmm